Last month, a lone wolf loony went into a mosque in New Zealand and shot dead worshippers. He then went to a Muslim centre and shot dead more before being arrested.

The outpouring of grief and distress at this was quite rightly immense. Fifty plus people were murdered and many more injured. The New Zealanders went overboard, some would say in their support for the Islamic faith, many attending Friday prayers, the new Prime Minister wearing the Niqab for some time, people holding vigils, and even female police officers donning the niqab in a demonstration of support.

The world’s press reported this event and the subsequent appearance in court of the person who did this almost solidly for a week afterwards. Their reporting across all channels was comprehensive, and I would argue at times too much, but at the time it felt right I suppose and balanced.

The media in this country took the story to another level in the following two weeks or so with various investigations into the alleged “far right,” which is apparently emerging in this country. In various reports, they made an awful lot of cudda wudda shudda allegations and with no real evidence of attacks or moves to attack by the far right, whatever that is. They pushed the narrative that we are all in severe danger from these people.

Then there came a gift from journo heaven, some young kid miscreant who was a convicted paedophile threatened to murder a sitting MP on social media and was quite rightly found guilty. Please be crystal clear, I do not in any way condone the actions of this idiot. The speech in the commons by the female MP was heartfelt and very emotional. I support her in every way and on every level.

I would just say though, that had the New Zealand attack not happened, feeding the frenzy of salivation for journos to find British far righters, this story I doubt would have got the coverage it did. The press in this country pleases themselves as a free press to cover what they will and as they see fit. However, as most are subscription services bar the ITV, and Chanel 4 who are funded by advertisers, they have a duty to their paying customers to be fair and balanced.

You cannot in any way shape or form truthfully say that the biggest paid for news channels, BBC & Sky are fair and balanced. Never before have we seen such partisan reporting and interviewing, especially on Brexit. There has been a seismic change to reporting and impartiality in the last three years with regards to this event.

Back to New Zealand. This was reported quite rightly as an extremist, terrorist attack on Muslims following the Islamic faith. The background into the perpetrator was extensive and exhaustive. He was though a lone wolf loony.

At the same time as this terrible murder in New Zealand, approximately 120 Christians in Nigeria were murdered whilst attending church or at Christian centres. Churches were burned to the ground and people attacked in Pakistan for following the Christian faith that same weekend. Not a jot was reported on the news channels.

Fast forward to Easter Sunday, and in Sri Lanka bomb attacks ripped through that country murdering many people, as many as 300 with many people injured and maimed. Eight of the victims are British. Three churches and three luxury hotels were targeted in Colombo, Negombo, and Batticaloa. No group has claimed responsibly for these attacks, but twenty- four Muslim men have been arrested.

A guest at one hotel was being served breakfast when he exploded his vest leaving people around him simply no chance. What is astounding is that the Sri Lankan authorities knew of this potential for attack four days earlier, another discussion on that is called for at a later date!

The press though and the media are referring to these attacks as “bomb Blasts” there is no mention whatsoever as to the Fundamental extremism of Islam that has perpetrated these attacks. Nowhere have they declared the word terror or terrorism. They are not whisking journos there to follow up. They are not reporting on specials for these attacks. No, the British press and media are falling over themselves to do just the opposite.

Before anyone says to me, well, there has been no claim as to who perpetrated these bombing murders, yes, there has. The Sri Lankan authorities themselves have claimed just that.

Just why are the media so reluctant to call out this for what it is? Just what is it that drives the narrative to suppress any recognition that Muslim extremists have murdered 300 and rising and 500 maimed and injured? I wish I knew. Someone in charge of the newsrooms, in charge of the editing in print and online are maintaining this silence.

To use the old saying, “for evil to succeed all it takes is for good men to do nothing,” well the only way to bring about change is to censure our media by simply not paying subscriptions and declaring that you do not need a BBC license. They might just then sit up and listen.

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