Recent events in politics are some of the most shocking in not just our country’s history, but throughout the democratic world. In Britain, the greatest democratic vote in our country’s history is now being largely ignored by our government and the frightening thing is that our politicians aren’t even trying to hide it anymore, determined as a they are that their vested interests will prevail at all costs.

In the USA, since the democratic election of Donald Trump as president, left wing politicians have refused to accept the results of a democratic election, even resorting to fraud to try and unseat a standing president.

Things it seems are now coming to a head, events will be increasingly dramatic and unpredictable. In France, as reported from various sources, Macron has deployed front line soldiers against the Yellow Vests.

“‘A Fatal Decision’ – Macron Deploys Armed Soldiers for Yellow Vest Protests”

Some sources report that Macron has actually authorised the use of lethal force under certain, rather open to interpretation, circumstances. A European country using its military against its own citizens is something that we haven’t seen in Europe or Western Europe at least since the Second World War and this should tell us something.

It’s easy to see that democracy throughout the democratic world is dying and although possibly the tide is turning against this, we’re seeing globalism and particularly the European Union in their true colours. We can see that behind all of the EU’s noble propaganda and virtue signaling, in their desperation to cling to power and cling to their dream, they are no different to any other tyrannical dictator and when it comes to the crunch, the lives of their citizens mean very little to them.

As we approach the final days to our supposed Brexit, we have to ask ourselves: what are the true implications of remaining tied to the globalist EU?

I would say that if we allow the EU and their globalist partners such as the United Nations form a global government to rule over us, I think there is no doubt now as we see their true colours emerge, that in the near future we’ll bitterly regret losing this last opportunity to break free. This could still be the start of a long fight though.

Donald Trump has been attacked since his election and this weekend the Mueller report into Trump’s alleged collaboration with the Russians during his election campaign seems, not surprisingly, to have turned up nothing. This then is a treasonous attack on a sitting and democratically elected president.

Donald Trump and his government though, have evidence of the above and also the activities of the Clintons and their cohorts, for example: Uranium One and much else, including the corruption and fraud used to try and unseat the president. I am very sure that when the truth of this emerges many British politicians will be implicated, news sources have already stated that MI6 have tried to persuade Trump not to declassify this information.

Economically, the world is on a very bumpy ride, late last year, it looked as if the end was nigh for the world economy, there was it seems intervention by banks to stave this off. Now a bond yield curve inversion that started last year has suddenly accelerated, it is a ridiculous situation when the yield on one month bonds exceeds that of ten year bonds.

Another confirmation of this situation is that even though stock markets have recently been rising, large corporate and institutional investors have been dumping stocks, a situation that can only be accounted for by banks such as the Federal Reserve buying up these stocks behind the scenes. For illustrative purposes, I’ll include this video by the Money GPS, it’s quite informative.

“Investors SELLING Massive Amounts of Stock Since September and Has NOT Stopped! Who Is Buying?”

I’ll leave you all to draw you own conclusions to all of this but large corporate and institutional investors dumping stocks en coulisse, suggests that they know something that we don’t. The effect of another financial crisis on our country would be dramatic and almost certainly blamed on Brexit, in the US it would be blamed on Donald Trump.

Certainly I think our once cohesive but now multicultural society would face serious social upheaval when the government can no longer pay the bills and resources are thin on the ground.

Politically, economically, financially and socially, things are indeed coming to a head, I’d even go so far as to say that we’re sitting on a powder keg. This is a bleak picture and it seems that after decades of globalisation en coulisse, the true colours of these globalists are, with increasing rapidity, starting to emerge.

The fight against globalisation started with Brexit and as we approach the final days towards what we hope will be our departure date and we prepare for the last fight, we can see that it is a fight that we must win.

Brexit is a fight that we must win not just for the sake of ourselves, but for the sake of the world. As globalist politicians and organisations reveal themselves in their true colours, we can see that the full implications of letting them form a world government would be a tragedy for the whole world and every person within it.

From the Telegraph (paywalled):

“Philip Hammond says second Brexit referendum ‘deserves to be considered’”

So, the game is on to unseat Theresa May, but the remainers are circling like vultures waiting for their opportunity. It is thoroughly depressing to see our once democratic government reduced to the squalid cesspit that it has now become, we cannot allow Brexit to be thwarted, this is a battle that is just too important.


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