Written by C.G. Wighter


The World Health Organisation claims that around 3.4% of all cases of CoronaVirus have resulted in death. But many scientists dispute this and report that the death rate is actually much lower than this as many thousands of cases have very mild symptoms and are not reported. They further reported that a whole range of other factors are also totally ignored by the WHO, such as pre-existing medical conditions. This was reported on the BBC website on 24th March, the morning after the Government ‘Lockdown’ announcement and was actually a bit of real news coming through all the fake news. Looking at the website a little more I noticed the BBC was giving statistics provided by Johns Hopkins CoronaVirus Resource Centre to which they helpfully provided a link which took me to their map and statistics. I also remembered that Johns Hopkins were present at the Event 201 that took place in New York in October 2019 that was billed as “A Pandemic Simulation Exercise” for, surely pure coincidence, CoronaVirus.

Upon even cursory examination these statistics do not substantiate and prove the Pandemic they are being used to fuel. To start with the death figures for China, the US, Canada and even Australia are being broken up into states and even towns and cities whereas the UK, actually consisting of 4 countries, is considered as a whole. This has the effect of both making the figures for Italy look worse as they are compared with Hubei, China as opposed to China as a whole, and pushing the UK further up the list above the US. Also it can be argued that if the statistics were not being considered for the UK as a whole the entire UK would not be in lockdown now, maybe only England or even only London. The entire population would not now be governed by F.E.A.R. 

Returning to the statistics, more scrutiny exposes that there is a big difference between the figures for Germany and most other countries in that there is a high level of confirmed cases but a comparatively low death rate. This was proven by three lots of figures from 24th March morning, night and 25th March morning giving similar figures. The latest of these figures was 32,991 confirmed cases and 159 deaths, this gives an ‘official’ mortality rate of less than 0.5%.

It is not unreasonable to say the real number of cases including the many thousands of mild cases would be at least double in total, say 80,000 meaning that a true mortality rate would be less than 0.2%. This figure is less than ‘normal’ flu, but this ‘Pandemic’ is the reason why we are currently losing our rights and destroying our economies. This ‘official’ figure is backed up by the statistics for both Austria and Singapore, both like Germany, having very good health care services. Singapore has 558 confirmed cases and 2 deaths as of 25th March, again giving an ‘official’ mortality rate of less than 0.5%. 

The UK at the time of writing has 8164 confirmed cases and has had 422 deaths, this equates to a mortality rate of over 5% which is currently controlling the population with F.E.A.R. However, it is a well-known fact that we have been instructed to self-isolate with CoronaVirus and not bother the NHS unless we are extremely ill. At this point we may or may not be tested. In the UK these ‘tests’ seem to be rarer than a blue moon and are not even available to our front line workers, as the MSM keep reminding us.

Obviously Germany, Austria and Singapore have more ‘tests’ available. It cannot be that they have a cure or treatment for their patients as we are told there is none, so there is nothing they are doing any different to us apart from testing more that makes their mortality less compared with confirmed cases. It is also very helpful to have frightening statistics when you are imposing harsh, draconian measures on people who jealously guard their democracy.

This lack of testing is probably no coincidence, backing up the F.E.A.R. that is keeping us under virtual martial law by a Government which is resembling a Dictatorship. A true figure would probably be more like 250,000 cases of CoronaVirus which would be a mortality rate of less than 0.2% which equates to the true figures for Germany, Austria and Singapore. To say that you are on an average of 0.2% likely to die of a cold (which is caused by one of 200 Corona viruses!) if you have health issues, does not strike terror into anyone!

Ah, but you say that if you have underlying health issues that risk is greatly increased. Going back to the Johns Hopkins statistics, it helpfully gives the confirmed cases for the Diamond Princess as 712 with 10 deaths, this equates to a mortality rate of less than 1.5%. It is useful to recall that this is the ship that the Japanese Authorities kept in lock down for two weeks. It also must be remembered that these people were previously happily mingling with each other for a long time and it was like closing the gate after the horse had bolted.

This cruise ship was a virus breeding ground and crew reported to The Guardian that safety equipment was in short supply and safety was lax to say the least. The people totalled well over 3,000 and yet less than one in 3 even contracted the disease, despite undeniable exposure of every single person on board to the virus. Despite many being elderly and not in the best of health and many with underlying health problems that they had run out of medication for, and generally the worst possible scenario you can imagine with those most vulnerable, the mortality rate was still less than 1.5%.

The statistics show that we have been/ are being stitched up by the Globalists over this ‘Corona Pandemic’ and part 2 of this article will go into further details.        


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