Here we are then, locked down worldwide, the police on the streets, military police and National Guard in some countries – and all for a virus. While precautions against a so-called pandemic are reasonable, we’ve had them before and they’ve never elicited a response like this. The mainstream media is plugging COVID-19 so hard, almost to the exclusion of all else, perhaps we should be paying more attention to other global events?

As the shut-downs destroy national economies, nearly every Western country affected has promised to bailout its people, small businesses, industries and corporations. Can anybody quite comprehend the sheer magnitude of such a bailout? I did try to put this in perspective in my article: ‘Interstellar Debt’.

The US Federal Reserve Central Bank seems to be the main driving force behind this incredible bailout and stimulus, not only bailing out the US economy and markets but funnelling dollars to other central banks around the world. Since I wrote about this in my very recent article above, things have gotten to the point of insanity, trillions of dollars are being thrown around and being printed at an ever increasing and exponential rate. 

We all know where printing currencies, also known as ‘Quantitative Easing,’ leads, we’ve seen it throughout history and here I’ve used the example of Zimbabwe. The US dollar will soon have the value of confetti, probably along with many other Western currencies: even New Zealand has become the last Western country to start Quantitative Easing. Where does this end, what are the likely scenarios?

Firstly we have to consider that this coronavirus outbreak may be a convenient, some would say planned, way to keep people off the streets, a socially (for now) form of martial law. Let’s face it, these global lockdowns are looking now very much like martial law, maybe governments realise that their populations aren’t going to like what is in store for them? Perhaps we’re losing freedoms that we will never easily regain?

We would have to be very naive to think that, after what is happening to the global economy, we aren’t headed for serious trouble. Some would say – and I agree – that what is coming is going to be a lot worse that the 1929 Great Depression.

There are two main scenarios that we need to consider, after doing a tour of the various alternative media outlets that is. Alternative media because, as we’re all becoming increasingly aware, if we want accurate objective information, we’re certainly not going to get it from the mainstream media: the government’s propaganda arm. With the alternative media it is a case of sorting through the wheat and the chaff, but dig hard enough and there is good information to be had.

Scenario 1: is that Donald Trump and his team will break the central banking system, take the US and eventually the world back to a gold standard and a peoples’ monetary system. I’ve never blamed Donald Trump for inflating further the giant US credit bubble, it was the system he inherited, to crash it early in his first term would have been political suicide. Trump’s stock market bubble is now gone, that just leaves the Obama era bubble to deflate and it will, that is until hyperinflation takes over.

Obama’s presidency was bought at a largely qualitatively eased cost of around seventeen trillion dollars. The trouble is even that massive sum doesn’t sound as shocking as it once did in the light of what is now happening.

I wish I could believe the above scenario but unfortunately I don’t. I have found a very accurate way of predicting political events and it goes like this: ‘when it comes to politics and politicians: expect the worst and you won’t be far wrong.’ Unfortunately this method of prediction has never let me down.

Scenario 2: this is where the US Fed keeps printing until it owns everything, this will be rolled out globally using many trillions of freshly printed dollars, this ultimately will destroy the US dollar but it doesn’t matter, the wealth transfer will be complete as will be the complete blending of banking, industry and state on a global scale. When the dollar finally becomes junk, there will be a global, probably a crypto currency to replace it.

Finally, the top one percent or more likely the top nought point one percent will own everything: our businesses, industry, land and homes. This, I would say, is very much in line with the United Nations Agenda 21/2030 which has been planned for a very long time, often and mistakenly regarded as a conspiracy theory.

In this second scenario, the ordinary working populations of all Western countries will have a very long way to fall, their living standards will fall in line with those of the, for now, Third World. Our children and grandchildren will have few assets of their own and survive as slaves to a controlling elite. Fascism or a form of National Socialism will be back.

Certainly, I am very sure that there is much more to this COVID-19 pandemic than meets the eye. We are living through unprecedented times, the world has never experienced a lockdown, rapidly evolving into martial law, as it is now doing. The world that emerges at the other end of our current situation, I am convinced, will be a very different world to what we are used to.

Whether you believe what I say or you think that I am mad is up to you – but keep a careful eye on what is going on. I think something very unpleasant is coming our way. Regrettably, we’ve seen it all before and unfortunately we’re about to see it again.  




Photo by drewgstephens

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