It is utterly astounding: the same MSM who couldn’t do enough to get the current US President elected are now turning against him. What is their agenda? An early replacement? One might be tempted to say that all those – even those who sit on the conservative spectrum – who thought getting rid of Donald Trump was the most important issue are now reaping their well-deserved poisonous fruits.

Let me make it clear at this point that I am not blaming ‘The USA’ for the current situation. This disaster was caused by the Democrats, the socialists in ‘progressive’ sheep’s clothing, bent on dismantling Western society by creating issues such as ‘genderism’ and wokeism. That, as we should know full well, isn’t confined to the USA. It is a cause dear to the hearts of the Westminster cabal.

We must be fully aware though of the power of the MSM, international and national, who are again trying to set the agenda, to control and frame ‘the narrative’. One might also ask if certain multi-billionaires have their fingers in this unsavoury pie – after all, they’ve been the driving force in the dismantling of Western democracies. I’ll only say ‘covid pandemic’ …

Let’s also mention the pernicious influence of social media where the Taliban can have a twitter account but not the former President of the USA, where anybody not toeing the line, from covid to illegal immigration, has their accounts cancelled. 

Some writers however are not keeping quiet. What they had to say about the current situation in Afghanistan is important because their voices show up the international MSM for their shoddy work, for their lefty agenda, for their entrenched bias against conservatism. 

Pride of place goes to Mark Levin – here’s the video which is a must-watch because Mark Levin puts this whole thing into perspective, mentioning Obama and his Vice President Biden. His concluding remarks are especially pertinent:


Remember this point: Biden removed the US military first, leaving the Afghan forces undefended. Biden removed the US military first, before he informed his NATO allies. That is why it is correct to put all of the blame on Biden – but then again, Biden is what the international MSM and the ‘democrats’ and the political ‘elites’ wanted, so the blame, the guilt is also on them. They are morally responsible – not us!

Next up is the Canadian writer and blogger Mark Steyn. Writing about the ‘Fall of Kabul’, his introduction is priceless:

“With respect to Afghanistan, the puppeteers waggling the dead husk that is Joe Biden have made a political calculation – that, on the home front, the fact of departure will count for more than the manner of departure. Joe’s not a ubiquitous figure in the news cycle the way Trump was, so he can sit in the basement for a few more days – and, in electoral terms, America’s total humiliation in its umpteenth unwon war in some krappistan no one can find on a map will ultimately work for the Dems.” (link)

There’s also this:

“What’s the big takeaway from Sunday? That a bunch of psycho decapitators are back in the saddle in Hoogivsastan? Or that “a pitiful, helpless giant” (in Nixon’s famous phrase) is on its back having lost a war even more stupidly than it lost all the other wars? You don’t have to be a graduate of some Ivy League madrassah to figure that one out. Yesterday I quoted the Taliban presser: Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid says ‘We have defeated a great power.’ Why step on that message by taking the cat o’ nine tails to uncovered women? Mr Mujahid grasps the key point: America lost. All the rest is details.” (link)

Read the whole thing – there’s also some excellent stuff on the ongoing suppression of people by covid-mad politicians across the world. 

Next, some quotes from an article published yesterday by the Gatestone Institute, reinforcing Mark Levin’s points. We have to wonder why our home-grown MSM were so amazingly incapable of finding this out when they usually rely on the NYT for their ‘thinking’ and ‘opinions’ (my emphasis):

“The horror of President Joseph Biden’s deliberate retreat from Afghanistan is so immense and its geopolitical impact so severe, we have to fully comprehend the extent of the disaster. In insisting on an immediate withdrawal Biden apparently rejected the advice of Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III and Gen. Mark A. Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. According to the New York Times:

“Even as the number of American forces in Afghanistan steadily decreased to the 2,500 who still remained, Defense Department leaders still cobbled together a military effort that managed to protect the United States from terrorist attacks….”

Director of Central Intelligence William Burns also warned the U.S. Senate that a withdrawal would forfeit the ability to have human intelligence in the area to pick up what the Taliban, Al-Qaeda or Isis might be planning in their ongoing assault on the West. Globally, there is not a friend or foe who doesn’t see that America’s reliability as an ally has been demolished. Great Britain, which has troops in Afghanistan, was not even consulted.” (link)

But even so it’s ‘our fault’ and our ‘moral duty’ to open our doors to more Afghan refugees! The next quote describes the international perspective:

“What must allies such as Taiwan or Israel be thinking now after watching poorly armed tribesman sweep aside an American ally we resolutely vowed to assist? Worse, what must America’s adversaries, such as China, Russia, Iran or North Korea be thinking now? […] Communist China can see what America and the West did in response to its seizure of Hong Kong, its deceitful build-up of fake islands as military bases in the South China Sea, its attacks on northern India, its threats of a nuclear attack on Japan, its threats to attack Australia and its lies about the human-to-human transmissibility of its Covid-19 virus […] exactly nothing.” (link)

I would refute the author’s claim in his conclusion, that ‘the Biden administration profoundly miscalculated’. I suggest with all due respect that this decision was based on the political agenda of the Democrats, the ‘progressives’, the socialist wolves dressed in woke and genderism clothing. They form the real swamp. Here we know them as acolytes of ‘Common Purpose’. 

The basis for this event was laid some time ago, under Obama whose vice president was none other than Biden. See this article on how Obama exchanged five Taliban prisoners for one US soldier who later turned out not to have been kidnapped but to have been a deserter. Those exchanged Taliban are now the new Afghan ‘leaders’.

But even so – “we” must still feel guilty, must accept ‘our moral responsibility’ and must not point out that our ‘leaders’ here and in the USA, that the MSM. are still profoundly and wilfully ignorant of the tenets and attitudes of muslims, such as ‘taqqiya’.

No – no – and again: no! We must not let the combined international Left get away with this. The above quotes provide you with good material to slap round your MPs’ ears and to attack the opinion ‘makers’ in our MSM.


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