As the mainstream media spins its web of lies and propaganda, so many people still seem content to live in their false illusion, it seems that it is far more comfortable for many to bury their heads in the sand.

Donald Trump seems to have persuaded the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates, or at least indicate that they might.  This has been enough to create a small bounce in a stock market that is completely divorced from fundamentals. Behind the scenes there are some ominous signs.

Since the 2008 financial crisis Deutsche Bank shares have been in steady decline.  At their peak they were valued at around 140 Euros. In recent days DB shares have fallen below to 6 Euros, bouncing a little higher since the Federal Reserve sent out dovish signals, but the trend is still downwards. See this video here for a more detailed explanation:

“Deutsche Bank Record Low! Inevitable Failure Could Unravel the Financial System”

Who knows what machinations are going on behind the scenes to prop up the financial and economic system – it’s certainly in the interests of Donald Trump to do so until after the 2020 elections. This is understandable and necessary; we need him to win, whether he will succeed or not is anybody’s guess, it’ll be touch and go.

Many of us have grown so used to disastrous predictions for Deutsche Bank that we now tend to dismiss them but now its end is close, many feel, including myself. So what will be the consequences?

Although a German bank, Deutsche Bank is now very international, one of, if not the biggest bank in the world holding between 40 and 50 trillion dollars of financial derivatives.  Allowing it to collapse would be spectacular indeed. The European Central Bank that will be ground zero in such an event is likely to resort to the ‘too big to fail’ mentality.

Will The ECB try the Cyprus solution of bail ins? Possibly but I’m not so sure.

A bail out, in the opinion of many, including myself, is the most likely scenario. We’ve seen it all before in 2008.  Billions were created via Quantitative Easing (money printing), as debt upon which we have to pay interest via taxes. In the meantime bankers were soon paying themselves massive bonuses, buying jets and private islands, while their banks were back to asset stripping. Well, this time it could be trillions and we the people always end up paying, don’t we?

Don’t forget there are many countries and banks all over Europe that are on the brink and will probably be in need of bailing out. Italy being the most obvious contender at the moment but most of the Southern European countries are in financial and economic difficulties brought about by an unworkable Euro currency. Will the bailing out of Deutsche Bank be at the expense of these other countries and their banks? Maybe and very likely?

It seems that behind the scenes (as everything seems to be), Salvini in Italy is already making plans and moving away from the EU bit by bit.

“Five Star Capitulates, Will Back Salvini’s Tax-Cut Plan As Rome Denies “Parallel Currency”

Germany has been bankrolling the grand European Union experiment although Britain has been paying more than its fair share. Germany is suspected of entering recession and one of its biggest banks, one of the biggest in the world is likely to implode. The timeline is difficult to assess because it’ll depend on the amount of government and ECB intervention, but I’d say anytime from now up until 18 months henceforth.

The consequences of what is about to happen is frightening and the EU want us around to help bail them out.  It’ll break us; we need to be gone. We will have enough problems of our own when the European economy collapses.

Unfortunately it’ll probably be global too and we will need to be able to manoeuvre as we see fit just to survive. We certainly won’t be able to support the millions of unskilled immigrants that have and will keep turning up on our shores.  there will be chaos and violence.

Perhaps you’d better read this article here:

“Interim Prime Minister for Life? May Will Only Go If Successor Has ‘Confidence’ of MPs”

It seems that whichever supercilious, moronic traitor wins the Conservative leadership contest, little will change.  The attempt to keep us tied to a collapsing European Union will continue. Theresa May has resigned as the leader of the Conservative Party but with our mainstream political parties so weakened by Brexit, the arguing will continue.  She’ll have no problems finding an excuse to stay on as a Prime Minister with her only allegiance being to the EU. A dictator in other words.

I’ll leave you with one last article and a quote from it. From ZeroHedge:

 “The Next Stage Of The Engineered Global Economic Reset Has Arrived”

“The reset is upon us. The narrative of the collapse is being written before our eyes. The end game rests not on the globalists, though, but proponents of liberty and sovereignty. Either we keep our crosshairs on the true enemy, or we get sucked into the maelstrom and forget who we are and why we are here. If the latter occurs, then the globalist reset will be assured.”

We need to get the message out to so many people that still have their heads buried like ostriches in the sand. What has happened in our recent history, globalisation and governance by supranational organisations, has not been an accident, it has been carefully planned and executed. The nature of warfare has changed since the last world war but today were fighting for our country every bit as much as the veterans that attended the recent D Day commemorations.

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