The Queen

In an exclusive report, the Telegraph claims there are moves afoot to keep Her Majesty out of politics.

Buckingham Palace is in talks with Downing Street about how to keep the Queen out of the looming constitutional crisis over Brexit, The Telegraph can disclose.
Sir Mark Sedwill, the Government’s most senior civil servant, and Edward Young, the Queen’s private secretary, spoke in the past few days on the phone about the increasing calls for Her Majesty to step in.
The conversation was prompted by growing speculation that politicians will try to force the Queen to get involved if Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, loses a no-confidence vote early next month.

The discussion has been picked up by the Express.

BUCKINGHAM PALACE has been in talks with Downing Street this week about how to keep the Queen out of Brexit, according to new reports.
The Government’s most senior civil servant Sir Mark Sedwill and the Queen’s private secretary Edward Young spoke on the phone about the increasing calls for the Queen to step in over the looming constitutional crisis. The conversation began after growing speculation that politicians will force Her Majesty to get involved if Prime Minister Boris Johnson loses a vote of no confidence next month, according to The Daily Telegraph.


In other Brexit news, the Telegraph reports the Prime Minister’s instructions to civil servants.

Boris Johnson has written to every civil servant in the country telling them to be “in no doubt” that Britain is leaving the EU on October 31 “whatever the circumstances”.
In an unprecedented move, the Prime Minister sent a letter to the UK’s estimated 400,000 civil servants instructing them to make preparations for a no deal Brexit “the top priority”.

The Express also reports the directions.

BORIS JOHNSON issued a direct warning to Whitehall mandarins last night that they must make preparations for a no-deal Brexit “top priority”.
The Prime Minister insisted the October 31 departure date will be met as he vowed to restore trust in democracy. Mr Johnson told civil servants he wanted them to be in “no doubt” that he is absolutely committed to sticking to the exit date.

The Times reports the PM is preparing to help businesses after Brexit.

Boris Johnson is drawing up plans for a bailout fund to prop up businesses in the event of a no-deal Brexit amid fears that the economy is on the cusp of a recession.
Michael Gove, who is leading the no-deal preparations, confirmed for the first time that ministers were working on a package to help companies at risk of collapse.

The PM is adamant that we’ll leave on Hallowe’en, reports the Express.

BORIS JOHNSON has said Britain will leave the European Union on October 31 – “do or die”. But is the Prime Minister bluffing about a no deal?
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned the open door to a no deal Brexit is not a bluff. During the Tory leadership race to replace Theresa May, Mr Johnson stressed he was serious about the possibility of a no deal as an outcome of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. He told the Sunday Telegraph: “We were pretty much ready on March 29. And we will be ready by October 31. And it’s vital that our partners see that.

Will party conferences be hit by the constitutional crisis?  The Independent reports:

MPs are considering a bid to cancel the annual autumn recess set aside for party conferences in a fresh attempt to prevent Boris Johnson ploughing ahead with a no-deal Brexit on 31 October.
It comes as talks between London and Brussels remain deadlocked, and Mr Johnson’s administration remains steadfast in its commitment to leaving the EU in 84 days’ time at all costs.
Dominic Cummings, the prime minister’s senior adviser, has also told colleagues the PM could refuse to resign if he lost a motion of no confidence, and call a general election after the Halloween deadline.

But the country’s leading pollster says we’ll get our ‘no-deal’ definitely, says iNews.

It is too late for the UK to leave the European Union with any kind of deal by 31 October, according to polling expert Professor Sir John Curtice.
The academic said that even if the Government decided to bring back Theresa May’s thrice-rejected withdrawal agreement there would still be insufficient time to get it through.
He also predicted the Tories would be able to secure a majority if it can put off a general election until after Brexit day on Halloween.
“It is now too late for us to leave the European Union on October 31 with any kind of deal,” he said at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


The signs that we’re heading for a General Election are growing, says the Mail.

Boris Johnson repeatedly refused to rule out a November election yesterday as Sajid Javid announced a fast-track spending review to fulfil the Prime Minister’s multi-billion pre-poll spree.
The Chancellor scrapped the normal process of departments bidding for their budgets for the next five years.

The Independent says a spending review is one of the signs.

Boris Johnson‘s government will fast-track plans to fund multi-billion pound public spending pledges in a move that will fuel speculation of a looming general election.
Sajid Javid, the chancellor, announced he was accelerating plans for departmental budgets with a 12-month spending round to be completed in September, in order to free up departments  for  Brexit on 31 October.

And the Morning Star reports that advisers have had their holidays cancelled.

THE possibility of a snap general election after a no-deal Brexit appears to be growing after No 10 cancelled government advisers’ holiday until after October 31.
The advisers received an email on Thursday from Boris Johnson’s chief of staff Edward Lister saying that they cannot take any holiday until after the date that Britain is due to leave the European Union due to “serious work to be done,” it was reported yesterday.

According to the Guardian leave has been cancelled until 31 October.

Boris Johnson’s chief of staff cancelled all leave for government advisers until 31 October in a missive on Thursday night, raising further speculation the government is planning for a forced snap election in the aftermath of the UK leaving the EU with no deal.
Special advisers were emailed by Johnson’s senior adviser Edward Lister on Thursday night, saying there was “some confusion about taking holiday”. They were told none should be booked until 31 October, with compensation considered “on a case by case basis” for those who had already booked leave, though the email said advisers were free to spend their weekends “as you wish”.

And Yahoo News claims Boris will ignore warnings.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is prepared to brush aside legal warnings and Parliament to crash Britain out of the EU because the October 31 exit date is “set in stone”, a minister signalled today.
Business minister Kwasi Kwarteng intervened in the growing row over whether the Government would ignore Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill if he received legal warnings that it should not push the country out of the EU in the middle of a general election.

Labour Party

However, in the event of a VoNC, would Corbyn be able to form a government?  The Mail says:

Jeremy Corbyn will be prevented from taking power by his own MPs in the event he tries to kick out Boris Johnson to block a No Deal Brexit, Labour defector Chuka Umunna claimed today
The Lib Dem said there was a ‘substantial minority’ within his former party who would not allow the hard Left opposition leader to enter Number 10.
It comes as Remainers desperately try to hatch a plan to remove Mr Johnson after just months as Prime Minister to avoid him taking the UK out of the EU without a deal on Halloween.

Remainer plot

Remainers haven’t given up yet, reports the Sun.

REMAINER campaigners have drawn up a secret hit list of 40 Tory MPs they are pressuring to rebel against Boris Johnson and block a No Deal Brexit.
The Best for Britain campaign group will launch a summer-long propaganda blitz to make a No Deal “electorally toxic” in the MPs’ seats.
Brexit-bashing former Cabinet ministers Philip Hammond and David Gauke are among the Tories being targeted.
A leaked document, seen by The Sun, reveals campaigners plan to hammer the constituencies with digital ads and gloomy stories to whip up fear of a No Deal.


Even without Brexit, the European Union is facing problems, says the Times.

Europe is facing an autumn of political turbulence as Matteo Salvini is poised to seize power in snap elections and drive Italy further to the right days before the Brexit deadline.
Mr Salvini, one of two deputy prime ministers, filed a no-confidence motion in his own government, effectively ending the 14-month coalition of his League party and the Five Star movement.

Breitbart also has the story.

The junior coalition partner in Italy’s left-right populist government is pushing the country towards fresh elections as the pro-border control League party led by Matteo Salvini continues to dominate in the polls, and relations between the two governing parties collapse.
Matteo Salvini called on the Italian Prime Minister to recognise that the government had collapsed overnight Thursday, demanding a vote of no confidence and fresh elections.


We could be facing trouble on the high seas, reports the Independent.

Fears are growing that a no-deal Brexit could lead to serious disorder at sea and possible loss of life – which could then trigger a wider escalation of tensions.
Britain’s leading expert on international fisheries  law believes that, following a no-deal Brexit, there would be “a real risk” of serious violence breaking out between British and EU fishermen, many of whom depend on access to UK fishing grounds for their economic survival.
“A toxic mix of historical grievances, real and perceived unfair treatment, and, in some cases, a lack of clarity about legal rights is bound to result in fishing disputes,” Professor Richard Barnes of the University of Hull told The Independent.

And if the French are not allowed to fish our waters, they’ll kick off, reports Breitbart.

French fishermen are threatening direct action to blockade the United Kingdom if they are stopped from plundering the county’s fisheries once it takes control of them back from the European Union.
Shortly before Britain joined the European Economic Community, as the European Union then called itself, the bloc changed its rules so national fisheries became a so-called “common resource” to be shared out by Brussels — a well-times move, considering the an outright majority of the fish in northern Europe were in British waters.

But can our navy protect us?  The Express doubts it.

The UK may not be able to stop EU fishermen exploiting Britain’s waters in a no-deal Brexit, according to a leaked email.
The email from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, seen by Sky, reveals Britain has just 12 vessels to cover UK waters. It says: “At this stage, there is a lot of uncertainty about the sufficiency of enforcement in a no deal because we have 12 vessels that need to monitor a space three times the size of the surface area of the UK.”

Sky News has picked up the story.

Britain may be unable to prevent EU fishermen from entering UK waters illegally in the event of a no-deal Brexit because there are not enough vessels to police the seas, an internal government email has revealed.
The detail was included in an email, which was prepared by officials in the Department for Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs and seen by Sky News.

Even BBC News says it doesn’t know what might happen.

There is “a lot of uncertainty” about the UK’s capacity to patrol fishing waters after a no-deal Brexit, a memo from a government department mistakenly emailed to the BBC says.
The note says there are just 12 ships “to monitor a space three times the size of the surface area of the UK”.
The memo from the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs was discussing media stories.

Conservative Woman has a piece written by John Ashworth of Fishing for Leave.

Whenever you raise the issue of fishing during any debate on Brexit, someone will always make the point that the industry is worth less than 1 per cent of GDP. They forget that we give a lot of marine resource away, free of charge. They also fail to acknowledge the importance of this resource to coastal communities. It is not just about a few fishing vessels, but all the other industries which fishing brings in, including recreational fishing and tourism.
Fishing has been an important issue throughout the history of the European Union. Iceland and Norway have never joined the EU due to fishing, Greenland left the then EEC due to fishing, and the Faeroes stayed independent for the same reason.

Downing Street dog

We’re deep in the journalistic silly season … as evidenced by a report in the Mirror.

Boris Johnson has held a second referendum – on whether to get a Number 10 dog.
The Mirror understands Mr Johnson called an all-staff meeting on Friday morning, and asked staff for a second show of hands on whether he should get a Prime Ministerial pooch.
The motion was overwhelmingly carried, with just three members of staff voting against.
Later the same day, Chancellor Sajid Javid ’s dog – a Cavapoo named Bailey – moved into Downing Street.
The PM has yet to confirm whether he will deliver on the result of the vote, come what may.


Away from front-line politics, several of the media have reports on yesterday‘s massive power cut.  The Telegraph reports:

Britain was hit by an unprecedented power outage, with ­hospitals, airports, rail and road ­networks – as well as towns and cities across England and Wales – left ­without electricity.
The “unexpected and unusual” blackout was caused by two generators shutting, triggering a failure on the ­National Grid network, with power cuts in London and the South East, the Midlands, the South West, Yorkshire, the North East, Cornwall and Wales.
Around a million people were ­affected when power was lost shortly before 5pm. It was about two hours ­before the National Grid Electricity System Operator said the issue had been resolved.
National Grid said the events were “outside of our control”.

The Times says:

Passengers were trapped on trains, traffic lights stopped working and a million homes, businesses and shops were left without electricity yesterday after power cuts across the country.
A fault on the National Grid at the height of the evening rush hour led to cancellations and delays on at least 14 rail networks, creating a ripple effect into the night. The sudden widespread failure was unprecedented and brought the most extensive power cuts in recent history.

A report has been demanded says ITV News.

Energy watchdog Ofgem has demanded an urgent report from National Grid after a major power cut caused travel chaos and cut electricity for almost one million people in England and Wales.
More than 900,000 customers have had their power restored following blackouts late on Friday afternoon after what the National Grid Electricity System Operator said were issues with two generators.
The power cut stopped traffic lights from working, plunged Newcastle Airport into darkness, affected Ipswich Hospital and caused huge disruption on the railways during the busy Friday night commute.

The Mail says it caused chaos.

One of the worst power cuts to hit Britain in years caused transport chaos across the country last night and hit the energy supplies of almost a million people.
Traffic lights stopped working, trains were cancelled, and stations were evacuated after a technical fault at two power generators run by National Grid triggered a ‘major incident’.
On Friday evening, there were reports that the problems may have been caused by issues at a gas-fired power station – and at a wind farm off the coast of Yorkshire.

Passengers were ‘desperate’ reports the Sun.

THOUSANDS of desperate passengers were stranded on trains for more than six hours in the dark last night as a UK-wide power cut wreaked havoc on trains, Tubes and roads.
A million people across the UK were plunged into darkness after two National Grid generators spectacularly failed, with large parts of London, the South East, Liverpool, Glasgow, Wales, Gloucestershire and Manchester all without power.
Commuters described “apocalyptic” scenes when power failed around 5pm – even knocking out traffic lights in some areas.
Trains were stuck on Thameslink and the East Coast main line, with delays and cancellations continuing all evening.


Migrants are still trying to cross the Channel, reports the Mail.

More than 40 migrants were rescued in the English Channel early today – including two people in kayak – as they attempted to enter the UK.
Some 11 people had to be rescued off the French coast after their dinghy overturned in choppy seas.
A further 30 people – including two in a kayak – had made it to within eight miles of the Kent coast when they were intercepted by UK Border Force.


More prison places are being planned, reports the Times.

Boris Johnson will unveil plans next week to increase the number of prison places in an effort to reclaim the Conservatives’ reputation as the party of law and order before a possible election.
The prime minister is expected to announce a renewed prison-building programme after concerns that previous plans to increase capacity by 10,000 places before 2020 have stalled. One of many expected moves on crime and justice, it will be seen as part of Mr Johnson’s efforts to prepare the Tories for a general election after Brexit.

National Trust

The country’s precious heritage could be in jeopardy, reports the Telegraph.

The National Trust is to step up security after an investigation by the Telegraph has revealed that neo-Nazis are conducting rituals at their historic sites.
It can be revealed that a far-right group which promises its followers reward in the afterlife if they die in the “struggle for the freedom” has vowed to “take back” ancient locations across England.
The National Trust admitted that they were aware that far-right groups had been using Avebury, a World Heritage Site, to carry out rituals and said that they had reported all concerns to the authorities.

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