The weekend got off to a good start yesterday when black-outs hit the Southeast, London and other regions. For a report with lots of pictures and videos, go here.

It was reassuring to note that these blackouts haven’t been blamed on Brexit – as of yet! I point this out because our Remain MSM will surely have a go – perhaps in tomorrow’s Sunday papers.

For the latest ‘blame Brexit’ news, take the economy: GDP fell by 0.2% in the second quarter this year. This is of course terrible because it’s the first time this happened since 2012. Moreover, it’s gotta be bad because it’s described as ‘negative growth’ (here), or as a sign that the UK might enter a recession:

“The possibility of a recession – defined as two consecutive quarters where the economy shrinks – is now very real.” (paywalled link). 

The fact that Johnson’s government is preparing a bail-out fund (here) surely proves that it’s ‘because of Brexit’! That’s how this report in the Times tells it:

“Boris Johnson is drawing up plans for a bailout fund to prop up businesses in the event of a no-deal Brexit amid fears that the economy is on the cusp of a recession. […] The Times understands that the government has drawn up a secret list of big British employers that are considered most at risk, with the worst affected expected to be in the construction and manufacturing sectors. The prime minister’s Brexit war cabinet is expected to discuss the bailout plans, known as “Operation Kingfisher”, next week amid growing concern that a no-deal Brexit could tip businesses that are “otherwise fundamentally viable” into administration.” (link, paywalled)

It is of course beyond terrible that the government prepares for something which might occur. That surely must be unprecedented!  In the case of the economy though we have learned by now that the Remain ‘experts’ love to play up their various pet ‘Project Fear’ scenarios. Here for example is a ‘warning’ aimed at Joe Public:

“Holidaymakers could face surcharges of hundreds of pounds on booked flights and package hotel accommodation later this year if Britain leaves the European Union without a deal. […] Senior figures in the industry have warned that some companies may not be able to absorb the hit on profits from the pound’s devaluation and could go out of business. […] Senior figures in the industry told The Times that companies were already suffering from weakened demand because of uncertainty over Brexit.” (link, paywalled)

This is only because of Brexit, you understand – it cannot possibly be because of higher prices, surcharges and all the rest of it!

As antidote, let’s read what Patrick Minford has to say in his article in the (paywalled) DT:

“Negative growth in the second quarter has been hailed by the continuity Remain camp as evidence of Brexit damage to the economy. It is instead evidence of a Brexit ‘failure bounce’. The first quarter bounced up with a lot of pre-Brexit stocking-up. When Brexit failed to happen, it duly bounced down again.” (paywalled link)

Ah – that’s far too simple an explanation for the Remainers! Professor Minford then gives details, actual numbers:

To get a reading on the underlying growth rate, it is best to average the two quarters and compare them with a year ago; this gives an annual growth of 1.3%. This tells us the economy has slowed down recently. But so has the world economy and this has had a negative impact on the euro-zone too, as it has on China and many others. Year-on-year growth in the first quarter- all we have for others- was 0.7% for Germany, -0.1% for Italy, 1.2% for France and the same for the eurozone.  The story is simple enough: the world has slowed and so have we.” (paywalled link)

Just so, but according to our Remain MSM, it’s only our economy which is in a bad way  – because of Brexit. Professor Minford then points out that jobs are booming, that unemployment is down and that

“all of these are signs that the economy’s main engine, the job market, is in good shape. This is a good foundation for the long-term economic benefits post-Brexit policies can bring.” (paywalled link)

He concludes his article thus:

“Continuity Remainers oppose this wealth creation in favour of maintaining the protectionist status quo; they argue foolishly that the cost of free trade is rising trade barriers with the EU; but any such rises are either illegal or avoidable, besides being against the EU’s interests. We can break down barriers against the rest of the world without creating any with the EU. That is a post-Brexit policy no one should argue against.”  (paywalled link)

For Remainers, that’s simply not good enough! For them, the next ‘Brexit News’ coming from No 10 yesterday afternoon must have been shocking:

“Boris Johnson has written to every civil servant in the country telling them to be “in no doubt” that Britain is leaving the EU on October 31 “whatever the circumstances”. In an unprecedented move, the Prime Minister sent a letter to the UK’s estimated 400,000 civil servants instructing them to make preparations for a no deal Brexit “the top priority”. It came as Downing Street cancelled all leave for Government advisers in the run up to Britain’s withdrawal from the EU on Halloween.” (paywalled link)

That last item had the MSM in a tizzy last night because they interpreted this as Johnson gearing up for a GE, see e.g. here.

Next, in a reaction to the Labour ‘coup’ plans revealed by Mr McDonnell, we read about an ‘extraordinary’ development:

“Buckingham Palace is in talks with Downing Street about how to keep the Queen out of the looming constitutional crisis over Brexit, The Telegraph can disclose. Sir Mark Sedwill, the Government’s most senior civil servant, and Edward Young, the Queen’s private secretary, spoke in the past few days on the phone about 
the increasing calls for Her Majesty to step in. The conversation was prompted by growing speculation that politicians will try to force the Queen to get involved if Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, loses a no-confidence vote early next month.” (paywalled link)

There’s more, thanks to ‘sources’ – I wonder if Mr Cummings will now sack them …:

 “During their telephone call, Sir Mark, the Cabinet Secretary, and Mr Young, the Queen’s private secretary, agreed to maintain a “watching brief” on the situation, according to one source. Another source with knowledge of the talks said that the next stage would be for Sir Mark formally to write to the party leaders, as well as senior MPs who chair select committees, warning them to keep the Queen out of Brexit. […] Buckingham Palace declined to comment, but a source said there was “nothing unusual” in officials at the Palace and in Downing Street speaking. […] Last night a Cabinet Office spokesman said: “The Cabinet Secretary and the Private Secretary to HM The Queen have regular conversations on a range of issues as part of day-to-day business.” (paywalled link)

You’ll have noticed that ‘there is nothing unusual’ in such contacts. Brexit however, in the eyes of Remain, makes the usual into something suspicious – see the non-paywalled report here

Doesn’t that look similar to the Remainer reactions regarding the economy? Anything the government does to prepare for events, trying to mitigate possible damage, has to be condemned or at least described as ‘unprecedented’. 

There has been another leak, about the Navy’s preparedness to defend our waters against EU fishermen in case of a no deal Brexit. You can read the report here as it’s not paywalled.

It’s not the actual leak which I find a bit sinister but the accompanying email:

“The information was released in error by Defra after a journalist asked about the No Deal readiness for the fishing industry. It admits there is a risk of ‘reputational damage’ to Defra. The email reads: ‘We expect the journalist to take a largely critical tone for his piece, and to paint the picture of the UK not being in a strong position to sufficiently enforce our waters if we do leave the EU without a deal.” (link)

I do not believe that this email is a single, unfortunate instance where civil servants are trying to tell journalists how to spin the news they’ve leaked. All Project Fear scenarios with which we’ve been clobbered incessantly since 2016 show that ministers and mandarins might well have told journalists how best to spin those ‘news’.

According to this example they are still at it, with careful wording so that at first glance it doesn’t look as bad as it is intended. This is how ‘news’ are being spun rather than reported, by those who need to keep their ‘sources’ in Whitehall happy for fear of losing access.

That is why I keep calling for relentless vigilance! Look hard at what the Remainers are telling us! Above all, don’t let them get away with it. The truth is indeed ‘out there’ – so:




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