Not just madness but Brexit Madness


Brexit Madness has had  the HoC in its grip for three years, amply shown by their last session. Yesterday the Scottish High Court showed that it has succumbed to that Brexit Madness as well.

Unless you’ve been hiding under your blankets or duvets all day yesterday, you’ll have heard that they ruled the Prorogation of Parliament was illegal, overturning the previous High Court judgment that it was a political matter. If you’re judicially inclined, you can read the full text here.

In blatant disregard of the fact that Scottish Law doesn’t apply in England, Gina Miller’s lawyers immediately called on MPs to come back and ‘occupy’ the HoC (here). And lo and behold, off some Labour MPs went and actually did it (here)!

That same day the English High Court Judges published the text of their ruling last week when the had thrown out the Miller-Major case (here). Here’s a summary report:

“Yesterday the Court of Session in Edinburgh agreed, in an excoriating judgment, that the decision was invalid because it was “motivated by the improper purpose of stymying parliament”. Hours later the High Court in London released its reasons for rejecting a similar case brought by the anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller. The three English judges said that even if the shutdown was motivated by desire for “political advantage” it would still be legal, saying that prorogation was a political matter into which courts should be “slow to intrude”. (paywalled link)

The appeal will be heard next Tuesday. Meanwhile we read that the Speaker, for once, isn’t going to ‘push the matter’ and hasn’t re-opened the HoC (link, paywalled). A Government official called that decision biased and Ms Sturgeon was predictably outraged by that comment (paywalled link). A useful preliminary explanation for what this all means is here

However, in an intriguing article providing background information we read:

“The MPs who asked a Scottish court to overturn the prorogation of Parliament took on Boris Johnson using a 300 year old law brought in at the time of William of Orange, dubbed the “Scottish Magna Carta”. A band of 76 MPs, Lords and lawyers won an appeal yesterday in Scotland’s Inner Court of Session in Edinburgh, using a case based partly on the Claim of Right Act, passed by the Scottish Parliament in 1689. The law enabled the Scots to forfeit James VII as their king and establish their sovereign right to choose a Government. It now forms a key part of the Scottish constitution and was used by MPs’ lawyers to argue that prorogation is unconstitutional […]. It is a distinctive piece of Scottish legislation and does not apply in England.” (paywalled link)

That, of course, doesn’t matter to the Remain MPs who seemed to think Scottish Law also applies in England, as if the Scottish tail must wag the English bulldog. I hope they aren’t that ignorant – if they are so much the worse – but using this ruling for political grandstanding is at the very least unbecoming.

Also last night the government published the text of that ‘Operation Yellowhammer’ paper (here, here and paywalled here and here). Will the Remainers in Parliament and the MSM now accept that this was about a worst-case scenario, or will they bemoan the fact that some parts were redacted?

I’m sure we’ll hear from them – as I’m sure Mr Grieve and his supporters will fill the papers and the airwaves with their fury that the private Cabinet deliberations about the Prorogation were not released – see here and here. They all quote Johnson’s remarks:

“Boris Johnson last night defied MPs’ orders that he publish private messages on proroguing parliament only hours after a court ruled the shutdown to be illegal. The prime minister rejected the demand by the Commons to see advisers’ communications, calling it “unprecedented, inappropriate and disproportionate”. He added that MPs were to blame for the “real failure of democracy” because the result of the EU referendum had not been honoured.” (link, paywalled)

While this was going on, Labour was in turmoil about their Brexit policy, with Tom Watson in fundamental conflict with Corbyn. It’s about having an election first and then a 2nd referendum or the other way round.

Since Corbyn has now refused an election twice, we can let that strife simmer on the backburner. It’ll erupt in full at the Labour AGM which will take place in Brighton from the 21st to the 25th September.

Far more interesting is a report from Brussels in The Times with the title “EU officials regret getting into bed with Remainers” (link, paywalled). Only yesterday we looked at a report on Blair and Mandelson being the Remain puppet masters (here).

This latest report reaffirms that those two politically undead – unelected, at that! – have had their fingers in the Remain pie. That their efforts have now severely undermined the trust of Remain Brussels in their shenanigans is delicious:

“European Union officials and diplomats are “tearing their hair out” at the twists and turns of Labour’s “mad” Brexit policy and regret past tactical alliances with Remain campaigners. One Brussels source close to negotiations said the EU had “made mistakes” with Labour and was now horrified at the party’s convoluted position as political chaos in Westminster raises the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn taking the keys to Downing Street. “They want us to negotiate a ‘credible’ deal and then they will campaign against it in a referendum? That is mad. How can we negotiate with people like that?” an EU source said. “Their divisions and magical thinking are as bad as anything the Conservatives produced — perhaps worse.” (link, paywalled)

Did Brussels really think that Corbyn was a suitable tool to get BRINO with no other agenda? Do they not read British papers in Brussels? One can only label this as a perfect example of ‘buyers’ remorse’! More details:

“The source expressed regrets that links with Sir Keir Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary, had helped shape Labour tactics that backfired by contributing to three defeats for Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement. […] Officials regret not cultivating other Labour MPs who support a withdrawal agreement to avoid alienating their party’s voters who backed Leave in northern and Welsh constituencies by campaigning to reverse Brexit. “It would have been better to talk to sensible MPs like Stephen Kinnock or Lisa Nandy who want an agreement,” said the source.” (link, paywalled)

Oh dear oh dear oh dear! ‘Cultivating sensible MPs’? Whatever next! And see this:

“More widely, European governments now believe that it has been a mistake to back Remainers such as Tony Blair and Lord Mandelson, who have links in Brussels and Paris, in their efforts to use delays to the Brexit deadline to keep Britain inside the EU.” (link, paywalled)

Oh my giddy aunt! This is what I call ‘hoist with their own petard’, falling for the honeyed words of Blair and Mandelson because they wanted to believe. More proof of the EU’s interference in our politics:

“Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, has been active in encouraging Remain campaigners to press for extensions to the Article 50 process culminating in the recent House of Commons legislation to prevent a no-deal Brexit this week. […] “Remainers in the EU once saw merit in extension because it kept Britain in the EU. That is changing and it is changing fast in the capitals,” a senior EU diplomat said. “It has not been helpful and has been a get out jail free card allowing the Westminster parliament to think they do not have to take responsibility for the withdrawal agreement.” (link, paywalled)

Nice: the EU, not content with helping May to destroy Brexit, was simultaneously looking for a ‘backstop’ by getting into bed with Blair and his Remain harlots. At the same time, having created this Remain Mayhem, they dare to blame Parliament for ‘not taking responsibility’ for this disaster! 

This report demonstrates the deep contempt in which both Brussels and the Remain MPs on both benches hold us, the voters. Not content with doing their utmost to wreck Brexit through the May BRINO WA, the EU has actively helped to undermine our constitution and our parliamentary rules and conventions by aiding and abetting Labour and the rest of the Remain Harlots in the HoC.

And now they are aghast! Surely it must now be obvious that the EU hasn’t the faintest idea how our democracy works! And why are our MSM reporters not investigating which other MPs have been ‘cultivated’ by the EU?

This EU practice of ‘cultivating’ MPs reminds me of the practices of the former Soviet Union, adept at ‘cultivating’ what was called ‘agents of influence’. Same spirit, no?

This is about more than just EU interference in our domestic politics. It is about the EU, with the help of the Remain Quislings – yes, this label is appropriate – having nearly wrecked our democracy, as the last weeks have shown.

There’s only one response: get rid of this Parliament and Leave now! If Johnson thinks he can do so without Farage and TBP then he is as guilty a Brexit Wrecker as the Remain harlots. 




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