How does one make sense of this crazy world?  Where can we find some firm ground?  When considering our politics it seems right to take stock of what we have, what we want and what is achievable.

Questions have to be asked.

An ability to open one’s mind and move away from dogma is essential.  The ability to be honest with oneself.  The ability to understand one’s needs.  Know thyself.  Nothing to excess.  We have too much excess.  To have ideals is one thing but ideals involve assumptions and thus opinions.  A pledge comes from folly.

We can stand back and look at the subject of our attention from a distance to get perspective.  We can look at that same subject closely picking out the fine detail and sifting the multiple pieces of evidence.  We can separate units or factors, contributors and influences.  In doing so we cannot be selective or exclusive or we may not have a full understanding.

The extremes are not merely worthless but malignant.  Do we want centralised governance reducing us all to common denominators?   Do we want corrupt corporate control exploiting our every function and thought?   Are we trapped in the pendulum paradigm?   Either Left or Right where Centre is transient at best and a lie at worst.

Both these we know will enslave us, are enslaving us.  This dichotomy of politics uses confusion. Democracy becomes a sham and our protestations are manipulated to obfuscate.  Media, education, law, politics and eventually force are used against us.  When we lose our independence, we lose our freedoms, we lose our ownership, and we become dependent.  That is the last stage of a civilisation before bondage.  We are reaching that stage now and we will see that in our lifetime if trends continue.

Independence is so important:

“Its people travelled, giving them an awareness of conflicting ideas, which encouraged thinking. And among the aristocrats of Miletus was an independence of thought that was a part of an effort toward individual excellence that had been encouraged as justification for their privileges.”

Whoa! Wind that back, ‘we lose our ownership’.  Could that be the key to stopping this mad carousel, making sense of this crazy world?  Ownership, something that belongs to you.  Something that comes from you.  Something that has your pattern, your mark, your use, your thoughts, and your approval.  We are born selfish, we start by loving ourselves and learn to love others then if we are lucky, we are loved. The greatest reward of our lives.

When things get big we lose that independence, identity, and ownership.

If aliens wanted to subvert human achievement, dumb down intellect, subjugate human will, without showing themselves and causing panic, and a concerted resistance, then a better job could not have been done than that which the elites are doing now.

Big is efficient for control.  Big is safe for power.  Big is the antidote for ownership.  Oh yes but it comes with a few minor problems.

Big stymies innovation.  Big disenfranchises.  Big destroys diversity.

Big Government or Big Business makes no difference, we lose.

‘Here we go again’, you may say.  To be honest there are problems with small too.  But I will hold on that one for a minute.

When gurus talk about the future they marvel and extol the benefits of technology.  Whether that be communications, AI, Robotics or manufacturing it is the function that is considered without enough focus on the consequences.  There is a major problem of privacy and control.

We are as impotent as Canute to change.

Wouldn’t it be so much better for all to use this technology to empower ourselves rather than allow the few power over us?   Social Responsibility, small innovative businesses and local industries must be encouraged.  We should not allow big business to rule the roost.

Cheap energy will be the enabler for successful communities.   Why would anyone want to put all their eggs in one basket?  The design and production of small modular reactors is booming, there are over one hundred SMRs in different stages of design with construction starting on some.  Here is one called a Stable Salt Reactor

One of the main concerns people have today is care for the environment.  When decisions for a particular project are made remotely but may impact on a local community and habitat, where is the sense of responsibility?  There is not the responsibility with detachment, not only within a country but also between countries.  Local and responsible control in planning would reduce pollution, and improve structural development and conservation.

Crime is also a key concern and there are many examples where local communities are solving their problems through responsible, inclusive behaviour.  Helping people to be useful and lead rewarding lives.

It is working!

There are other subjects such as innovation, manufacturing, farming, trade, finance, taxation, communication, housing, and employment.  Good arguments can be made on all these subjects in support of Localism.  Far more detail and evidence can be presented on these subjects including those mentioned.  But they are subjects for other essays.

Beware, ‘the powers that be’ know the threat to their being.  They will obfuscate, ignore and block, such as offering a phony Localism Act 2011.

The purpose of small is not efficiency and not for control or power.  It is for reasons far more important.  Small provides diversity, independence, freedom, and ownership.

These are qualities you will not get with Big.

There appears to be three things that will facilitate Localism, thus changing everything, Subsidiarity, Technology and the need for Ownership.

We have had enough of self-righteous ideologies imposing their virtues.  We have had enough of corrupt corporations owning our existence.

There is hope.  There is another way and will probably be the only way in the 21st century.  We live in the Garden of Eden we now need to open our eyes.  Do we need to experience big to appreciate small?

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