At the UK government Press Conference on Sunday, when asked about the influence of 5G in the spread of the coronavirus, the Medical Officer of Health, Stephen Powis, dodged the question.

His response was effectively that he was “outraged” and “disgusted” by this view that 5G could be a factor, that it was “fake news,” and it was “utter rubbish.” These views were echoed by government Minister Michael Gove who said the concerns were “dangerous nonsense.”

Is that level of response that the public can expect from a person at the top of the fight to defeat this virus? Where are the scientific and medical facts to back up his claim that this concern is “nonsense.”

This is particularly so as Stephen Powis admitted that they did not know enough about the immune system in relation to this virus, so how can he dismiss a serious concern which is based on the immune system being weakened by it?

Many people will be outraged that both he and Michael Gove failed to answer the question and that they have given the nation no reasons as to why 5G cannot influence the spread of COVID-19. They should be able to produce some full independent scientific analyses of the health effects of 5G, but this appears to somewhat lacking. How could there be, when what testing has been sporadic, short, and very much focussed on what the mobile phone companies themselves claim.

Public Health England has a statutory duty to safeguard public health in respect of Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (radiation). All they appear to have done is to measure the rates of EMF from up to fifteen test sites in the country. They claim that the levels of radiation emission were low and were, therefore, relatively safe, but that is all they seem to have done. There has been no study on the medium to long term health effects on people of the radiation emitted from the 5G antennae. If such work has been done, the public are entitled to see it. If this has not been done, then they should not have permitted the rolling out of 5G across the nation on what can only be described as flimsy research.

This is at best inadequate and at worst grossly irresponsible, potentially risking the health of an entire nation.

Many years ago, I was a Board Member of the then States owned Guernsey Telecoms. I remember the concerns expressed by some when we rolled out GSM, but back then, I felt more assured that safety concerns were not being ignored.

Now we have a different situation. Most telecom companies are global corporations, where profit is the primary motivator. Vast amounts of money are involved with this project, billions and billions across the globe. We now have a different situation, where almost simultaneously, most of the world is preparing to introduce 5G.

The facts are these: of the top fifteen countries for COVID-19 deaths, they all have 5G, or partially so, or are extensively testing it in a number of areas. This testing does not appear to cover whether 5G can disable the immune systems of humans.

Of the areas in the UK, the level of deaths is primarily in areas where there is 5G. Indeed this applies to a large number of hospitals.

In Switzerland, they have paused the rollout of 5G due to health concerns.

The reality is that 5G is being rolled out in most countries in the world without adequately testing its safety. There is an element of speculation at work.

Many of the countries which have 5G, the contracts have gone to Huawei, the Chinese mobile provider. The UK government has come under a lot of criticism from many, including its own ranks, American President Donald Trump, and many others, for risking national security by having such a contract with Huawei.

In this case, there is a potential security risk if 5G can render so many people more open to diseases because their immune systems could be compromised by using it.

Other terrible weapons such as nuclear and biological are rendered almost obsolete by this new ability to attack the immune system of people so easily.

The medical authorities in the UK seem to be not acting with care, consideration, or caution when it comes to the nation’s potential health risks with the rollout of 5G.

There have always been health concerns since the introduction of mobile phones, and even with the pre-5G mobiles, people are advised not to use them for too long and to not sleep within three feet of them. There are different levels of 5G, but essentially it is so very much more potent than what we currently have. Any searching on the issue of 5G will reveal that the power is intense.

The concern about 5G is because the thousands of masts emit radiation waves, which are said to be harmful to the body’s immune system and weaken it against attack. This is not that difficult to comprehend, bearing in mind that Naval sonar is said to kill many whales and dolphins. They can be seriously disturbed by it, as far as 25 miles away. There are many other examples of precautions from the effects of X-rays in hospitals, for example, for pregnant women.

The reality is that the COVID-19 crisis has all happened at the same time as numerous countries have rolled out 5G. It may turn out to be nothing to do with 5G, and it is just a coincidence that the coronavirus came along a few weeks after 5G outs. But we need to know.

With COVID-19, the vulnerable are most at risk, because they already have weakened immune systems. If the government is serious about defeating COVID-19, then it must immediately suspend any further use of the masts. This might mean breaking any contract with Huawei.

Have the UK government the courage to do that?

As the government have insisted that the nation has been put into lockdown to contain and defeat COVID-19, then they surely can calm a lot of fears by acting without delay on 5G concerns.  If numerous businesses can be shut down, then why not the 5G transmissions?

Now is the time for the government to bring in a precautionary measure with 5G and ban its use until further notice. It is time to adopt a Switzerland type stance. They cannot dismiss 5G worries as “nonsense,” with no justification.

Anything other than the government policies are generally dismissed or called “fake news,” which is hardly helpful when the nation is struggling to find the best answers to fighting the virus.

If pausing 5G plays a significant part in defeating this threat, then it will be a lot less costly an option than continuing to shut the economy down. The nation can manage without 5G, so the government must carry out a full assessment and trial of the effects on the immune system of 5G before any use of it is permitted.

This government has asked the nation to undertake massive sacrifices; he least they can do is to take sensible precautions and stop the use of 5G.

What if it is actually true that 5G is a major contributory factor in the spread of COVID-19?

To dismiss such concerns as “nonsense,” as the UK Medical Director did, smacks of a man who is terrified that possibility would show that much of his medical advice was misguided. The phrase “he protests too much” is one that springs to mind.

Let us remember that there have been countless times when government medical advisors have got it wrong. It is not unusual to misunderstand the causes and transmissions of diseases.

There is an urgent need for there to be scrutiny of the COVID-19 policies of the authorities, rather than everyone being left in their bunkers in isolation while the generals carry on regardless of the consequences of their actions.

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