The Express carries an analysis of the Prime Minister’s Brexit Bill by the Brexit Party leader.

BREXIT Party leader Nigel Farage has perfectly explained how Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s EU withdrawal bill shackles the UK to the bloc indefinitely.
The Brexiteer, who like Mr Johnson campaigned for the leave vote, has ripped apart his rival’s deal with the EU the day he announced being snubbed by the Tories means he will urge every constituency to vote for him. Mr Farage said: “Boris tells us it is a great new deal. It is not, it’s a bad old treaty and simply it is not Brexit. “What we are doing here is kicking the can down the road for at least a further three years.
“Entering into another round of agonising negotiations. And Monsieur Barnier has set down the terms already. We are committing in an international treaty, Boris Johnson wants Parliament to vote for, for us to ratify, we are committing to negotiating for up to three years in line with the Political Declaration.
“And that means we’re aiming for regulatory alignment.
“Everything from financial services to fisheries would, if we do this trade deal, be tied to EU law.

Conservative Party

At the start of the GE campaign, the parties are setting out their stalls.  The Guardian claims the Tories will be going on a spending spree.

Boris Johnson’s government has been accused of going on a spending spree using taxpayers’ money to woo voters in swing seats in the run up to the general election.
Ministers released details on Wednesday of plans to improve dilapidated town centres of key marginal seats mainly across the north of England and the Midlands. Public money is being spent to publicise the scheme using targeted Facebook advertisements sent to local people.

The Telegraph reports on a promise of tax cuts.

The Conservatives are preparing to launch a manifesto that will commit the party to tax cuts, Andrea Leadsom, the Business Secretary, has signalled.
Asked in an interview with The Daily Telegraph if income tax was too high, she said: “A Conservative government will always be a tax-cutting government.
“We have raised the personal tax-free allowance to let people keep much more of their own hard-earned cash. We will set out more in the manifesto about our ambition for income taxes.”

But a pact with the Brexit Party has been shunned, says the Times.

Boris Johnson has abandoned the threat of a no-deal Brexit in the Conservative manifesto in a move designed to capture the centre ground, The Times has been told.
The prime minister’s manifesto will focus on “getting Brexit done immediately” by pushing his “fantastic” deal through the Commons as soon as MPs return. The approach is in stark contrast to Mr Johnson’s previous “do or die” pledge to leave Britain with or without a deal on October 31.

There will be no ‘Leave alliance’, says Sky News.

Boris Johnson has rejected Nigel Farage’s offer to form a “Leave alliance”.
With the general election campaign now under way, the prime minister told Sky’s Sophy Ridge: “I’ve ruled out a pact with everybody because I don’t think it’s sensible to do that.
“We’re proud of our beliefs, we’re proud of our One Nation Conservatism.”
Brexit Party leader Mr Farage said on Friday he would hold back from fielding a candidate in every seat in Britain if the PM dropped his EU Withdrawal Agreement and joined him in a “non-aggression pact”.
But Mr Johnson insisted he would not do a deal with any party leader over the 12 December election.

The Sun claims Nigel has threatened ‘sabotage’.

BORIS Johnson has refused to give in to Nigel Farage’s threat to sabotage Tory hopes for a majority if he fails to agree an election pact.
Instead, the veteran MEP’s two week ultimatum to sign up to a “Leave Alliance” with him began to backfire on Friday night as allies turned on him.
Launching his Brexit Party’s General Election  campaign, Mr Farage gave Boris until November 14 when nominations close to agree to stand down Tory candidates in up to 150 Labour seats to give Mr Farage’s own wannabe MPs a clear run.
The Brexit Party leader also insisted Mr Johnson must dump his new exit deal with the EU, dubbing it “not Brexit”.

The Mail claims Boris is targeting Labour-held seats.

Boris Johnson is poised to make big gains from Labour in its northern heartlands because many working-class voters back Brexit and cannot stand Jeremy Corbyn.
A survey suggests the Conservatives are on course to win the key Labour seat of Workington, seen as crucial to the Prime Minister’s hopes of victory on December 12.
The Tories are set to win the seat in Cumbria by more than 4,000 votes, according to the Survation poll for the Daily Mail. It would be a complete reversal of Labour’s 3,925 majority at the 2017 election.

The Brexit Party

Nigel Farage writes for the Telegraph.

The Brexit Party is ready for the general election. As the European election made clear, we have hundreds of high quality candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds who are united in their desire to secure a proper break from Brussels and who share a lack of trust in the political class.
We will use the substantial funds which our donors and supporters have helped us raise to fight every seat. If we are the only party willing to stand up for a proper Brexit, so be it.
I am about to embark on a campaign tour of Britain. I will visit the Labour areas in the north where Jeremy Corbyn’s party is most vulnerable.

Boris responds in the Telegraph.

Boris Johnson has rejected an electoral pact with Nigel Farage, warning that voting for the Brexit Party risks handing Number 10 to Jeremy Corbyn.
The Prime Minister last night dismissed a call by Mr Farage jointly to secure a “big majority” for Leave in House of Commons by standing aside in 150 seats that would “never” vote Conservative for “cultural reasons”.
Mr Farage threatened to field candidates in every constituency bar Northern Ireland if the Tories refuse, a “kamikaze” strategy derided by insiders as an attempt to reconcile differences between a faction which hates Mr Johnson’s deal and another which believes the Brexit Party has served its purpose.

The Mail reports Boris’ call to vote for the Tories.

Boris Johnson has rejected Nigel Farage‘s offer of a Leave Alliance at the general election as he told voters the only way to guarantee Brexit will happen is to support the Conservative Party at the ballot box.
Mr Farage today announced his Brexit Party will contest every seat across England, Scotland and Wales on December 12 unless Mr Johnson ditches his EU divorce accord and agrees to strike a non-aggression pact.
Mr Johnson this evening dismissed the offer in a move which is likely to disappoint Donald Trump, the US President, who last night urged the Prime Minister and Mr Farage to do a deal.
Mr Trump said if the two men were to ‘get together’ they would be an ‘unstoppable force’ and could do something ‘terrific’.

The Times reports a call from the PM.

Boris Johnson has urged Leave voters to abandon Nigel Farage as pollsters warned that the Brexit Party leader’s full-scale entry into the race could cost the Conservatives the election.
Mr Farage said yesterday that he would contest every seat unless the prime minister pulled out of the deal he signed with the EU last month. Brexit Party strategists have said they intend to prioritise winning over Tory voters by accusing Mr Johnson of selling out.

And Nigel fights back in the Morning Star.

NIGEL FARAGE today urged PM Boris Johnson to drop his EU withdrawal agreement and form a “Leave alliance” with the Brexit Party, saying he would otherwise field a candidate to contest every seat in Britain, which could split the pro-Brexit vote.
But No 10 poured cold water on the idea this evening.
The Brexit Party leader, during the launch of his snap general election campaign today, said that the Prime Minister’s plans for leaving the EU did not represent a true withdrawal and that Britain should leave on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms.

The Mirror reports Nigel’s call for a leave alliance.

Nigel Farage today begged Boris Johnson for a “leave alliance” which could see the Tory and Brexit Party join forces to sink Jeremy Corbyn’s bid to become PM.
The seven-time failed Westminster candidate declared he was “more than willing to compromise” – if the Tory dumps his “dreadful” Brexit deal and pivots to no-deal instead.
That, he claimed, could involve up to 150 Tory candidates stepping aside in Labour seats that have never voted Tory – in exchange for the Brexit Party not contesting other Tory seats.

The Times also carries the threat.

Nigel Farage issued an unmistakeable threat to Boris Johnson this morning: do what I say, or I will help you.
If that makes no sense, it was because Mr Farage rather contradicted himself about the danger the Brexit Party poses to the Conservatives, reflecting genuinely uncertainty about who his candidacy will hurt the most. The answer to that question could go a long way towards determining the outcome of next month’s election.
Mr Farage opened his speech by pointing to research finding that Ukip, the party he used to lead, “disproportionately hurt the Labour Party in the 2015 general election and there wouldn’t have been a Conservative majority if it hadn’t been for the effect of the Ukip vote”.

Brexiteers have slammed the PM for not agreeing, says the Express.

BREXITEERS have condemned Boris Johnson for snubbing Nigel Farage after the Brexit Party leader’s pact was turned down by the Prime Minister a third time, the results of an exclusive poll has revealed.
A colossal 80 percent of readers believed Mr Johnson was wrong to have turned down the offer of a Leave alliance pact with the Brexit Party, offered again today to get Brexit over the line immediately after the general election. Up to 8,355 said they think Mr Johnson and Mr Farage should form a pact.

The Independent says Boris could lose out.

Boris Johnson’s hopes of victory at next month’s  general election have been dealt a serious blow after Nigel Farage vowed to field Brexit Party candidates in every seat unless the prime minister ditches his EU withdrawal deal.
Senior Tories had hoped that Mr Farage would agree to stand aside in most constituencies to give the Tories a free run, but the Brexit Party leader insisted he would do so only in the unlikely scenario that Mr Johnson scrapped his “dreadful” deal.
And Mr Johnson swiftly rejected the Brexit Party leader’s offer of an alliance, telling Sky News: “I’ve ruled out a pact with everybody because I don’t think it’s sensible to do that. We’re proud of our beliefs, we’re proud of our one-nation Conservatism.”

And Breitbart reports Nigel’s threat against the Labour Party.

Nigel Farage put Jeremy Corbyn on notice that the Brexit Party is coming for Leave-voting constituencies represented by Remain MPs in the Labour heartlands — but warned Boris Johnson to “drop the deal” and strike an electoral pact with him as well.
“It is November the 1st, and yes, we are still members of the European Union,” he began in his campaign launch speech, in reference to the fact that Brexit was supposed to take place on October 31st — the third missed Brexit Day so far.

Labour Party

Breitbart reports Corbyn’s call for a second referendum.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn confirmed he would pursue a second Brexit referendum if he becomes prime minister.
Speaking at the Battersea Arts Centre in London in his first major speech of the General Election campaign, Mr Corbyn said that if Labour wins he will renegotiate a soft Brexit deal with the EU which would include remaining in a customs union with the EU and being closely tied to its Single Market and Free Movement regime.
He would then force the country to go back to the polls, with Remain and his deal the two options on the ballot paper in a referendum.

Voter fraud

Students registered both at home and at the university could vote twice, reports the Mail.

Lucy is a bright and successful university student. The small ring in her nose is the only outward sign that she might be a rebel at heart.
The daughter of a middle-class property consultant, her tweets show she has travelled the world and next year hopes to graduate from Bournemouth University.
Yet this week Lucy, 23, found herself at the centre of a controversy over how student votes — and their potential when it comes to abuse of the electoral system — could influence the December election.


Today’s other big news is the government’s U-turn on shale gas drilling.  The Times reports:

Boris Johnson’s government is to abandon the Conservatives’ decade-long policy of supporting fracking as the party seeks to neutralise Labour attacks on its environmental record.
Fracking for shale gas is to be banned in Britain with immediate effect because of the “unacceptable” risk of earthquakes, ministers will announce today. The move comes after a review found it impossible to predict the probability or scale of earthquakes.
The prime minister, who previously hailed fracking as “an answer to the nation’s prayers”, acknowledged this week “very considerable anxieties” over the practice.

The Mail says the PM has abandoned the policy.

Boris Johnson has abandoned a long-standing Tory policy on fracking in an effort to boost the party’s green credentials.
The controversial method of extracting gas from the earth will be put on hold after a report from the Oil and Gas Authority found it is not possible to ‘accurately predict’ the probability or magnitude of earthquakes linked to fracking.

And the Independent reports the environmentalists’ celebrations.

Environmentalists were celebrating victory in a “David and Goliath” struggle against the energy industry after the government called a halt to all fracking in England.
Andrea Leadsom, the business secretary, announced the moratorium after an expert report found it was not possible accurately to predict the danger of earth tremors from the controversial gas extraction process.
The only fracking site in the UK, Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road well in Lancashire, was wound up in October after the work was blamed for minor earthquakes over the summer, including a 2.9 magnitude event near Blackpool on 26 August which led to the suspension of operations.

And the Mirror describes the U-turn as ‘screeching’.

FRACKING was last night banned in Britain after a series of earthquakes, in a screeching U-turn by Boris Johnson .
The Government scrapped its support for the controversial method of extracting shale gas, amid mounting public fears over safety.
The announcement came less than six weeks before the general election , where voters could have staged a revolt against the process in key Tory seats and target constituencies.
The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said fracking – hydraulic fracturing – was “paused unless and until further evidence is provided that it can be carried out safely here”.


Wee Burney is still planning on Scottish independence, reports BBC News.

Nicola Sturgeon has claimed independence is “within touching distance” ahead of a speech to supporters at a major rally in Glasgow.
She will ask for powers to hold another a referendum on Scotland’s future in the UK shortly after next month’s general election.
However Jeremy Corbyn said a new Scottish independence poll was not “desirable or necessary”.

She will speak at a rally, reports ITV News.

An independent Scotland is “within touching distance”, Nicola Sturgeon will tell a pro-independence rally in Glasgow later.
She said “another clear win” for the SNP at the General Election next month will “bring it even closer still”.
The SNP leader is the headline speaker at the event in George Square, her first speech at an independence rally since the 2014 independence referendum campaign.


Matters in Northern Ireland are not all peaceful, reports BBC News.

Police have been called in to investigate threats to Ulster Unionist staff, the BBC understands.
People have called the UUP headquarters about its refusal to form an election pact with the DUP in North Belfast.
UUP leader-elect Steve Aiken had ruled out an election pact, but on Thursday refused to say if his party would contest all 18 constituencies.

Child sexual exploitation

Still the stories of abused children continue to arise.  Yahoo News reports on a case in Huddersfield.

Five men have been jailed for up to 14 years for sexually abusing young girls in Huddersfield.
Sentencing the men on Friday Judge Geoffrey Marson QC said their abuse was “vile and wicked” and “defies understanding”.
West Yorkshire Police’s Operation Tendersea investigation into child sexual exploitation in the town has now led to 27 men being convicted with prison sentences totalling more than 300 years.


Vaccinations are dropping, and the reason could be certain advice being given to parents, reports the Telegraph.

Homeopaths have been filmed warning undercover reporters not to vaccinate their children against measles and other life-threatening diseases.
Posing as mothers the reporters were told by some of the homeopaths not to inform schools, or other parents if they chose not to give their children the jabs.
One of the homeopaths who advised them to hide their decision is also an NHS GP.

And the Times reports from the inquiry into infected blood.

The number of missing medical records and patients whose HIV test results were withheld is proof of a high-level Whitehall cover-up, a senior lawyer has claimed.
The first phase of the Infected Blood Inquiry closed yesterday, having heard from 189 victims and families and having received more than 1,400 written statements over six months.
Thousands of NHS patients in the 1970s and 80s were treated with clotting agents or transfusions derived from donated blood that was contaminated with HIV, hepatitis C or both.

Air travel

In an exclusive report, the Sun reports that proposed strikes could be off.

PILOT strikes planned to hit British Airways at Christmas look set to be called off after union chiefs backed down.
Balpa bosses have this week admitted they are unlikely to get members a better pay deal.
Other factors in the U-turn include the demise of Thomas Cook — with their pilots ready to take on BA jobs — and General Election and Brexit uncertainty.

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