Once again, a story of national interest has polarised the left and the right in this country. The young girl from Bethnal Green who left to join Isis with two friends when she was merely fifteen has awoken the country from its Brexit stupor to be reminded of the evil that is the caliphate of Daesh.

The girl Shamima is now nineteen years old. She has had two children whilst married to an Isis fighter. They sadly died, the second child was nineteen months old and she states it died of malnutrition, although, it has to be said, she does look very well. She has just given birth to her third child, a boy, in a refugee camp in Syria,

She is in the camp because the territory Isis held has diminished in size and the number of people remaining as a fighting force numbers no more than 800. So Shamima has clearly got herself to safety and has left her husband behind to fight.

The Isis that once held great swathes of land across the middle east is now almost non- existent. They are, if reports from the USA are to be believed, shortly to be extinct.

It’s important to note that her husband, Yago Riedijk, is a Dutch man and is wanted for an act of terrorism in Arnhem in the Netherlands.

It is also important to note that her father, who is calling for her to be returned home safely with his grandson, is a supporter of Isis and the Caliphate. One also has to ask the question when Shamima and her friends left to go to Syria – how did a fifteen-year old girl get the monies, transport, passport and guidance to get there? It seems the trip was very well planned and executed. My experience of Muslim girls as young as these three were is that they can hardly go out to the shops without a chaperone and strict rules to follow.

So we now have a dilemma. It is law that as a British passport holder, if she can get herself to a country (Turkey being the nearest) with consular support, then there is nothing to stop this young woman coming back to England. It is emerging though that she was actually born in Bangladesh, so whether that muddies the waters about her re-patriation or not remains to be seen.

Back here in Blighty we have very set views: you either believe she should come home, along with her child of course, and settle, or be left to rot where she is. It is clear from interviews that she has no remorse about her actions, she is unfazed by things she has seen and experienced. Furthermore, she has no regrets whatsoever about travelling at fifteen to a far off, war-torn country to join a killing cult the likes of which has not been seen or experienced since Ghengis Khan or the Third Reich.

The Home Secretary has made his views very clear. Senior officials and pundits alike have all said she should be interviewed and brought to justice if guilty of offences. I suggest this is largely moot now as both the Telegraph (who first brought this story to light) and Sky News have interviewed her at length, and of course she denies any wrongdoing.

Just how a detective in London is going to prove or otherwise any criminality committed by this girl is a mystery. She is clearly worldly wise, would have a human rights lawyer or a team with her, probably on legal aid, and the task would be, I suggest, impossible.

What of her future? She has no qualifications, no skills to transfer to the world of work here. Her infamy would, I suggest, negate much chance of meaningful employment so the book writing and interviews on Loose Women would beckon. Magazine interviews, pictures and self-help books for others wishing to join a killing cult would, I am sure, make her a great living. Coupled with an Instagram following our Shamima will be set for life.

Contrast the call for her to come home and be feted by those on the left who see this as a cause celebre, to the plight of Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman begging for sanctuary in a Christian country from her persecution in Pakistan. Oh no – there was no outrage, no sympathy for this young lady!

The Prime Minister no less intervened on this one in order to put it to bed. Asia, who spent eight years in jail for an offence of blasphemy she clearly did not commit was turned down by our Theresa on the grounds that letting her come here might, just might, upset certain communities within our parishes.

Oh how wrong this country has become! Oh how we have gone off our axis and wallow in the soup of pathetic virtue signaling and Political Correctness! How can we ever get ourselves out of this soup made of the ingredients of wrong decision making, clever platitudes, lies and deceit!   

When did standing up for what is right and proper, truthful and common sense, become so wrong? Why do we not put our people and children first? The risks of all these Isis fighters and wives and girlfriends returning here is, to anyone with an ounce of common sense, a risk too great to take. I await with sadness the first casualty on these shores caused by some lunatic who thinks we are the infidel and must all be destroyed.

Stand back and see what happens then. I guarantee it will not be yet another candle light vigil.


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