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Going back to my friends, one tells us that she only watches the Antiques Roadshow and Countryfile and her husband watches Sky for the sport.  Countryfile, are you serious? The everyday story of country folk it’s not and anyway Walter Gabrielle died decades ago. Sport? The coverage is reduced to ‘experts’ pontificating before and after the event, one of whom now thinks he’s Prime Minister material. Mind you, having seen the clowns performing in Parliament for the last 20 years he may have a point.   As for the Antique whatever, the only thing most are interested in is ‘what’s it worth?’ Or can I get a ‘deal’. Word of the time that, where did I hear that expression before everything in the country was reduced to “getting a deal”?   It was the language of the ‘jack the lad’ and used car dealers.

It may come as shock our highly learned, but poorly educated, political elite, braying on in their middle-income accents presumably copied from the BBC, that much of the country is sick to death of their nonsense and our democracy being brought into disrepute. How many have actually ever done anything outside of what they laughingly call the professions – take ‘banking’ (please do), ‘the law’ and the media – enough said?  Oddly, I don’t see many scientists, civil engineers, aeronautical engineers or people who have actually contributed to society in Westminster.

Resentment is growing fast.  It may still be on slow burn but  some months back, just in passing, when it was clear that May was doing the opposite of what she was saying, a guy at a meeting told me in all seriousness: “They may say that Brexit won’t be allowed, what they don’t realise there are enough of us ex and service squaddies quite able to make sure it does happen.”  Interesting, I thought as I made my excuses and left. I gave it no real thought until months later while in a newsagents looking for my monthly copy of ‘Health and Efficiency’ an older gent asked me if I would pass him a copy of ‘Target Shooters Monthly’ or something like that.  “The way things are going,” he said, “we will be shooting more than targets soon.” He was very well spoken and very polite but, it seemed, getting rather annoyed with what is going on. It was then I noticed the regimental tie.

Something very similar was written in the comments section of a national newspaper this week as well, people writing about ‘treason’ ‘sedition ‘and ‘something must be done.’  By whom and what? I wonder. Take these comments for instance

We have the tool to stop illegal govt, we the people take them on directly, hunt them down if necessary.

No dictatorship will be forced on me and my family If they attempt that they better have the army protecting them for life.

This nothing short of a coup, these people must be arrested and tried for sedition or treason.

There are plenty more similar comments like that in the mainstream press, let alone alternative political blogs, some of which have tens of thousands of viewers and readers a day.

There are calls for mass demonstrations, presumably like the yellow vests in France, still hardly reported in the media here and now in its 39th week; but as one commentator asks, ‘what has this accomplished’ Macron hardly seems bothered by either the bad press or the resentment towards the police  local and national.

What is happening here, though, is that more and more people, whose feelings are already running at an all-time high, are now beginning to feel disenfranchised.   Comments in pubs and on social media are one thing, but when you see the leader of the opposition and apparently 160 MPs signing a declaration that they will “do anything necessary” to stop Brexit on 31st October, they obviously fail to understand how high feelings are being driven by them and how dangerous some of the disenfranchised can be.

It’s 30 years since there has been serious unrest and disruption in the U.K.  It’s highly unlikely the present leaders of our police service have had any experience of the power of the masses, riots in Bristol, Birmingham London and Liverpool, the cost in what is now called community cohesion, and the actual financial cost long forgotten (except by those who were serving at the time) and totally outside of the experience of the vast majority of today’s mainstream commentators, political activists civil service  and members of the Westminster bubble. What is totally certain though, is that none of these people will be anywhere near the front line if their actions cause unrest on a scale only a lunatic would wish for.

Presumably the government, the police and the security services are taking seriously the ‘declaration’ of these Members of Parliament including the leader of the opposition that they will ‘do anything necessary to stop the UK leaving the EU on October 31st‘, as to many it will be seen as a very dangerous precedent and could be construed to include illegal actions and violence, particularly as the ‘leavers’ have abided by the law of the land.

This out of touch political class, many of whom seem to think that they can outsmart and over-rule the democratic will of the people, aided and abetted by a media which itself is held in disdain by many, need to take a long hard look at what they are apparently hell bent on letting loose.  These people are not just clowns, not just stupid clowns but it seems now they are stupid very dangerous clowns .

This will not end well.

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