The Ultra Remainers are self interested and care not about the rest of the population. They tend to come from the white middle class liberal left metropolitan demographic. They are elitist in outlook and view leavers as ignorant, racist, little Englanders, xenophobic and bigoted etc. They blatantly lie or ignore the reality when pressed with facts, and try desperately to convince others they are correct. They always use negative descriptions when predicting the results of Brexit, such as ‘hard’, ‘no deal’, ‘cliff-edge’, ‘car crash’ so that people associate it with a negative, rather than a positive. They like to denigrate and dehumanise Leave voters, hoping they ‘starve, die or get sick’ – yet still claim they hold liberal tolerant views. 

When reminded that there is no such thing as ‘No Deal’ Brexit as WTO is a type of deal (which we currently use with the rest of the world) they refuse to accept this. When questioned why they love the EU so much, they give a blank look, then reply, ‘I don’t know’. The truth (they won’t admit) is, they like the EU because it keeps them in the lifestyle they are accustomed (and feel entitled to) and provides them with a belief of virtue signalling self-importance. 

They tend to know nothing about the EU itself, for example its power structure or history. They have never actually read any of the EU treaties or directives, they are spoon-fed most of their ‘facts’ from vested interest groups and do not bother with their own independent research. After all, an ‘expert’ told them, so it must be true. They themselves have done well out of the EU, so it can’t be that bad, can it?

When asked why we should remain, they say “because we should” and they provide no facts why.  Young Remainers claim leavers ‘took away their future’, and will stop them travelling, working and getting an education. Despite the fact that most young Remainers never go to work in the EU anyway, our education sector is a disaster, our snowflakes can’t speak or bother to learn a second language anyway and employment opportunities in continental Europe are worse compared to the UK. Additionally, free movement means the young Remainers have increased job competition in the UK from other young unemployed EU citizens who are actually better qualified and more motivated to work. Clearly overseas work and travel visas never existed before the EU! Clearly increased job competition is also a good thing, boosting wages and opportunities for these young remainers.

Despite their uncanny psychic ability of predicting Brexit, when asked ‘What will the EU look like in ten years’, Ultra Remainers stare blankly back at you. Either they don’t know themselves or, for the really devious ones who do, they won’t mention a United States of Europe. That would let the cat out of the bag, and the plebs don’t need to know anyway. The money will keep flowing in and their positions will be secure, so who cares?

Despite their objections to Brexit, the Ultra Remainers refuse to acknowledge the deep flaws in the EU system. For example: its lack of democratic accountability, lack of transparency, mass unemployment, the removal of elected Prime Ministers of Italy and Greece, Euro-imposed poverty, the EU supported coup in Ukraine, the flawed Common Fisheries Policy, CAP tariffs impoverishing African farmers, financial burden on the contributing nations, flawed asylum policy, mass migration within member states, overregulation of small businesses, support of big business and corporations etc (I could carry on, but you get my point).

When cornered (which isn’t difficult) they say the ‘EU needs to change’ and ‘we can change it from within’. They never say how this can be done or what they plan to do about it, nor indeed the time frame. Perhaps, like May’s WA, the EU reform date should be labeled 20XX (or XXXX to be more precise).

When asked, ‘How does an ordinary citizen remove the Head of the EU Commission by the ballot box’, they then claim, ‘But the EU Parliament is elected’.  When asked how many ‘European citizens’ directly elected any of the EU Commission?, they claim, ‘But no-one elected the UK PM either’. They don’t seem to realise that the elite have stolen the most precious thing of all; the ordinary citizen’s vote, and therefore the ability to decide who governs you via the ballot box.

They claim that the Referendum was based on ‘Leave lies’, for example the £350 million on a bus, however they fail to grasp you can’t allocate money from our EU contributions until you actually control the budget. To do that we would have to actually Leave in the first place. Speaking of lies, they claim the the EU Army is ‘a dangerous fantasy’, however a European Rapid Reaction Force has been in the Treaties for many years. The EU Navy and EU Army both have their own webpages, clearly those pages are Leaver created fake news, right? Ted Heath told the Nation’ there ‘would be no essential loss of sovereignty’, I suppose that’s another Leave lie? The UK’s whole EU membership has been built on Remain lies!


(To be continued here tomorrow with Part II)


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