I miss Albert Einstein, his theories, revolutionary at the time and going on to form the foundations of modern scientific theory: these theories seem to be so sane, logical and rational today.

I first took an interest in Quantum Physics many years ago when it overlapped into my own particular field of computing. I was particularly intrigued by photon entanglement. Einstein seemed a bit frustrated by this in his day and simply wrote it off as: “spooky action at a distance”.

The world has moved on from Einstein’s theories, they’re still very important but with advances in the understanding of Quantum Physics, serious philosophical questions have been raised and unfortunately too few of us are aware of this. There is a very political aspect to this so please bear with me.

I was at first fascinated by photon entanglement and the theories that tried to explain how it is that two particles could instantaneously maintain the same relative relationship with each other regardless of distance. It doesn’t matter if this distance was a few inches, theoretically a million miles or much further.

Here is where Einstein’s theories have their limitations. Some scientists theorised that these particles had some sort of connection that travels at least ten thousand times faster than the speed of light. Maybe they even had an onboard supercomputer to help them process this information? I’m certainly no physicist but this didn’t ring true for me.

It wasn’t until I read about the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment that I had a sneaking suspicion that we were getting towards the truth. I’ll not even try and explain this here, there isn’t the space, but below is a very good short video on the subject, even for those that don’t understand it, it supports what I’m saying: “Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment Explained”

It seems that these tricky entangled particles seem to know just where they are going but we don’t know until we observe them. Not only this but the real shocker is that the above experiment strongly suggests that future events can change or influence past events. Of course now theories abound, some even suggest that our lives run like computer programs from start to finish with no real choice of our own unless the timeline is altered. Who knows? Whatever the reality-  it is bound to be difficult for us to deal with.

Time is a difficult thing to understand, a mass like the earth will stretch spacetime as it curves around it and time will slow down a bit the nearer we are to the surface. The Global Positioning satellites that we all rely on so much these days need to compensate for this slight time difference or our positioning systems just don’t work. Time moves a little more quickly for our head than our feet – just a fractional amount- this is enough to give us the gravity that keeps our feet firmly planted on the ground.

We are dealing here with something that probably will eventually challenge the reality as we perceive it with our limited senses. Nobody talks about this outside of a laboratory and so it is a new reality that we will have foist up on us whether we like it or not. By the time we realise what is happening it will be too late.

Today the field of Quantum Physics is still in its infancy although scientists’ understanding is progressing rapidly. No expense is being spared to understand Quantum Physics, the Large Hadron Collider cost many billions to build and now CERN wants to build another collider a hundred kilometres long at an estimated cost of 23 billion in whatever currency. I have a feeling that even if the ultimate cost were measured in trillions, the money would appear from somewhere.

Here I’m not criticising the thousands of scientists, dedicated to their research and with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge but I am suspicious of the bankers, corporations and politicians that make this money available. These people don’t hand out money for nothing, without the prospect of making some sort of return. Just what do the money men hope to get out of this?

It seems to me that humanity is on the verge of a new reality, a reality that will tear apart what we now consider normal or real, maybe we’re not equipped to deal with it at all. I don’t know about you but I’m very comfy with my limited experience of reality, the reality that I was born to live in. I’m not entirely sure that I want to be prised out of it, certainly not without my consent.

We are being led headlong into a world that we probably soon won’t recognise, somewhere that will challenge our senses and philosophies and we aren’t even discussing it. We get little snippets of information but mainly these get dismissed as something of a novelty as we go about our for now normal lives.

We never ask ourselves just what are the real motives of the bankers,  businessmen and politicians that pour what I’m sure will ultimately be trillions into the likes of CERN? 

It has to be remembered that we the people pay for all of the above research one way or another, either via taxation or through our economic contribution. Our efforts though are being used to lead us like sheep into a very uncertain future that we may live to regret or may even lead to our demise.

When you think about all of this though in relation to our current predicaments, well, it all seems to be horribly familiar doesn’t it?


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