Labour Party

The Times has a story about the Labour Party planning a coup on the Prime Minister.

Labour is planning to seize control of the Brexit negotiations by forcing Theresa May to put her deal to a second decisive vote before the end of the month.
In an interview with The Sunday Times, Sir Keir Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary, reveals that Labour will try to stop a no-deal exit with an amendment that will compel the prime minister to hold another “meaningful vote” before February 26.
The move is an attempt to stop May delaying the vote until after the European Council summit on March 21 — only eight days before the UK is due to leave the EU.
“We have got to put a hard stop into this running down the clock,” Starmer says.

The opposition party could go for a second referendum, says ITV News.

Labour could still back a second Brexit referendum, according to Jeremy Corbyn, after he urged Theresa May to accept his demands for a deal.
The Labour leader said the option of a public vote remained on the table – in line with the policy agreed following marathon negotiations at his party’s conference in 2018.
Mr Corbyn had faced a backlash from pro-EU Labour MPs after setting out his conditions for accepting a Brexit deal in a letter to the Prime Minister.
But Mr Corbyn said the party’s policy remained as set out following the party conference – to call for a general election if Mrs May cannot get a deal through Parliament and then to keep all options open.

And the Times has unearthed film of the Labour leader slamming the EU.

Sir Keir Starmer could be forgiven for feeling a little frustrated. Last week footage emerged of his leader, Jeremy Corbyn, showing what many colleagues believe are his true feelings towards the EU — describing Brussels as a “European empire of the 21st century” and a “military Frankenstein”.
The video from 2009 made the job of holding Starmer’s divided party together on Brexit no easier.
But Starmer is getting used to the discomfort. As a self-proclaimed “passionate remainer”, he has spent the past two years guiding — some in his party wish it was steering — his leader through every twist and turn of the Brexit negotiations.

Breitbart reports that the party has dropped a manifesto pledge on free movement.

The Labour Party has abandoned its 2017 manifesto commitment to ending Britain’s participation in the European Union’s Free Movement migration regime after Brexit, according to its Shadow Attorney-General.
Baroness Sharmishta ‘Shami’ Chakrabarti, a “human rights” lobbyist with a ubiquitous media presence prior to her elevation to the House of Lords as a Labour peer in 2016, told BBC interrogator-in-chief Andrew Neil that keeping Britain tied to the European Union’s unlimited and effectively unvetted Free Movement migration regime would be “a matter for negotiation” under a Labour government — at least eight times.

And the Sun claims several Labour MPa are on the verge of quitting the party.

JEREMY Corbyn has been warned that a group of Labour MPs are on the verge of “bursting the dam” by quitting.
John Woodcock has spoken to key figures in the breakaway group amidst speculation up to a dozen MPs could leave the party.
They are furious at Mr Corbyn’s handling of Brexit and other key issues including anti-Semitism and foreign policy.
Woodcock said: “They have been wrestling with their conscience for a long time. I believe at some point the dam will burst. Personally, I hope it is sooner rather than later.


Meanwhile, the PM is still insisting she’ll deliver Brexit, reports Breitbart.

As the government’s apparent intention to delay Brexit beyond the legal March 29th date moves beyond rumour to open secret, Britain’s Prime Minister insisted after disastrous talks with the European Union that she would be working to “deliver Brexit, and to deliver it on time.”
The Prime Minister made the remarks as she returned to London Thursday afternoon after meetings with European Union leaders in Brussels, where she expressed the importance of achieving change to the Brexit deal she’d negotiated with the EU.

In an exclusive report, the Sun claims she’ll get a deal just three days before March 29.

THERESA May has set her sights on clinching a Brexit deal just 72 hours before departure day.
The PM faces a nerve-racking round of talks which will take the process right to the wire.
It raises the prospect of MPs having to vote for a final agreement or face crashing out three days later.
Twitchy MPs anxious to avoid a “no deal” Brexit were urged to stay calm and hold their nerve.

The Prime Minister is asking MPs to delay Brexit, says the Telegraph.

Theresa May is to urge MPs to give her another fortnight to seek changes to her Brexit agreement, as pro-Remain rebels prepare a second attempt to remove the option of leaving without a deal.
This week the Prime Minister is expected to pledge to MPs that she will return to the Commons later this month to update MPs on her plans and give them an opportunity to vote on what should happen next.
The move is intended to buy time to continue negotiating with EU leaders, who have so far refused to make any changes to the Withdrawal Agreement, after it was rejected by the Commons in its current form.

And the Independent claims the country wants her to delay.

A majority of the country want Theresa May to delay Brexit, according to a new poll released ahead of a fresh Commons showdown over her exit strategy.
With less than seven weeks until exit day, the exclusive survey for The Independent found 53 per cent of voters would support postponing Britain’s departure from the European Union, opening the door to a second referendum or further talks with Brussels.
The poll comes as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn sought to quell anger among his own MPs by stressing that a Final Say vote was still on the table.
Several cabinet ministers have openly mooted extending Article 50 for a short period to get crucial legislation through the Commons, amid a growing realisation that a short delay may be inevitable.

She will offer another vote in exchange for an agreement on the delay, says BBC News

The prime minister is to urge MPs to give her more time to secure changes to her Brexit deal.
Theresa May is expected to pledge in the Commons this week that MPs will get another say on Brexit if she cannot recommend a revised plan this month.
Meanwhile, shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer told the Sunday Times that Labour plans to force another vote on her deal anyway.
He said the move was necessary to stop Mrs May “running down the clock”.

The Guardian also has the story.

Theresa May could win parliament’s approval for her controversial Brexit deal in return for guaranteeing another referendum, under a new plan being drawn up by a cross-party group of MPs. The new vote would give the British people a simple choice: to confirm the decision or stay in the EU.
The initiative, aimed at breaking the political impasse, is being advanced by Labour MPs Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson and has won the support of prominent Remainers in the Tory party including Sarah Wollaston, Dominic Grieve and Anna Soubry.
Kyle says the idea, which is likely to be put forward as an amendment to the EU withdrawal bill, is also being taken seriously by “people at a high level in government” as a potential way to resolve the Brexit crisis.
The amendment would offer all MPs the chance to support, or abstain on, the withdrawal bill and would specify that, if passed, the decision would be implemented on the condition it was put to the public for approval in a second referendum.

The Times outlines the PM’s week.

Theresa May’s diplomatic tour last week was hardly a path through hell.
After rapping Donald Tusk, the European Council president, on the knuckles over his attack on Brexiteers, she was dining with her Irish hosts in Dublin by Friday night.
That encounter in an old Guinness family residence capped a week that did not move Brexit forward an inch. We are not in Brexit hell, only stuck in purgatory.

And the Express has details of what it calls a secret Brexiteers club.

BREXITEERS too fearful to “come out” to colleagues, friends and family have formed a secret social club to escape hostility from Remainers.
The club, Leavers for Britain, was founded in November last year by a Brexiteer who was fed up of constantly having her views shouted down.
ucy Harris, a 28-year-old classically trained singer, founded the group in London and there are now more than 30 groups across the country.
Speaking to the Financial Times, Ms Harris said the group allows people to “let off steam” in a world dominated by Remainers. And it is believed similar get-togethers are being held across the country.
Ms Harris quit her job in publishing to establish the national group and even parted with her Remain-voting boyfriend.


Brussels seems to want to throw a spanner into more negotiation points, says the Telegraph.

Brussels is refusing to let EU countries agree arrangements with the UK to provide healthcare to British expats under a no-deal Brexit, according to an official memo.
Government papers seen by The Telegraph claim that the European Commission is preventing individual member states from engaging with ministers to put in place health and benefits arrangements for British nationals in the EU.
Under an EU-wide principle, EU citizens with a right to live in the UK are entitled to claim benefits in this country in the same way as British nationals.
Britain has announced that EU citizens in this country will be given continued access to the NHS and welfare benefits under a no-deal Brexit.

And Westmonster issues a threat to ‘the establishment’.

If the establishment don’t want Nigel Farage to return to the frontline, they need to deliver Brexit on 29th March as promised.
In an absolute missile of a warning shot, the architect of UKIP’s phenomenal success announced yesterday that the ‘Brexit Party’ will contest European Elections in May if they take place. The Tories and Labour would have to be insane to allow that to happen and as Farage says himself: “I sincerely hope that this prospect is recognised by both the Conservative Party and the Labour Party as a threat.”
Posting on Facebook, Nigel reiterates how he has “made it clear many times that I will not stand by and do nothing if the referendum result is betrayed” and warns that “if Mrs. May and Jeremy Corbyn do not welcome the prospect of this new electoral threat, and would like me to retire from frontline politics, they have a very straightforward opportunity to keep themselves happy.


New English tests will have to be taken by those applying for citizenship, says the Independent.

The government has toughened rules for people seeking UK citizenship with new English language requirements.
The Life in the UK citizenship test aims to encourage better integration places greater emphasis on promoting British values and the English language.
In schools, teachers will be supported to promote British values across the curriculum and there will be a new national strategy for the English language.

Conservative Party

Looks like the Tories are losing out financially from the party’s stance, says the Times.

Conservative donors snubbed the party’s annual Black and White Ball fundraiser, leaving Theresa May increasingly dependent on handouts from supporters linked to Russia.
A senior party insider said many big donors had failed to show up at the social event held on Wednesday night at the Evolution venue in Battersea Park, London.
One donor who did attend said others had stayed away in protest at May’s leadership and her handling of Brexit.
“There were no big Brexit donors,” a former minister said.

And those who have given to the party are reconsidering, says the Guardian.

Major Tory donors are warning that a no-deal Brexit risks precipitating a recession, with some reconsidering their support should the party allow Britain to crash out with no agreement.
With Theresa May desperately battling for concessions from Brussels and less than 50 days until Britain’s EU departure, senior government sources admitted on Saturday that attempts to delay Brexit would become “irresistible” should no deal be agreed by the end of this month.

Labour Party

Anti-semitism in the party is still showing its hand, reports the Times.

John McDonnell has strongly defended a prominent Labour activist suspended from the party for anti-semitism after saying Jews were “chief financiers” of the slave trade.
In a leaked recording passed to The Sunday Times, the shadow chancellor used an appearance at a left-wing conference this weekend to express his sympathy with Jackie Walker, Momentum’s former vice-chairwoman, who was suspended in 2016. She faces an expulsion hearing next month.

And the Mail points out that if Corbyn makes it to No. 10, he’ll be the worst-educated PM ever.

If Corbyn does become British’s first Marxist-Trotskyist Prime Minister, he’ll also be the least intelligent and least well-educated politician ever to enter No 10.
At school – Haberdashers’ Adams, a selective grammar in Shropshire – he was regarded as a poor student, unsporty, insouciant and gauche.
‘He was not noticeably clever,’ recalled Lynton Seymour-Whiteley, his finely named Latin teacher.

Red Arrows

How shall we celebrate Independence Day on March 29th?  Not with a flyby from the Red Arrows if a remainer minister has his way, says the Mail.

Calls for the Red Arrows, above, to fly over Parliament on EU exit day have been blocked by a Remainer Minister over fears of upsetting pro-EU voters.
Tory MP Nigel Evans has appealed to the Ministry of Defence for a flypast to ‘properly celebrate that important historic event’.
But Tobias Ellwood rejected the plea, saying it would be too divisive.
He told Mr Evans: ‘Although 17 million people may be shouting for joy on that day and may demand that the Red Arrows participate, the nation as a whole – 43 million voters – must come together, put aside their polarised views and the gridlock we have faced and move forward.​’

Child grooming

Sexual predators can still get to youngsters on social apps, says the Times.

The failure of tech giants to enforce adult age limits on dating apps is placing a generation of children at risk of grooming and sexual exploitation, a Sunday Times investigation reveals today.
Lax controls on apps used by millions, such as Tinder and Grindr, are giving sexual predators and paedophiles easy access to children across Britain, according to police documents revealed under freedom of information laws.
Detectives have investigated more than 30 incidents of child rape since 2015 where victims evaded age checks on dating apps only to be sexually exploited. One 13-year-old boy on Grindr was raped or abused by at least 21 men.

Stamp duty

The cost of buying a house will rise for those who haven’t spent enough time in the UK, says the Times.

Foreign buyers will be forced to pay a higher rate of stamp duty to buy a home in England or Northern Ireland, ministers will say today.
In a move aimed at helping to solve the country’s homelessness crisis, the higher tax will hit anybody who has spent less than six of the past 12 months living in the UK. The proposed new charge will be unveiled in a government consultation this week and will be equal to an extra percentage point on stamp duty.
Stamp duty is charged at different rates, starting at 2% on the portion of a home valued at between £125,001 and £250,000 to 12% on any sum over £1.5m. Rates for those buying a second home are already higher.

Prince Philip

Even though the Duke of Edinburgh has given up his driving licence, he may still be charged over his recent accident, says the Star.

PRINCE PHILIP could be charged over the horror Sandringham car crash despite voluntarily giving up his driving licence.
Norfolk Police have passed his file onto the Crown Prosecution Service today after his Land Rover crashed into a car with two women and a baby on board in January.
His car flipped over onto its side but he escaped unscathed after the collision close to the Queen’s Sandringham estate in eastern England on January 17.
As the CPS considers charges, Buckingham Palace tonight announced that the Duke of Edinburgh has voluntarily given up his driving licence.

But his action will be taken into account when the decision on charges is made, reports the Telegraph.

The Duke of Edinburgh has given up driving as police passed their file on his crash near the Sandringham estate to prosecutors, it emerged on Saturday.
Buckingham Palace announced that the 97-year-old duke voluntarily surrendered his driving licence after “careful consideration”.
It comes almost a month after he was involved in a crash on a crossroads near the Queen’s Norfolk estate in which his Land Rover was overturned.

The Times claims he might get away without being charged.

The Duke of Edinburgh has given up driving on public roads after surrendering his licence to police, Buckingham Palace announced last night.
The move by Prince Philip means he is likely to escape being charged and prosecuted for careless driving after injuring two women in a crash outside the Sandringham estate in Norfolk last month. “After careful consideration, the Duke of Edinburgh has taken the decision to voluntarily surrender his driving licence,” palace officials said in a statement.
Officers from Norfolk police have been investigating the crash since January 17, when Philip, 97, pulled out of a side road onto the A149 and collided with a Kia driven by Ellie Townsend.
The impact of the crash flipped the duke’s Land Rover onto its side.

The Sun also thinks he’ll avoid prosecution.

THE Duke of Edinburgh has given up driving which means he is likely to avoid prosecution over his crash last month.
Prince Philip, 97, yesterday handed in his driving licence to police just weeks after the smash on the Sand­ringham estate in Norfolk.
His Land Rover flipped on to its side after colliding with a Kia carrying a gran, mum and ten-month-old baby.
A Buckingham Palace spokesperson said: “After careful consideration, The Duke of Edinburgh has taken the decision to voluntarily surrender his driving licence.”


The Sun claims an exclusive report in which nurses call for prostitution to be decriminalised.

NURSES are calling for prostitution to be decriminalised.
They argue sex workers are more likely to access health care such as regular STI checks.
And they would be able to report violent clients to police without fear of arrest.
But critics warn the move would encourage more street walkers and brothels in family areas.
Bristol nurse Lou Cahill has ensured it will be debated at the Royal College of Nursing’s annual conference in May.
Her motion seeks to decriminalise the trade, not legalise it.

The Star has picked up the story.

PROSTITUTION should be decriminalised in the UK to improve sex workers’ health and safety, nurses argue.
Nurses are calling on sex work to be decriminalised to give them more access to health care.
They also claim they will be able to report violent clients to police and improve their safety.
Bristol nurse Lou Cahill has issued the motion to be debated at the Royal College of Nursing’s annual conference in May.
She tweeted: “There’s a lot of quality evidence into the health and other benefits of decriminalisation.”

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