Many years ago, somebody said something that has always stuck in my mind. I was talking to someone about adding some redundant systems to my SCUBA gear for very deep wreck diving and he said to me: “Do it, the sea doesn’t care.”

This is very true, it is strange to think that, if days or even maybe a few hours after the Titanic sank, you were to sail over the wreck site, possibly it would be a sunny day and a calm sea, there would be nothing to suggest what had only very recently happened. All would now be normal after the tragedy; the sea just does not care.

Indeed, the story of the Titanic makes for an interesting case study. Some survived, others tried, while yet others had virtually no chance. Some because of their lowly status in life were trapped below decks with virtually no chance of escape.  They had allowed others to dictate the value of their lives.

For me, after spending a lifetime involved in extreme sports and losing friends along the way, I’ve learnt to place a value on my life with the hours of meticulous planning, the calculation of risks, the checking of equipment and contingency planning. People like me love to let others think that we are mad, but we are not, at least not as mad as they think we are.  Those of us who survive are the ones that have learnt to place a high value on our lives.

Long ago then, I came to the conclusion and I’m sure many others have too, is that:

“The only value your life has is the value that you yourself can place upon it.”

In truth, it isn’t just the sea that doesn’t care.  Our world, beautiful as it is, is a hostile place where we must compete for scarce resources against a rapidly growing population. Of course in this fight we need the help of others; we have our country, countrymen, way of life and our supposed democracy.

Democracy although far from a perfect system, has served us for centuries and is, for us at least, as Winston Churchill said, better than the other systems that have been tried. Democracy is important because it means, theoretically at least, that we are represented.  We don’t completely leave it to others to decide the value of our lives.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure that we ever had a true democracy and what we have our politicians are hell bent on giving away to the anti-democratic European Union who will be only too happy to place a value on your life and that value will not be high.

European Union membership has cost us dear, only to benefit a select few, we run a huge trade deficit and we certainly don’t need a deal. The EU as a globalist organisation is determined to eliminate nationalism and its borders, and we, our country and our way of life are expendable in pursuit of their globalist dream.

I remember my country before it joined a so-called Common Market, the thin end of a globalist inspired super-state, brought into existence with subterfuge, deceit and lies. Our country had its problems financially and economically but for all of that, it was a safe place to live with a cohesive culture, a jewel of a place that many of our forefathers had died to bequeath to us, compared to what it is today the contrast is stark.

Racial tensions are becoming palpable, our health and social services are in decline, so on and so forth. By trying to cover up the gang rape and sexual grooming of our children to avoid criticism of its globalist trough, our government has not only become complicit in these crimes but have, in pursuit of its goals, deemed our lives and those of our women and children to be worthless.

The Liberal Left that are so determined to prevent our departure from the European Union, will not only one day regret their actions when the realise the totalitarian, socialist hell that they’ve sold us out to, maybe they’ll realise the sheer disrespect they’ve shown to the people that fought for our democracy and way of life: the most appalling thing of all.

Champagne Socialism is a marvellous thing for some. I well remember how the Eurocrats met monthly in Europe’s finest hotels, gorging themselves on the finest food and wine, while the Greeks were ground into the dirt without food or medicine. These people certainly know how to put a high price on their own lives even while they treat ours as worthless.

I was trained to rescue people from the depths of the sea and the golden rule was: “Your own life first.  Never attempt to rescue someone if they endanger your life.” The reason being there will be two casualties instead of just one.

In a rapidly overpopulating world there will be winners and losers and it is only human that we should want to help them, but it is foolish to think we should do it at the expense of our own lives.  We can only help from a position of strength. Socialists and Eurocrats sell our lives cheaply while putting a high price on their own and it’s about time that we had some self respect and placed a high price on our own lives.

Theresa May and her government and opposition don’t seem to care about their electoral chances any more, as I’ve often said and as have others in comments here, they seem to be preparing for a post democratic world and are now flagrantly ignoring the democratic wishes of the people. We cannot allow this to happen, given the level of treason and betrayal that we are faced with.  We’re entitled to use any means necessary to protect the value of our lives.  Only we can do this; nobody else will.

Not only do we need to restore our democracy, we need to improve it.  We must have a democracy that represents its people, a democracy that will allow us some respect and place a value on our lives.

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