Our electricity comes out of the wall, no worries, right? Right?


There’s this joke about a tourist asking an Irish farmer for the way to Dublin, receiving the answer: ‘I wouldn’t start from here’. Rather than taking this as a ’racist’ or just ‘funny-ha-ha’ slur on the Irish I think there’s a lot of wisdom in this answer. I’ll illustrate this by looking at an opinion piece in today’s DT. 

Rest assured – this isn’t about yesterday’s cabinet reshuffle. Fraser Myers, the assistant editor of SpikedOnline’ labelled it “a cabinet of dead wood” in their email newsletter. So it is. The pundits in our MSM are out in force, telling us what it all means. All we need to know is that Priti is still at the Home Office and that Sunak still has the Treasury. Today the various posts of ‘junior minister’ are being handed out, ahem: shuffled around. That will keep said MSM pundits occupied for another day.

We peasants however know full well that it doesn’t matter who is Secretary or Minister of whatever Department. We know full well that it’s the Mandarins of Whitehall who decide what does and does not get done. We know full well that they push through their own policies, regardless of who occupies No 10. And we know full well that they are extremely good at domesticating their ‘minister’ who know full well that none of them will look good politically if their mandarins work against them. Even Priti has now learned her lesson.

And so to that article which proves that even a hardened professional journalist gets it howlingly wrong when starting from a false departure point. Sadly, unlike that unfortunate traveller, he has no Irish farmer to advise him. Also, he can’t plead that he doesn’t know the roads, for it’s none other than Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the DT who ought to’ know better.

That article was published yesterday evening in the DT, with the headline “Europe’s energy crisis queers the pitch horribly for COP26”. Before you weep crocodile tears for the poor things, see how AEP ‘queers the pitch’ utterly with his subtitle: “We are living through a fossil fuel shock, but make no mistake: net zero is the solution – not the problem” (paywalled link). Sit down and take a deep breath – it gets worse. 

AEP explains in the first paragraphs that fossil fuel demands here and across Europe are ‘dangerously volatile’. Next, he informs us that renewables aren’t really to blame, even though “we” might have to face up to initial ‘difficulties’:

“This is not to deny that the green switch will cause plenty of headaches before we get over the hump and reap the runaway benefits of better technology and the much cheaper energy than fossil combustion could ever achieve,” (paywalled link)

So there’s nothing to fear when going for Net Zero – never mind the price, feel the greenery! – as AEP compares the recent rise in gas price to the OPEC oil shock in the 1970s. He doesn’t tell us why this would ‘queer the pitch of COP26’. Instead, he goes full out by putting the blame solely on that dastardly Putin who is “limiting the normal top-up flows through Ukrainian and Polish pipelines needed to replenish European inventories before winter” because he wants to force “Europe to certify the Nord Stream 2 pipeline on his abusive terms – in violation of EU energy law – giving him a greater stranglehold over Eastern Europe.“ (paywalled link).

We’re not told what these ‘abusive terms’ are. It’s sufficient to declare that they are ‘against EU energy law’, without telling us what this ‘law’ is. We are told though that Britain is ‘collateral damage’ in this Putin-Powerplay – and are given a reason which is however nought to with Putin:

“Britain […] closed the Rough gas storage cavern, breaking the unwritten rule that every country must have reserve capacity to cover 20pc of annual demand. It would struggle to cover 4pc. ​​We rely on Dutch and German storage, at 52pc and 63pc capacity respectively, when they should be nearer 90pc as we approach the Equinox.” (paywalled link)

Regarding the closure of the Rough gas storage cavern you might like to read this wiki entry.The history goes back to 1997 and discerning readers with proper memories will not fail to notice the trail of EU policies “we” accepted in the heydays of our EU membership. I’m sure someone like AEP can blame the failings of our various governments since 1997 on Putin as well.

Next, AEP reiterates his argument that it’s not ‘green policies’ or renewables which are to blame but ‘the authorities’ which are:

“clearly struggling to manage renewable power in an old-fashioned grid built for a former world. What is not true, and cannot be true, is that a lull in offshore wind is today’s culprit.” (paywalled link)

Yeah right – the wind ain’t to blame, it’s the infrastructure! Let’s not ask why Greenery has  clearly put the cart before the horse by not installing proper ‘green infrastructure’ first. Shamelessly AEP writes next that the solution to this current energy price shock is to ‘use less’. Yes really! Never mind that most of us have been doing this anyway. Never mind that rising home energy costs means we’ll have to keep doing it. Never mind that the less we use doesn’t mean we have to pay less.

I bet CarrieBo won’t have to shiver under woollen blankets in No 10 or Chequers like we’ll have to. However, the wails of all the green-tinged lemmings, having faithfully installed smart meters and thus getting their electricity ‘reduced’, ahem: cut off, will be sweet music to my ears. I wonder if the green youth, the ‘rebels’ blocking motorways, will be as enthusiastic when they can’t recharge their beloved smartphones.

I won’t spare you AEP’s ‘conclusion’ because we need to know which way Westminster is going to drive this. Reiterating that this price rise is a ‘fossil fuel shock’ he writes:

“Net zero is the solution and not the problem. It will happen because brown energy cannot compete with the rapidly descending cost-curve of green tech. The process is by now unstoppable for pure cost reasons regardless of climate change imperatives. Any major country that resists this will play itself out of the global economic game. The Government must hold its nerve.” (paywalled link)

See – to get from here to Net Zero Wonderland we simply need to ‘use less energy’, being forced to ‘go green’ prematurely. Disregard the cost for the economy – a little more inflation on top of that which we already have is neither here nor there when it’s for the good green cause. 

Meanwhile, The Times reports that China has built the first experimental Thorium reactor which ‘could revolutionise the atomic energy industry’ (link, paywalled). ‘Tis strange that AEP, always a keen observer of all things Chinese, hasn’t mentioned this. Ah well – nuclear energy is still a hot potato and blaming Putin rather than mentioning China makes for an easier life.

AEP ought to have listened to that Irish farmer who’d certainly not start from ‘here’ to go to Net Zero, crashing our economy on the way, thus giving a whole new meaning to ‘Net Zero’. Never mind all that ‘collateral damage’ – “we” must all do our green bit to help CarrieBo to virtue-signal their green credentials. And electricity comes out of the wall – so why worry!





Photo by CJS*64

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