We were all feeling happy and excited – a few friends and I had decided to meet at my local church’s Carol Service. We had handed out cards and there was some giggling – I had forgotten I had written ‘and Brexit 2019!’ on the cards  – and it had made my friends very happy! We were all suddenly feeling very positive about Brexit now that Mrs May had announced we were probably going to leave with No Deal – or more correctly on WTO terms. It was the best thing we had heard in a long time and it felt like a breath of fresh air! And she had even lost her temper and told a few ‘plotters’ off and given the dreadful Tony Blair a kicking too! Are all our Christmas wishes finally going to come true? It’s starting to feel like it …

Earlier in the week I witnessed an extraordinary scene in my workplace. All the bosses are Remainers and before the Referendum everyone was informed that if they didn’t vote Remain all business would crash and we would all lose our jobs, so most of the office had paid lip service to Remain, even dutifully bullying each other about how to vote and wailing when the Leave vote came in. And those who wanted Brexit just kept quiet and expressed no opinion. Fear was everywhere.  But funnily enough when the Leave vote came in we had our best day’s trading of the year! I had taken the week off to campaign for Brexit and made no secret of it, so I was mostly ignored or occasionally argued with. And since then the moaning about Brexit has continued. It is wearing and boring, to be honest, and I’ve had the occasional spat.

But –  on Monday, when even more complaining about Brexit was going on, a colleague (usually very quiet on the subject) turned around in his chair and lost his temper. ‘You never stop complaining about Brexit!’ he said. ‘Well it’s going to ruin the economy, the pound will crash, we will all lose our jobs and our homes, you’d better have 3 months  mortgage money ready…’ came the miserable remainer reply. But he was having none of it. ‘When we voted Brexit, you lot said the country would go downhill and we’d all be out work, but yet here we are, doing really well, all with jobs and having our best year yet! The country is doing well so you were all wrong. But here you are complaining again. Will you ever stop being so negative? Why can’t you be positive and face the truth that this is a great opportunity and believe in our country?’

There was silence for a minute or two. It was so unexpected – they got it from me a lot but most others just said nothing. But not today …! I was very proud of my colleague, and he was clearly angry about all the Remainers’ constantly stupid and negative remarks. Eventually the moaning Remainer turned around and got on with his work, and that was it for the day. A nice break, to be honest!

I think there is something in the air – we sense it coming – it could be … Freedom!

Dare we hope that our government is telling the truth? That we  could go to No Deal and just leave? That the PM won’t allow a 2nd Referendum? That she is actually angry with the EU and the remainer rebels in her cabinet?  That she despises Tony Blair? Please let it all be true! If it turned out all to be a ruse to get us to accept her miserable Deal, it would be too awful for words … it would feel like the end …

We’ve been through a depressing time since we worked so hard and then won the Referendum. We were  elated at first of course, but then the moaning, the lying, the scaremongering, all started again. It’s been a hard slog to put up with, the doom-mongers trying to drag us down at every turn. It’s quite sad really, I suppose, that they just cannot understand why we voted Brexit and cannot believe in their own country. And our lack of strong leadership has been  frightening. A really strong, patriotic leader could have pulled the country together and got us all to  believe in ourselves … Sometimes Brexit has seemed so far away I’ve almost (but not quite) given up hoping for it (maybe just once or twice …).

But, you know what, you can feel it in the air: a nervous excitement amongst us Brexit Believers. It’s as if we can smell it or hear it in the distance – approaching fast, heading our way, shining brightly, and we are going to get our wish after all. The air feels cleaner, smells fresh, freedom is blowing in … our eyes are starting to shine again like those of excited children. We are starting to feel positive and strong again, and people just like my colleague are speaking up again and are ready to grasp the opportunity to make it finally happen.

Our chance is here. The time is now. We must make it happen while the moment is upon us. It’s nearly here and we must grab it before it passes us by … we mustn’t let anyone snatch it away, or I fear we will be lost forever.

And as the song goes …:

I don’t want a lot for Christmas, There’s just one thing I need,

Make my wish come true ….

All I want for Christmas … is Brexit!   

Happy Christmas to all of you –

And I hope all our dreams come true.

[Photos courtesy Janice North]

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