A yellow-green future? Ms Lucas (Green) and Vince Cable (Libdems)


The Brexit Betrayal spectacle rolls on. The circus that is the Tory Party Leadership contest has now produced eleven contestants. Observers of the circus that is the HoC when debating Brexit may recognise some names and faces since the current caretaker PM, Ms May, was forced to replace so many of her junior ministers, especially in DExEU. I’m sure they are all good, upstanding people and MPs, but honestly – had you ever heard of James Cleverly or Matt Hancock or Rory Stewart before Ms May elevated them and before they’ve now elevated themselves as contenders in that race to succeed the PM?

Now they and the other 8 competitors are all over the MSM and social media as if we, the bystanders, have any way of influencing what the Tory MPs and grassroots will decide. The indefatigable Sir John Redwood in his Diary today writes:

“Several leadership hopefuls seem to think their mere presence in Brussels after becoming PM would get the EU to change its often stated position that there can be no change to the Withdrawal Treaty. It is difficult to understand why they think this. The EU has repeatedly said they will not reopen the Treaty.”

Wouldn’t we all like to have an answer from all the contestants! I’m not holding my breath though …

There are three main ‘stories’ in the MSM which are Brexit-related. One is the extraordinary court case against Boris Johnson by a self-promoting anti-brexiteer. It’s about “The Bus” and we read with astonishment that this plaintiff wanted to overturn the Referendum result but was then told by his solicitors to make it into a case about lying politicians! Articles and opinion pieces are here and here, and paywalled here and here.

This is what the ‘case’ is about:

“Marcus Ball, a Remain-backing campaigner, took out a private prosecution against Mr Johnson, claiming he was wrong to say during the EU referendum campaign that Britain gives £350 million a week to Brussels. On Wednesday a judge decided the case should go ahead, meaning the former foreign secretary could face a criminal trial over charges that carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. Mr Johnson’s legal team described the prosecution as “politically motivated” as supporters of the Tory leadership front-runner – and even some of his rivals – said the case would make a mockery of the judicial system. It is thought to be the first time a criminal court has ever intervened to settle a political dispute.” (paywalled link)

As soon as that judge decided yesterday that there was a case, journalists took a closer look at the BoJo-accuser. Some interesting facts emerged:

“Since launching his Brexit Justice campaign three years ago, Mr Ball has attracted nearly £430,000 of donations from vengeful Remain supporters determined to see Mr Johnson in court. According to his accounts though, the tech savvy 29-year-old has spent more than £50,000 of the cash on himself, including a luxury flat complete with a private gym, as well as self defence classes, hotel rooms and even dozens of “branded cupcakes”. (paywalled link)

We seem to have a male wannabe Gina Miller, in it for his 15 minutes of fame, with the added incentive of scuppering Brexit! What I find astonishing is that there are so many members of the ‘remain grassroots’ who are willing to hand over their money to support this attempt.

If this case goes to Court then I hope we’ll see demands that lying Remainers – Ministers and Mandarins – be prosecuted as well. They came up with all those Project Fear lies which were and are far more damaging to our economy than the slogan on “The Bus”.

Let’s take a brief look at yet another opinion piece about how chosing the ‘wrong’ next Tory leader might lead to a Corbyn government:

“I can think of no quicker way of ensuring a Corbyn government, which would wreak irreversible havoc across the nation, than a no-deal Brexit backed by a Conservative prime minister. Whatever the consequences of no deal, everyone agrees that the immediate results aren’t likely to be pretty. It will allow Corbyn to claim it was a “bad Tory Brexit” and that he could have done a better job.” (link, paywalled)

Have they still not understood that, with TBP ante portas, that contest is no longer about ‘preventing Corbyn’? But this piece certainly means we should look at the state of  Labour in the wake of Alastair Campbell’s demise, splitting Labour as badly as the Tory Party is split:

“Supporters of a second referendum are “left-wing intellectuals” who seem to be sneering at “ordinary people”, the Labour Party’s chairman has said. As the party’s splits over Brexit widened, Ian Lavery, an influential ally of Jeremy Corbyn, attacked the sections of the party who believed they could take power “by fighting for the biggest share of the 48 per cent”. […] Mr Lavery’s intervention was praised by Jon Trickett, a fellow opponent of the People’s Vote campaign in the shadow cabinet, who said that it was “time to fight back”. (link, paywalled)

Isn’t it wonderful how this rather significant split inside Labour isn’t attracting as much attention in our lefty MSM as the BoJo saga! If, for example, a Tory deputy leader had attacked his Party leader and ruling body like Mr Tom Watson, we’d never hear the end of it:

“Mr Watson condemned the decision to oust Tony Blair’s former aide after he admitted that he voted for the Liberal Democrats last Thursday in an attempt to force Labour towards a more unequivocally pro-Remain stance. “It is very clear that many thousands of Labour Party members voted for other parties last week,” he said. “They were disappointed with the position on Brexit that a small number of people on the NEC inserted into our manifesto. They were sending the NEC a message that our position lacked clarity, and they were right. It is spiteful to resort to expulsions when the NEC should be listening to members. […] There should be an amnesty for members who voted a different way last week. We should be listening to members rather than punishing them.” (link, paywalled)

Ah! But ‘listening to members’ is not what any Party leadership does, as we all know only too well. There’s more though and I wonder if Mr Watson was aware of it when he made his amnesty demand. Ed Davey MP (LibDem) has this beautiful appeal in today’s paywalled Times:

“It is the love that dared not speak its name. I refer, of course, to the sudden passion for the Liberal Democrats that has apparently been beating in Labour hearts. […] So the Lib Dems are back, underlined by our earlier brilliant performance in the local elections. Very occasionally, an issue comes along that is so big it makes and breaks political parties. Brexit is massive. The Corn Laws broke the Tory Party alone: Brexit could break the Conservatives and Labour.” (link, paywalled)

After that gloatery comes an unashamed appeal:

We are now backed by all from “Cameron Conservatives” to livid Labourites disgusted that Jeremy Corbyn is facilitating a Tory Brexit. We must turn these welcome guests into long-term residents of the Lib Dem household. My message to them is: you lent us your vote, now join us. We need your help more than ever. We have won a key victory; now let’s make it count and stop Brexit.” (link, paywalled)

That’s what it’s all about: stop Brexit and trample on all of us Leave voters. Finally, here’s this breathtaking, starry-eyed outlook and note the reference to proroguing parliament:

“As the strongest voice for Remain, we must block any attempt by an incoming Conservative Leader to prorogue parliament and impose a no-deal Brexit that would decimate livelihoods and chances. We also need to open our party up and redouble our efforts to deliver a people’s vote. […] All this offers the Lib Dems a golden opportunity to change politics. […]To offer a future in Europe, that tackles climate change and improves life chances. I salute Liberal Democrat members who kept the party going through a difficult period. We are seeing our reward. But this is only the start, as we work to fundamentally change Britain’s future. We are back in the game, and now we plan to win it.” (link, paywalled)

The future is bright – the future is yellow-green? This hybris is astonishing – and shows once more that the gloating LibDems also haven’t grasped the change brought to our politics by TBP.

It’s no longer about political tribes – it’s about issues and the one issue we won’t let go until it’s resolved is Brexit – in the face of EU intransigence, Remain propaganda from LibLabCon and court cases by self-promoters …




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