There’s still no proper progress on the Brexit talks reports Huffington Post.

European officials say the UK’s proposals to get around the issue of the Northern Ireland backstop are just “concepts” that Britain would want to develop after Brexit and so should be “openly and clearly discarded”, according to a diplomatic note seen by BuzzFeed News.
The note is of a meeting on Friday between EU officials and diplomats from the 27 member states. It comes after the UK government sent the EU three documents earlier this week covering food and agriculture as well as sanitary and phytosanitary measures (known as SPS), customs and manufactured goods.
The three “non-paper” — jargon for informal — documents outlined in writing for the first time Boris Johnson’s ideas on how to get around the issue of the backstop, the insurance policy included in the withdrawal agreement that guarantees that the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland remains open after Brexit in all circumstances and scenarios, while also protecting the integrity of the EU’s single market.

iNews goes a little further, reporting that the UK’s latest proposals have been rejected.

Brussels has rebuffed Britain’s latest attempt to resolve the Brexit deadlock, contradicting ministers’ claims that steady progress is being made in talks with the European Union.
It warned that fresh proposals to identify an alternative to the Irish backstop fell short of European Union demands and lacked crucial detail.
The European Commission reportedly believes that the process is going backwards as the UK plans do not contain the essential elements needed to clinch an agreement.

Coalition cabinet

The Mail muses on what could happen if the government falls.

It has been condemned as the Cabinet of Chaos – a collection of opposition MPs and Tory Remainer rebels who could seize the reins of power if Boris Johnson’s Government falls next month.
Draft lists of how an ‘interim’ Coalition Cabinet would look have been drawn up by Labour and Liberal Democrat strategists. They are planning for a situation where the two parties form a government with Scottish Nationalists and the 21 Tory rebels booted out by Mr Johnson for defying him on Brexit.

And Order-order has a story about a new cross-party group.

The papers tomorrow will be covering an absolutely shocking poll from Ian Austin’s new cross party organisation Mainstream.
Mainstream is a new campaign – led by a group of people from different political backgrounds – designed to encourage a return to respectable and responsible politics, and to banish extremism from British politics once and for all.
Britain has long had a strong democracy where mainstream politics was the norm. Disagreement was always possible, but within the realms of respectful and responsible debate.


The former UKIP leader claims there will be no deal if Remainers succeed, says the Express.

NIGEL FARAGE says that Boris Johnson will be forced to adopt his “clean break” Brexit policy – and abandon all hope of an EU deal – if Remainers succeed in delaying Britain’s departure from Brussels once again.
The “bullish” leader of the Brexit Party said the Prime Minister will be left with no choice but to pursue an “unstoppable” Brexit alliance which would be “the best outcome for Brexiteers”. But Mr Farage believes “extraordinary political times” mean he could end up as Prime Minister because “if Joe Public think this is Mrs May’s deal they won’t like it.

The Mail claims Johnson will announce the deal in next month’s Queen’s Speech.

Boris Johnson is considering using next month’s Queen’s Speech vote to ram through a Brexit deal – in an ambitious attempt to face down Tory rebels and Labour MPs at the same time.
The Mail on Sunday can reveal Downing Street is studying plans to tie together a ‘huge domestic package’ with any new agreement that can be forged with Brussels – lining up the prospect of a major Commons showdown.
The move would be a high-stakes gamble for the Prime Minister, who as we reported last week has compared himself to the Incredible Hulk. Losing a Queen’s Speech vote has traditionally been a resignation issue and could lead to a General Election.
The speech itself, during which the Government will set out its legislative agenda, is scheduled for October 14. Traditionally, it is followed by five days of Commons debate before a vote from MPs to back the measures.

Conservative Party

The Independent looks at the possibility of the Tories losing seats at the forthcoming General Election.

Tactical voting could cost the Conservatives up to 60 seats at a snap general election and eject Boris Johnson from No 10, new polling has found.
Almost half of Labour supporters and an even higher proportion of Greens say they are ready to switch to the Liberal Democrats if it would help defeat the party committed to Brexit in their constituency.
More than a third of Lib Dem backers would make the opposite journey at the ballot box – potentially delivering 60 seats and a mortal blow to Mr Johnson’s hopes of winning a majority.
The poll, for the People’s Vote campaign, comes after it unveiled plans for the biggest vote-swapping drive in history, to support the best-placed candidate in more than 100 battleground seats.

Labour Party

With the party’s conference well under way in Brighton, policies are emerging.  The Morning Star claims some activists have been refused entry.

AS THOUSANDS head to Brighton for the Labour Party conference this weekend, a number of activists have been denied entry to the annual event by the Home Office, police and even the party’s own apparatus.
The most high-profile activist who will not be there is Omar Barghouti, a Palestinian man who co-founded the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.
His plans to speak at Labour conference fringe events have been thwarted by the Home Office, who are accused of sitting on his visa application.

The Guardian claims some of Corbyn’s shadow ministers are revolting.

Jeremy Corbyn was struggling to contain an open revolt by some of his most senior shadow ministers, MPs and party activists last night as anger over his refusal to back a policy of remaining in the EU threatened to wreck the Labour conference.
With delegates already reeling from a failed attempt by Corbyn supporters to oust Tom Watson and abolish his role as deputy leader, anger erupted amid accusations that the leadership was trying to block democratic debate and fudge a decision about where Labour stands on the issue of leaving the EU.

And Sky News reports that the party won’t declare its Brexit position until after the forthcoming GE.

Labour could head into a general election campaign without a clear position on which side it would support in a second Brexit referendum.
A policy statement put forward by Jeremy Corbyn to the National Executive Committee (NEC) says Labour would strike a new deal with Brussels within three months and then put it to another public vote.
The party’s position in that referendum would be settled in a special conference after an election.
Mr Corbyn has denied suggestions he is sitting on the fence when it comes to Brexit, saying “leadership comes from listening”.

The Mirror claims Corbyn will suffer if he procrastinates.

Jeremy Corbyn faced a backlash from MPs after he suggested Labour could wait until after a general election its position in a second referendum.
A policy statement put forward by the Labour Party leader to the ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) sets out a plan for a Labour government to reach a deal with Brussels in three months which would then be put to a referendum.
Labour’s stance in that referendum would then be settled in a special conference after a general election.
But the move has angered Labour MPs and activists who are pushing for the party to throw its weight behind the remain cause now.

And a shadow cabinet member has again demanded a second referendum, reports the Express.

EMILY THORNBERRY led a group of Labour Party MPs marching to demand a People’s Vote on Brexit, despite Jeremy Corbyn failing to reveal which option he would prefer if there was a second referendum.
The Shadow foreign secretary told the crowd at the rally in Brighton that Labour should lead the campaign to Remain in the EU if there is a second referendum. She said: “We’re not going to let it happen that we crash out of Europe without a deal.
“We must make sure that there is a second referendum and Remain is on the ballot paper and Labour campaigns for Remain – and not just that, Labour should lead the campaign.”

Corbyn is having to face the pressure, reports the Independent.

Senior members of the shadow cabinet have piled pressure on Jeremy Corbyn to fully oppose  Brexit  after telling members at Labour‘s annual conference that the party should back Remain.
Emily Thornberry, the shadow foreign secretary, told activists that Labour should campaign for Remain “whatever terms are agreed” with the EU, while Sir Keir Starmer, the influential shadow Brexit secretary, said it was “very important” to listen to pro-EU party members.
They spoke out as MPs and grassroots activists dismissed a compromise plan proposed by Labour’s ruling executive as a “stitch-up” and said they would push ahead with plans to force Mr Corbyn to back Remain.

Another story coming out of the conference is about the deputy leader Tom Watson.  The Mail calls it a civil war.

The civil war at the top of Labour has undermined efforts to present the party as an alternative government, deputy leader Tom Watson has said – as he labels a bid to oust him as deputy leader a failed ‘drive-by shooting’.
The plot to scrap Mr Watson’s position was spearheaded by Jon Lansman, the boss of the Corbyn-supporting Momentum group.
After an intervention by party leader Jeremy Corbyn – with whom Mr Watson has repeatedly clashed – his post will instead be the subject of a review.

Corbyn has an idea of how to get round the problem, says the Mirror.

Jeremy Corbyn has revealed an extraordinary plan for TWO Labour deputy leaders.
It came hours after a failed plot to oust his No2 Tom Watson.
The Labour leader’s move to clip Mr Watson’s wings will see a woman in the joint role.
His aim was to defuse an attempt by his supporters in grass roots group Momentum to get rid of his deputy Tom Watson by abolishing his job.
Mr Corbyn struck a compromise deal at a crunch meeting of the party’s ruling national executive to stop the row overshadowing the Labour conference which began in Brighton yesterday.

He says that would remove power from his deputies, reports Sky News.

Jeremy Corbyn has said he would like to divide the role of Labour deputy leader and remove some of the power his number two yields.
His words come after controversy over the position of current deputy leader Tom Watson.
An attempt led by the head of the Corbyn-supporting Momentum group to scrap Mr Watson’s position was abandoned on the first day of the party’s annual conference in Brighton on Saturday.

Some party members think Corbyn has passed his best says the Telegraph.

Jeremy Corbyn’s allies have begun triggering succession plans after concluding that Labour has “passed the high-water mark of Corbynism”.
Representatives of the hard-Left Momentum campaign group stripped Tom Watson of his automatic right to become acting leader if Mr Corbyn quits, as part of a move the deputy leader described as a “drive-by shooting”.
While Jon Lansman, the Momentum leader, failed on Saturday in an attempt to remove Mr Watson’s role altogether, his position will now be subject to a review designed to weaken the West Bromwich MP.

One MP has had his membership suspended, reports the Times.

A Labour MP had the whip withdrawn last night and his membership suspended amid allegations that he had sexually harassed a woman, in the latest #MeToo claims to rock the party.
Mike Hill, 56, the MP for Hartlepool, has been accused of making unwanted sexual advances to the woman, who worked in the Commons until this year.
The Sunday Times understands that the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, submitted a complaint to the party this month. She is said to have made a complaint to the police about Hill, accusing him of an act of sexual impropriety.

The Mail reports he has quit.

One of Jeremy Corbyn‘s closest aides has resigned, issuing a warning that the Labour leader will not win the next general election.
Andrew Fisher, head of policy and the author of the party’s last manifesto, is said to have walked out last Saturday.
He said he was sick of the ‘blizzard of lies and excuses’, and claimed a ‘class war’ had gripped the upper echelons of the party.
It comes as Mr Corbyn’s allies have begun triggering succession plans after deciding Labour has ‘passed the high-water mark of Corbynism’.

Another policy announcement concerns prescription charges, reports the Times.

Labour will scrap all NHS prescription charges in England, saving patients £9 per item when they go to the chemist.
The move will extend to English patients the perk of free prescriptions which are already available in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Jonathan Ashworth, the shadow health secretary, will announce the plan today at Labour’s conference in Brighton.
He said: “We know that the cost of prescriptions puts people off taking the medicine they need.

The Times reports on a plan to abolish the monarchy.

Labour Party members want to sack the Queen, abolish Britain’s borders and the nuclear deterrent, and support a general strike to bring down the government.
They also blame Britain, rather than the IRA, for terrorist attacks in Northern Ireland and dislike the national anthem, according to a poll that reveals the prevalence of extremist views in Labour ranks.
Most of the 1,100 members surveyed by YouGov believe the antisemitism crisis that has ripped the party apart is mostly the fault of the media or Jeremy Corbyn’s opponents.

And the Sun reports a poll showing the party is heading leftwards.

THE terrifying extent of left-wing extremism in the Labour Party is laid bare today.
Marxist zealots have seized control at every level since Jeremy Corbyn became leader — and are poisoning the debate with their hardline views.
An exclusive poll of a broad range of grassroots members reveals how far the party has moved to the fringes, hours after a foiled plot to topple deputy leader Tom Watson.
Labour is now firmly in the grip of revolutionaries who want to get rid of the Royal Family, scrap Britain’s nuclear deterrent and take control of the media.


A proposal to cut university fees has been abandoned, says the Times.

Plans to slash university tuition fees to £7,500, outlined in an independent review commissioned by Theresa May, have been shelved by ministers.
The decision comes despite warnings that some UK degrees are terrible value for money and leave graduates earning less than school-leavers.
One recommendation of the review, chaired by the former banker Philip Augar this year, was to cut annual tuition fees from £9,250 to £7,500. The review was designed to ease financial pressures on young people struggling with average student loan debts of £50,000, and to steer more students towards technical courses rather than degrees.


Health tourism is not a priority for the NHS, says the Mail.

Health tourism is now classified as a low priority for the NHS, despite the issue costing taxpayers millions of pounds.
The shocking decision by officials is the latest alarming indication of how the problem of foreign nationals using the health system fraudulently is being glossed over at the highest levels.
There are 15 ‘risk areas’ identified by NHS England in a recent three-year strategy designed to crack down on fraud – but health tourism is the only one not classed as a medium or high priority.

Thomas Cook

The troubled holiday company is still in the news.  The Telegraph outlines the possible team-up of other airlines to rescue passengers.

An emergency coalition of some of Europe’s biggest airlines, including British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, is on high alert to rescue Thomas Cook customers if the tour operator cannot be saved from collapse within 24 hours.
The Sunday Telegraph understands that the Civil Aviation Authority has held detailed conversations with a group of five airlines, which also includes easyJet, German travel operator Tui and package holiday firm Jet2.
Thomas Cook is expected to collapse into administration within hours after this weekend failing to secure a £200m rescue cash injection. The Government is expected to reject a request to bail out the 178-year-old travel agent.

And those already on holiday abroad could be ejected from their hotels, says the Times.

Tens of thousands of British holidaymakers face the risk of being “turfed out” of their hotels around the world amid fears that Thomas Cook could collapse today.
Sources close to the debt-laden firm say it will not be able to settle hotel bills, which are typically paid in arrears, if it collapses into administration. Crunch talks about the company’s future will be held in London today.
“These hoteliers need to be paid,” said one source. “The minute they see Thomas Cook has gone into administration they’re going to turf everybody out and say, ‘No more all-inclusive for you.’”

And lots of them are trying to find out what’s going on, says the Sun.

DESPERATE travellers have bombarded Thomas Cook with messages as the travel company teeters on the edge of collapse.
The 178-year-old company will be meeting with its biggest shareholder and creditors at 9am in a final bid for survival.
Thomas Cook Group has a meeting scheduled at the offices of the city law firm Slaughter & May to buy the company extra time to stave off administration.
The company needs £200million emergency funding from its lenders or will face bankruptcy, with proceedings in line for Monday morning should that be the case.

But some guests have been prevented from leaving until the hotel is paid, says ITV News.

British holidaymakers have compared the scene at a Tunisia hotel that is refusing to let guests leave over the Thomas Cook affair to a “hostage situation”.
Guests at the Les Orangers beach resort in the town of Hammamet, near Tunis, say security guards are keeping the gates shut while the hotel demands visitors pay extra money out of fear Thomas Cook will not give what’s owed.

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