Sometimes I read Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s articles in The Telegraph; he is often critisised for being incorrect but as a stopped clock is right twice a day, I think this time Ambrose has got it about right.

“The immediate danger is the eurozone. The economy is sliding into a deeper manufacturing recession, suggesting that the ECB jumped the gun by shutting down QE in January. “It is on the verge of a stall,” said Nouriel Roubini, the roving Dr Doom from New York University.

“The question is whether the eurozone with its incomplete monetary and fiscal union is going to survive the next downturn,” he said at the Ambrosetti forum.”

The above is a quote from: “Can the world’s central banks rescue the slowing global economy even if they try? (paywalled)

This is a nightmare scenario that our so called Prime Minister (EU Quisling), seems very keen to keep us shackled to … a bit like being shackled to the Titanic.

Of course, this problem isn’t confined to the EU, as I and many others have written before, there was always going to be a day of financial reckoning. But hang on, it gets worse.

Before I start, I have to say that what I’m about to say is just my personal opinion, make of it what you will but I think it’s time we discussed this.

Another piece of the jigsaw from Zerohedge but also reported elsewhere:

‘”It Belongs To The People, Not The Bankers” – Italy Moves To Seize Gold From Central Bank’

The above article finishes by saying: “Is it any wonder, Russia (and China) have started to hoard gold?”

Quite how the European Union are going to react to Italy’s initiative remains to be seen, it should be interesting. However, not only have Russia and China been stashing gold, they, along with a growing list of countries like Iran, have been starting to trade oil in currencies other than the US dollar, forming a club that is accelerating away from the dollar generally.

With the United States of America rapidly approaching twenty-two trillion dollars in debt, a situation that it can only maintain with the benefit of world reserve currency status, we have to ask: what will happen if it loses this status?

In the fourteen hundreds, Portugal held the world reserve currency, followed by Spain, the Netherlands, France, Britain and the US after World War Two. Eighty to just over a hundred years is about the average amount of time for a country to hold on to its world reserve currency status, see here:

“World Reserve Currencies: What Happened During Previous Periods of Transition?”

It comes as no surprise then that the US may be about to lose its world reserve currency status and all the chaos and mayhem that this usually entails, think World War Two. There has been much speculation and argument about just who will be the next holder of the next world reserve currency with China being the main contender; I’m not very sure about this now.

This again from Zerohedge but also reported elsewhere and there are Youtube videos about this too:

It Begins: Former UN Under-Secretary-General Calls For One World Currency”

The One World Currency idea isn’t new, but it hasn’t been talked about so much lately, I’m not surprised it’s back in the news though, it was only a matter of time. Think of it as a global version of the Euro. One wonders if it would be any more successful from a purely economic point of view?

What if the globalist bankers are, instead of, as many people think, not planning for China to be the holder of the next reserve currency, they’re planning for a One World Currency based on Special Drawing Rights?

What if, this emerging club of countries moving away from the US dollar, based around Russia, China, Iran, and others, have no intention of going along with this scheme? What if this new club feels that they’ve had enough of being dominated by Western central Banks?

I would say that in the above scenario, as in the Great Depression that led to World War Two, we have a perfect recipe for World War Three. Certainly, politicians from Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton to Theresa May have been trying to demonsise Russia, beating the drums of war and promoting conflict with it. Tensions between the US and Iran are currently rising to dangerous levels. From the Telegraph:

“Iran to send warships close to US waters as tensions between them escalate”

With plans behind the scenes in Britain to merge our armed forces with those of the EU, who I think have plans to expand Eastwards, we may not be just heading for a catastrophic financial crisis and the economic disaster and suffering that that entails. We may also be heading for another world war that will kill millions of us.

It seems apparent to me that our government, particularly Theresa May, knows exactly what is going on and are determined not to let Brexit ruin their evil plans … they’ll keep us tied to the EU and a looming economic and disastrous military conflict at all costs.

Whether you are a Liberal, Conservative, Labour or supporter of any other political party, a leaver or remainer, we should all agree on one thing: the most important thing we can all do for our country at this time, is to get rid of the evil Theresa May.

This article represents just my personal opinions and I’m sure it’s very tempting to dismiss them as just too far-fetched, however, I’m sure that before the last two world wars, people would have been just as tempted to dismiss them.

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