Brexit means Brexit; we were told no less than one hundred and eighty times. We shouldn’t be surprised. It seems that it’s a common trait with politicians, they seem to support the electorate and make all sorts of promises, only at the last minute, under one pretext or another, to back down and tow the establishment line. You could be forgiven for thinking that politicians were controlled in some way, somebody has a hold over them.

Edward Heath, the man that with an act of treason took us into a Common Market, a nascent European superstate as it turned out, it has been suggested was either bribed or blackmailed or perhaps both. I don’t wish to delve too deeply into the personal life of our ex-Prime Minister, but I think we all know what those accusations were, very unpleasant if true and it would make him a perfect candidate for blackmail.

Over the years, various sexual perversions by our politicians and civil servants come to light, only to be hushed up, brushed under the carpet. Perhaps we should ask ourselves, just how prevalent is this kind of blackmail and why are so many of our politicians and senior civil servants so vulnerable to this blackmail.

I am glad to say that I never went to a public school, but I know many people that did and I’ve heard some very distasteful stories about what went on in the dormitories at night. So many of our most distinguished politicians and civil servants went to some of the top public schools in our country, and I’m sure they would have some similar stories to tell.

From what I hear, not everybody was a member of the Brown Hat Club, but they were fully aware of what was going on, while others experimented and left it behind when they left school. It seems to me that with so many of our Westminster and Whitehall mandarins going to the same schools, by the time they left, they would all be fully aware of each other’s foibles, sexual preferences and perversions, in fact I know they are. Perhaps this then is where a dossier is first built-up on our future politician and bureaucrats?

I’ll give you an example from my own experience, and I swear it is completely true and not embellished in any way.

Many years ago, I sold my house to an elderly couple for their retirement. I got to know their son – a very senior civil servant – and immediately disliked him, I must say though, I didn’t find his very beautiful wife too hard to tolerate. This couple became very popular in the area; particularly, the wife was popular with the local men because she was not only very beautiful; she was also extremely promiscuous. Her husband wasn’t bothered by his wife’s behaviour because when they were in town, they’d go in separate directions and he would visit some of his boyfriends, a group of other civil servants that lived locally.

The wife was a WINO (Wife In Name Only), she was a front to give a veneer of respectability, and as it turned out something of a pimp.

A few years later, I was visiting this town to catch up with some friends and a bit of a booze-up. The friend that I was staying with told me that he was off to a party being thrown by our civil servant friend. I warned my friend not to go but he, like every other man in the area was besotted with his wife, I decided to go to the pub.

Early in the morning, I was awoken by my friend banging on the door, his face a mask of pure horror. It turned out that he had indeed scored with the bureaucrat’s wife and ended up in bed with her. In the morning, he was pleasantly surprised to find the woman under the bedsheets working below, until he heard a guttural cough that just didn’t sound right.

You can imagine my friend’s utter distress when he looked under the sheets to find a person of the same sex with his tonsils wrapped around his member. The wife had crept out of bed during the night, and her husband had crept in.

Scary as this story is, it’s almost funny compared to stories that I’m sure could be told if they weren’t hushed up. It turned out that this behaviour by the civil servant’s wife was routine, and she would procure men for him to have sex with or at least try.

When you think about it, the relationship between our civil servant and his wife, it bears a close resemblance to the relationship between Jeffrey Epstein and  Ghislaine Maxwell, their activities have been plastered all over the media lately.

The activities of Epstein and Maxwell were a lot more serious, a lot more nauseating than those of our civil servant above (as far as I know) and it is a scandal that is rapidly spreading to include, the rich, famous, top politicians and bureaucrats alike.

We would be foolish if we were to pretend that such activities as I have described above weren’t widespread among the elite that rule and govern our world with money, politics, and bureaucracy. Some of these people seem to have some very strange and unpleasant foibles indeed, for instance: it is not for nothing that David Cameron is now known as ‘Oinker.’

I’m very glad to say that I have no idea about the personal life and idiosyncrasies of our Prime Minister: Boris Johnson and I’m not making any suggestions. However, if we’re let down again at the last minute again over Brexit; I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

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