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How about non-NHS key workers?  The building maintenance worker on call 24/7 who attends to, say, heating or electrical breakdowns in care homes – the very care homes, by the way, which are closed to visitors because of the virus.  Power line workers in one area who have now been accommodated in a temporary ‘village’ still away from their homes and loved ones, on call in all weathers to keep the national grid operational? I don’t see anyone queuing up to provide them with free food parcels, free parking and the all the rest. Why is it that broadcast media personalities are counted along with many others who have ‘professions’, described as key workers?  It’s not as if they are war correspondents in the front line on active service, is it?

I wonder how many people think that instead of broadcasting politically-motivated propaganda for one or other of the political parties, that they may like to do some investigative reporting and provide some evidenced facts, or report the misgivings of people who don’t actually like the hero worship of one particular section of the paid working population, don’t actually like the attack on freedom of speech, don’t actually like that the economy of the country and the lives of many are being destroyed by what looks like a clique of nicely-spoken unelected people pushing their political or scientific opinions for their own vested reasons.

People are getting fed up with the media, in many cases they don’t trust – and say so – either BBC or other broadcast news outlets.  They certainly don’t all like or trust what is fed to them by the print media and now doubts are starting to form in many minds about the veracity of what is being fed to them by Downing Street.  “You have done well,” they say to the public. What they actually mean is “you have followed our instructions, mainly out of fear rather than trust.  You have allowed us to frighten you into giving us quite draconian powers,” which are only now starting to become apparent and legally challenged.

We now hear that Matt Hancock is considering the mandatory vaccination of everyone, following on from his much-criticised mass testing programme, which has according to many sources not been an unqualified success.  Just how ordinary people self administer this without any training and in the confines of their car parked up in a queue with other concerned people is lost on me.  Perhaps you and I have no problem scraping our tonsils without gagging or throwing up and then sticking the probe up our noses but many will and does this really provide reliable results?  No doubt we shall soon find out.

Will you too be pleased to accept mass vaccination at a time and place to be decided by a public health official?  What if you refuse?  How will this mandatory obligation be enforced? By using some yet-to-be-proclaimed law which will be enforced by a uniformed regiment of public health officials yet to be recruited and trained, and who will be given powers of arrest or entry into private property (as given to for some unfathomable reason to PCSOs in Wales in pursuit of their social distancing duties).  How will you prove that you have actually had the ‘jab’ after it has been administered if asked by presumably another army of yet-to-be-recruited, quickly trained, ‘community support’ staff?   Perhaps we could have some sort of chip implanted at the same time, or for the sake of economy a tattoo on your arm (been done before!).  Will older people or the disabled have a different serial number or chip to differentiate from more productive members of society?  Perhaps to keep numbers down and manageable only people with birthdays with even numbers to be allowed out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, while those with odd dates will be allowed out on the other days.  Technology is already in place and available.

But no worries, mate.  Why would a Conservative government want to do such things?  After all, we live in a free country, don’t we?   We have a democratic right to free speech and freedom to travel.  Well, look away from the main stream media for a moment and look to what we’ve all agreed to by acquiescence in the last couple of months, and ask why people have been arrested on suspicion of public order offences after producing a poster which many people would be hard pressed to say was anything but factual and truthful.  Perhaps making you unemployed, unable or frightened to leave your home as many are, unable to meet your friends and family, and all the other restrictions that have been imposed on us is not problem for you yet, but who thought even as recently as two months ago that police would be given powers to stop you from going about your lawful activities?  That fixed penalties would be issued to transgressors, that police would demand to see what purchases you have made in a shop or, much more worrying, that serious proposals would be made to confine people based on their age?  More worryingly that NHS doctors would decide that some people should not be resuscitated and a so-called DNR notice would be initiated without the knowledge of either patient or their loved ones.  Is this what we all want?

Later this week, we are going to have two minutes to remember the efforts of our forebears of 75 years ago.  During those two minutes it may be a good idea if we consider just how far we have come and just where we are going.


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