Written by Mike Newland


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The Tories, and Labour before them, have converted much of the working-class into serfs now. The reliable jobs and incomes from making and producing things have largely disappeared, and the employment landscape is low-paid, insecure work with little in the way of prospects.

The middle-class cared nothing about this and supposed themselves untouchable. Anyone who has ever made things quickly finds out that the middle-class believe anyone can do it and despise the horny-handed unskilled as they see it.

The story that was told at the commencement of The Great Globalisation, following the collapse of communism, runs like this. All those nasty unskilled jobs will be sent abroad, leaving you the middle-class to get richer doing the skilled stuff. The newly developing countries could hardly get along without your brains in the background, could they?

Now stage two of globalisation is beginning after thirty years of stage one. It’s already well underway in the United States. They are coming for you middle-classes. Priti Patel just announced it.

The new plan for immigration is to restrict low-skilled immigration and bring in the talented from developing countries to make us rich. Let’s just consider this for a moment. What happened when Britain was flooded with low-skilled labour? Wages were held down. So, what is going to happen if you flood Britain with highly skilled labour? Wages will rise among the middle-class? Doh. But that’s what Patel said it would achieve. A new economy of high-skills and high wages.

Please allow me to present some sums. National income 100. Share taken by the Powers That Be (PTB) 35. National income 120. PTB share 40. National income 100. PTB share 45. Which will they prefer to engineer? Erm well, I’m not great on arithmetic but how about the one with the 45 shares. Give the writer a prize! That is the general pattern in cartoon form of what the Tories have presided over since the 2008 crash.

I’ve heard that Africans shrug if you mention their politicians looting their countries. If they didn’t while they have the chance, they’d be robbing their families. The Boris gang are well in power with no opposition in sight so let more looting begin. The ideal is a small ruling class and the rest of us with little stake and dependent on the ruling class. That means that the traditional power of the middle-class must be removed.

Patel says that the minimum wage to enter Britain is to be lowered. But I thought the plan was to raise wages with largely those capable of earning more brought in. What about those incapable of meeting the threshold? Will they actually be barred? Patel says they can be ‘sponsored’ by employers even if low earning and with poor English. So, they can come anyway if it suits employers to obtain low-skilled cheap labour!

One of the main reasons people voted for Brexit was to lower immigration numbers. Yet the Tory pledge (which turned out to be a whopper) of a cap on total numbers has been abandoned. Patel says the Government is restoring control but does not tell us at what level it will be controlled.

To enter, people will need so many virtue points for such things as speak English and qualifications. Who is going to check on that? A ‘self-certification’ system by employers like Blair had? However (they say politicians are like quiz hosts), bonus points are available where employers claim shortages. So, the low-skilled will be in anyway as usual. Well, employers will soon claim shortages if wages look likely to rise for their low-skilled won’t they.  Don’t attack our bottom line by expecting investment, please.

No welfare for five years is another story about the plans for immigration. What nothing?? No NHS, schooling if you have children, starve on the street if the job goes. Let’s hear the details.

What is going to happen is akin to what has happened in the US. The middle-class will be called on train immigrants and then be replaced by the newly instructed. The new entrants’ skills will usually be far below what was implied by their ornate A level certificates, which were really border passes, (the lower ‘highly skilled’ limit) even assuming they were not purchased from the web like my two ‘PhDs‘.

The group which seems to have the keenest grasp of all this is the Communist Party of Great Britain. Class war is, after all, a basic of the communist outlook, and we have three classes contesting here – workers, middle-class and the ruling elite. It’s a shame that their remedy is no good.

They are coming for you middle-classes, and it’s difficult to sympathise when you shut your eyes about the same happening to the workers. The natural supporters of the Tory party, who thought their hour had come with a big Tory majority, will find it has – but not quite in the way they thought.

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