Covid-19 is one of the family of Coronaviruses. A Coronavirus is a zoonotic virus, so called because it moves from other species to cause disease in humans. Viruses are far, far smaller than bacteria. They range in size from 10 to 200 nanometres, and there are one million nanometres to one millimetre, and 25.4 million nanometres to one inch. So the smallest viruses laid out in a straight line one inch long would number 2.54 million, and the largest 0.127 million. That’s still one hundred and twenty seven thousand viruses to one inch. For the largest viruses.

We have all inhaled Covid-19 by now, and the massive fall in UK deaths from Covid-19 in the summer of 2020 shows that our herd immunity has begun. The so-called “second wave” was the rise in respiratory illnesses that always happens when winter comes. Coronaviruses, like the Influenza viruses, can be fatal if they cause the respiratory crisis of pneumonia.

So what is the point of the lockdowns? The point is to hide the herd immunity that we now have. The low death rate from Covid-19 (and deaths from influenza attributed to Covid-19) will be attributed to any new lockdown, not to our acquired herd immunity. And lockdowns hinder herd immunity, another point in their favour, for those who want to prolong the Covid Terror. (Sweden without lockdowns has a higher herd Immunity than the UK, as shown by more people in Sweden with coronavirus antibodies, a lower Covid death rate, and far less damage to society there from Covid precautions).

Herd immunity must be denied, just like the worth of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) with lead sulphate as preventive medicine against Covid-19 had to be denied by the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in order to clear the way for drug companies to make profits from their newly patented vaccines against Covid-19. It will matter little if their vaccines are useless, because Covid-19 kills so few now of those few people that show its symptoms anyway, at the most one in twenty five of those who fall ill.

Back in March 2020 Public Health England demoted Covid-19 from its list of HCIDs (High Consequence Infectious Diseases). That demotion got little attention from the MSM. At least PHE recognised that Covid-19 hardly kills anybody in previous good health who is under eighty years old. And of those over 80 that it supposedly has killed, most were care home residents whom the PCR nasal swab test had declared Covid positive. The PCR Test will do that. So they all die “with” Covid, if not “from” Covid, and the government zealously tests the over eighties, knowing that at their age they are likely to provide a plentiful harvest of deaths “with” Covid.

If it were not for the lockdowns it would be obvious that Covid-19 is not an HCID, as PHE admitted back in March 2020. Without the lockdowns people would see that very few die from Covid-19 apart from the aged in care homes and others with dangerous respiratory conditions (asthma, emphysema, heavy smoking etc.) The mass media would be unable to maintain the Covid Terror. But with lockdowns the mass media can claim that without them there would be dead bodies in the streets, with us all staring death in the face. Lockdowns are  essential to the media’s Covid Terror campaign.

Thus the lockdowns have to continue, with new Covid variants popping up conveniently from time to time. And the vaccine rollouts are sure to be successful, as well as lucrative for drug companies, when their vaccines have so little to beat. But big profits for Big Pharma are not all that the lockdowns are here for.

Millions of people will be reduced to destitution as the lockdowns bankrupt businesses. With their civil liberties and rights of association destroyed by Covid emergency laws people will be easy prey for exploitation in the future. Government by decree will continue, as workers are ground down by the new global moguls. While the fraud of global warming destroys Western prosperity as well, the Covid Scamdemic is also being used to destroy our civil society.

And where have the new global moguls come from? Some of them are Chinese, as the totalitarian rule of the Chinese Communist Party supplies a Chinese labour force ideal for capitalist exploitation. China is communist in name only, as ownership of capital there is concentrated in the hands of the few families that run the Communist Party. The working poor in China, those outside the charmed circle of the families at the top of the CCP, are subject to electronic surveillance and control, via CCTV and social media, leading to reward or punishment for each citizen through their “social credit” score.

But the new global moguls inside China are not the only plutocrats to have grown rich on the backs of Chinese labour. Since the slaughter in Tiananmen Square in 1989 investment from the West has poured into China to the point where more products for sale in Western shops are made in China than anywhere else. Cheap Chinese labour has made the new global moguls in the West rich.

And the new moguls in the West like what they see in China, and want to run Western countries the Chinese way. But before that can happen civil society in the West with its rights and freedoms must be swept away. Which is why the Covid Terror is here now. California, home of the Silicon Valley zillionaires, as ever sets the trend. There workers already sleep in their cars, unable to afford the rent for a room. The Chinese way is the future that our global moguls prefer. They want tyranny to follow the atomisation of our society by Covid decrees. They want a totalitarian tyranny here, run through cyberspace like China’s. And the Covid Terror is leading us there.



Photo by M.P.N.texan

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