Mill Hill Brexit Stall Saturday 16rh February 2019

I wondered what Mill Hill would be like now. It used to be very nice – we went there often when I was growing up. It joins up with Burnt Oak where my grandparents used to live. I got the bus through the council estate they used to live on, which is huge, very long and winds along from the station to Mill Hill itself. It used to be full of poor but decent hardworking English people with well-kept gardens and who did jobs like Postmen and working in the local sweet shop – my grandparent’s road led onto a posher part inhabited by their doctor and classed as Mill Hill – such was the happy and peaceful mix in London in those days.

As I looked out of the window, it didn’t bode well. The market along the main street in Burnt Oak seemed to have disappeared, and it all looked rather grimy and run down. It was always poor but as I say respectable.  It had changed for the worse. As the bus turned into Mill Hill Broadway where the campaign stall was it was of course nicer, but not as nice or quaint as it used to be. People seemed in a hurry and not all that happy.  I had come along to help Barnet branch, and so had another 2 of our members. Our 2 branches are working well together, benefiting both of us.  We are even going to order leaflets together to save delivery charges.

The good news though is that a new member we recruited in Wembley the previous week was already there happily giving out leaflets and very pleased to be with us.  She had joined immediately! We also had a lovely little mascot in the form of a gorgeous Pug who came along to join us, displaying his UKIP badge all day – he certainly cheered everyone up – Brexiteer and Remainer alike, as pets invariably do!   He was definitely the star of the day, a celebrity almost!

The day was busy enough – and some interesting conversations were had. Some people walked by, nodded and smiled, said they agreed with Brexit but didn’t have time to stop. We got a few sneers this time – some of them very condescending indeed.

What was interesting was that some of the Remainers or ‘undecided’ and even ‘nonvoters’ wanted to stop and chat as they felt very animated by it all (perhaps regretting not voting?), one Remainer seeming to not want his chat with us to end EVER!

‘You’ve betrayed the young!!’ here we go I thought. ‘What’s that – why?’ I called back as he sped by (why do the shouters never stop and explain?). YOU HAVE BETRAYED THE YOUNG BY YOUR ACTIONS! he shouted at me and seemed ready for a row. ‘Ok,’ he continued ‘You wanna know?’ I stepped back a bit as he seemed furious.  ‘The young will suffer in years to come’. I pointed to the three young people on our team – wearing their WTO and UKIP insignia. ‘Shall we ask them what they think?’ I said. He looked at them and was startled. His mouth dropped open. He seemed lost for words… and off he rushed.

The drizzle was on its way, so we headed to the pub – some of the pubs in Mill Hill are very old fashioned – but decent and down to earth inside – and it beats another new development of boring flats any day!   (Plus, they loved the dog too!)

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