First and foremost: 


Debbie’s News Review will be very late or won’t be published at all today because her computer has gone on strike.


Let’s keep fingers crossed that she can find a solution!


This also shows you that all your editors, running the site on love and fresh air, need to do other things like attending appointments and cannot sit at our PCs for 24/7. While we are doing our utmost to keep the site running we do need to attend to our affairs as well


That brings me to the second point which is more general:


We call on all our authors and on the usual comment post writers to please send us in manuscripts! 


Yes, we know you are as tired as we are, and yes, we know that you have time-consuming commitments, just as we do.


However, we ourselves cannot write every single article to be published on INDEPENDENCE Daily.


There are many other issues which ought to be addressed, from the NHS and the Government Nanny State to the prospect of an EU Army and to the increasing feminisation of our policies and the public discourse.


So for today, INDEPENDENCE Daily will be much diminished – we all hope this is not going to become permanent ….



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