Emails were received from these organisations in the last two days.




38 Degrees

An email received from 38 Degrees urged me to phone my MP.  Of course they knew my MP, which immediately makes me wonder what other information they keeping ‘on file’.  Sorry to sound paranoid but it seems organisations and companies can snoop with impunity.

38 Degrees made some suggestions of what I could talk about if I was lucky enough to get through.  Here is the text:

  • You could talk about how a no-deal Brexit could impact our NHS and mean there are shortages of crucial medicines like insulin.
  • What would it mean for you if the price of food goes up in the supermarket? A no-deal brexit could mean food costs more.
  • You could say you’re concerned that a no-deal Brexit could mean businesses close across the country and people lose their jobs. 
  • Maybe you’re worried about British farmers being undercut by competition from countries like the US.
  • A personal story could be powerful. Maybe you, or someone you know, relies on medicine supplies that could be threatened. Or has a job or business at risk.

They go on to say:

“Boris Johnson won’t bear the brunt of a no-deal Brexit – we will. Those of us who rely on the NHS, or who will struggle to afford the weekly shop will. And your MP needs to know that – because a no-deal Brexit will risk it all.”

My word, how negative! Surely not the words one would expect from a nonpartisan campaign group.  In their Wiki spiel they are described as ‘progressive’ and claim, among other virtues, to “deepen democracy in the UK”.  They had based themselves on a number of groups such as Avaas, Moveon and Getup. Its Executive Director, until he was found guilty of sharing illegal drugs last April, was David Babbs, formerly ‘Head of Activism’ at Friends of the Earth.  FotE are against fossil fuels, and are also against nuclear power, which to most rational people, would put them in the position of wanting human extinction.





Here is part of an email received from SumOfUs:

“Yesterday we were hit with the gut-punching news that Boris Johnson is now in charge. His new reign puts so many of the things that matter most at risk.

That’s why hundreds of incredible SumOfUs members just like you have chipped in to fight Boris’ worst plans for the country. Plans that put Boris and the wealthiest first — at the expense of jobs, public services and the natural world.

They kindly repeated an email they sent earlier:

The news is in: Boris Johnson is Prime Minister. And he’s determined to wrench the UK out of Europe at any cost.

“Boris doesn’t care that a no-deal Brexit could land us with medicine shortages, environmental laws torn to shreds, and corporate power unleashed like never before.

But SumOfUs members like you care, (my name). And right now, we need you more than ever.

If we work together, we can protect the things that matter to us most – despite Boris’ reckless new reign. He and his cronies may have the big bucks to steamroll our rights, but we have you.”




Unlock Democracy

An email from Unlock Democracy, a group campaigning for improved Democracy, asked for support to ‘help take on Boris Johnson’.

Why would this group want to campaign against Johnson in particular?   Boris Johnson was lauded as a Leaver by those who believed in the Democracy of the 2016 Referendum.  Of all the contenders for the Conservative leadership race he was the most supportive of that democratic vote. (His sincerity is debateable).

On reading the content of the mail they also malign him as being supported by climate change deniers.  An unnecessary slur involving a controversial subject which is divisive.

Further down the page they write:-

“We recently met with shadow chancellor John McDonnell to see how his team can support our campaigning”.

This seems to me to be playing blatant party politics especially with those who are clearly reneging on the Referendum result and their own manifesto commitments.

Intrigued by this incriminating and discriminating mail I checked their website and found that they had had a campaign to pressure the Met Police to complete an investigation, “We showed the Met Police they couldn’t get away with stalling their Vote Leave investigation”.

This was, as most other people have realised, a politically motivated move to undermine Vote Leave funds, credibility and support.  Probably one of the clear pieces of evidence for this was the lack of any reciprocal investigation for those wanting the UK to stay in the EU.  No mention of that in their literature.

“We teamed up with investigative journalists and politicians to pile on the pressure”.

Then, looking deeper, they also published this on their site:-

“Unlock Democracy was formed in 2007 out of a merger between Charter 88 and the New Politics Network. The New Politics Network was the legal successor to the Democratic Left, which in turn was the legal successor to the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB)”.

They state in their ‘Theory of Change’ that they are ‘independent’.

They state that they want a vibrant and inclusive democracy, responsive to the aspirations of all people. “We bring people together”.

By even hinting at predetermined views on specific policies they have overstepped the line into those arguments and therefore become partisan and partial.  How can they defend such divisiveness?




I personally don’t have a problem with fighting corporate power, or making the right decisions for the environment.  Neither have I any love for our useless politicians.

The point I am making here is that these groups are run by political activists with an agenda.

They use the tribal tendencies to manipulate support for socialist and globalist objectives.  Yes, they are big clappy happy clubs gathering support all the time. Unfortunately there is a price.

The truth, unlocked, is that they are wolves in sheep’s clothing!



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