Neil Hamilton writes:
You wouldn’t know it from the MSM news blackout but there will be a People’s Vote on Thursday 4th April. Newport West will be electing a new MP.

Newport voted 56% to Leave. Wales voted 53% to Leave. But the Welsh political Establishment is 100% determined to stop Brexit. The unrepresentative nature of Wales’ political elite is staggering. 49 of the 60 AMs in the National Assembly and 36 of Wales’ 40 MPs voted Remain.  100% of Labour and Plaid Cymru AMs and MPs voted Remain – yet Labour’s heartland Valleys seats voted up to 65% Leave. The Tories are little better – 7 of their 11 AMs elected in 2016 voted Remain.

The Labour candidate in the by-election is pure lobby-fodder – she has no views until told what she believes by Labour whips. She’s a Remainer, of course and has publicly supported a second referendum. In the by-election, she only wants to talk about “local” issues. The Tory candidate is no different. Apart from spending the first two weeks of the campaign on holiday in Madeira, he thinks the election is mostly about the M4 relief road – which is an Assembly, not a Westminster, matter.

How odd! Neither the Tory nor Labour candidate wants to talk about the most fundamental issue in British politics:  who governs Britain? MPs we elect to Westminster or unelected technocrats in Brussels? Put it another way. Should the People’s Will, as expressed in the 2016 referendum, prevail or be blocked by elite politicians who think they know better? Tory and Labour both think splashpads in children’s playgrounds are what we should be talking about.

What about our fearless seekers after truth in the MSM? Why aren’t they holding these candidates to account for refusing to grapple with issues which have paralysed Government, sent Parliament  into emotional meltdown and humiliated our country as never before?

Theresa May’s Tories have morphed into a high-tax, nanny-State, over-regulating, managerial caste whose pessimistic, defeatist outlook is inimical to a confident, adventurous, entrepreneurial society like the one which colonised half the globe, made English the international language of commerce and the internet, gave the world the rule of law, democracy, toleration and mutual respect.

Newport has been a Labour fief since 1945. You can see that in the boarded-up shops, poverty and general air of demoralised detachment. Labour likes nothing better than keeping people dependent on the State. Labour no longer represents ordinary working-class people – especially the white working-class. It is the party of mass immigration because that’s where its votes come from – just put the electoral and ethnic maps together. Labour is in thrall to minority groups and identity politics – Muslims, transgender rights, professional grudge-bearers and humourless offence-takers.

Labour and the Tories have identical policies on immigration, climate-change and green taxes, foreign aid, the Nanny State, political correctness, devolution etc. I am the antidote to all that. Instead of being a forgotten backwater in Labour’s client-state, Newport can create a political earthquake which will bury Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and the whole smug, self-regarding, supercilious political elite.

My message to Newport is simple. Follow in the footsteps of the Chartists who rose in revolt against the political Establishment in Newport in 1839. They changed their world; you can do the same today.

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Felix Aubel writes: 

As the West Wales Coordinator for the cross party Leave Means Leave (with parts of South Powys & West Glamorgan now placed under my remit), I would like to let you know that the next LML street stall will be held on Saturday 6 April in Brecon Town.

We shall be meeting in the public car park next to the Morrisons car park and opposite the Brecon Tourist Information Centre (Lion Yard) at 10.30am. The postcode for Morrisons Brecon is LD3 7SE, which will be very near to our actual meeting point. We can decide exactly where to locate the stall based on the number of passers-by. Hopefully, everything will have been set-up by 11.00am.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Clive Easton and the UKIP Brecon & Radnor Branch for supporting this event. Also many thanks to Tom Harrison, Regional Officer UKIP Wales, for his considerable assistance.

We’ve already had 10 recent successful Leave Means Leave street stalls: in Carmarthen on Saturday 24 November, in Haverfordwest on Friday 30 November, in Milford Haven on Saturday 8 December, in Narberth on Friday 14 December, in Carmarthen on Saturday 12 January, in Llanelli on Saturday 9 February, in Ammanford on Friday 22 February, in Cardigan on Saturday 23 February, in Port Talbot on Saturday 9 March and in Aberystwyth on Saturday 23 March.

While I’m aware that travelling to Brecon will entail a considerable distance for many of you (including myself), it will provide an excellent opportunity to spread the “Brexit Means Full Exit” message in South Powys. This is particularly the case, now that “Brexit is being blatantly betrayed by the anti-democratic establishment powers that be”.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Your continued support is very much appreciated by me.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Felix Aubel

Llys y Graig, Trelech, Carmarthenshire, SA33 6QU

Tel: 01994 484 694 H/W.  07901 736 065 M.  No mobile signal in Trelech!)


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