I cannot believe the polls anymore. The reason is quite simple, for months now the Liberal Democrats have been polling on almost all polls at 10%. That cannot be right.

They are invisible and their current leader, due to stand down in May, Sir Vincent Cable, is useless as an orator both in the House of Commons and also on TV or radio. He is a man with little personality and to be fair and brutally honest he is boring. He has only one thing to talk about and that is the reversal of Brexit and if that fails a second referendum.

Tipped to take over is a current MP Layla Moran. Now, she is an interesting character. She recently admitted to battering (well slapping, but in journo speak, battering sounds better) her male partner; now that will go well with the electorate of which 50% is male. She has been an MP since 2017 and can be seen regularly on TV programmes but is regularly owned by Camilla Tominey from the Telegraph; she is by far not a worthy opponent.

Yes, she ‘slapped’ her boyfriend at the party conference in Glasgow. They were both locked up, so it was hardly a slap across the face for an inappropriate comment in a bar or a touch of her bum, was it? They were arrested for breach of the peace and assault, but charges were dropped. She claimed to be a victim whilst arguing over a computer cable she said she was scared and vulnerable. Mmmm! She was a head teacher before becoming an MP too, suffer little children they say.

So, the leadership is up for grabs, just what will they say about Brexit though under a new captain of the ship? If they continue to pursue the ‘cancel Brexit or 2nd referendum’ party line, I fear their oblivion is nigh.

The Greens have not been without problems either. Only one MP, Caroline Lucas from Bristol, and she is regularly whining and moaning about Brexit and nothing else. She is a dogmatic, unflappable performer, believing as she does utterly and completely in a second referendum. She pops up all over the place. She stood down recently as joint party leader. She was the joint leader of the Greens with a man called Jonathan Bartley? No, me neither. Oh, and now she has been replaced by a lady called Sian Berry? Yes, me neither. They are I am sure very popular within their own party but nationally they are as well known as the goal posts at Bradford City football club, (the away end).

I do remember at the 2015 General Election Mr Bartley proudly exclaimed that he would be proud to double the overseas aid monies we give away each year – yes, double. That would be £28 billion quid in a free for all giveaway to corrupt regimes and countries that have their own space programmes but still hold their hands out each year.

Let’s hope Mr Bartley never ever gets anywhere near tax payers’ money to do with as he pleases. The Greens, for the many (all over the world) but not for the few (British tax payers).

The SNP, oh my days the SNP. All Polling (but remember I don’t trust them anymore) clearly steers to a very large drop in the appetite for an ‘indyref2’ as it has been called. It is the mantra and sole wish of Sturgeon and Blackadder, sorry Ian Blackford, the leader in the house of commons of the SNP. Ian stands in the house with his ill-fitting suits and steers every single conversation back to the needs of the Scottish people, admirable you would think but no, simply because he is stuck on replay for this independence referendum, bearing in mind they had one in 2014 which they said was once in a generation. They lost! I would personally love to stand at the despatch box and say “go, go you Scots and have your referendum, but I tell you, I will not campaign to keep you in the union, but warn you thus, if you choose to leave the United Kingdom and give yourselves up to vassalage of the EU, you will not from that day forward receive a single penny from the British in Bartlett formulae payments”.

Cromwellian, yes?

Seriously, the Scots if they had chosen to break with the union in 2014 would be a basket case of a country now. Such was the drop in the value of a barrel of oil in 2015/16 that country would be more bankrupt than Greece. The EU most certainly would not have welcomed a country into the fold that was bankrupt.

The new Independent group made up of eleven MPs from the Labour and Tory party are, well, just funny. They have now registered themselves with the electoral commission as Change UK (CUCK). Say no more, they have, none of them the guts or the integrity having surrendered the whip, to call a by-election. Heidi Allen tweeted that she was the leader of a new political party. Vanity has no boundaries with our Heidi. A new political party, eleven of them? Give over.

We have no effective opposition, we have no effective government. Boy, are we in the doo doo. When and how and with who at the helm of power we recover from this goodness knows. One thing for sure, it will not be any of the aforementioned miscreants currently strutting around Westminster pretending to be serious, grown up politicians.

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