So-called Peoples’ March shoots itself in the foot

For the last few days, the establishment media have been using every possible opportunity to promote the so-called “Peoples’ March” advocating another EU referendum.

Dubious petition to revoke article 50

The build-up to this included a petition to revoke Article 50 so that the UK does not leave the EU. This supposedly had over 4 million online sign-ups, although there has been a great deal of controversy about huge numbers of false email addresses being used.

It would not have mattered if all those who signed were genuine, or indeed if there had been more. As many people have said, it would have to exceed the 17.4 million people who voted to Leave the EU to be taken in any way seriously.

The desperate actions of frantic remainers

The march and the petition simply represent the frantic efforts of those in the Remain camp who have never been prepared to accept the June 2016 UK EU referendum result.

They are exceptionally sore losers, but worse because their actions are a major contribution to making our country divisive.

If only they had accepted the referendum result and made positive steps towards planning for a new more aspirational UK, taking advantage of the opportunities a free from the EU brave new world offered, then we would have a more united and forward-looking nation.

These people, who make up the globalist establishment political elite, have never accepted the referendum result, and have poured money and resources into trying to overturn that decision.

Their number has included a Remainer Prime Minister, who in trying to please their cause, has achieved absolutely nothing constructive in the Brexit process.

How many really attended the anti- Brexit, or rather, anti-people march?

But what about the march last Saturday? Or rather the march against the people? Was it successful? In so many ways it was not. The organisers and supportive media were claiming a million or so supported it.

It is likely the figures have been grossly exaggerated, as have been other gatherings for globalist causes. Soon we will have the official Police estimates on numbers, and then the truth will out.

These Remainers make a great play on the fact that Nigel Farage’s Leave Means Leave march from the North of England to London has not had huge numbers. There are a number of reasons for this:

It is a long walk! It has had little publicity from the media, especially about how to join it, it is run by one section of the Leave campaign, and the numbers are likely to swell when it is in London on 29th March, the same day as another Leave demonstration.

Leave supporters won so see no need to demonstrate

However, and most importantly of all, Leave protest marches, etc., are never going to be that well attended because the majority of Leave supporters do not feel the need for any political action, as they won the referendum.

There will be a volcanic eruption of the British people if Brexit is not delivered.

There is only likely to be a significant protest if the vast British majority do not have Brexit delivered on 29th March, as was promised to them. If that promise is not enacted, there will be a political volcano, and the silent majority of British citizens will rise up and ensure that the promise is kept.

The remainer marchers are predominantly globalist have it all members of the middle class

One point the media do not make about those in the remainer “Peoples’ March, is that those attending predominantly represent the globalist middle and upper middle classes. These people, who persuade themselves they represent the people actually have no idea about how the majority of the population live their lives.

They care about everyone else in the world except their own people, who they look down and despise. They live in their little bubbles of isolation from what is going on in the rest of the country. They have their comfortable lifestyles and of course, do not live in any problem or backward areas. They basically look down on the rest of their countrymen, even more so since they had the temerity to vote against their more superior wishes. The people are not going to put up with this disdainful treatment any longer and will choose new leaders who do not foment a “them and us” society.

Questionable choice of speakers for remain march

In desperate times these people work with very questionable “allies.”

It is already being said that inviting SNP Nicola Sturgeon to speak at the march was a major blunder. To have a separatist who has caused so much division and antagonism in Scotland, to come to spread her anti- United Kingdom message in London would have upset even many remain supporters.

Then, Tom Watson, the Labour Deputy Leader was there, who many see as a political opportunist who wants to become party leader. Very damaging to those who want the Labour party to respect the referendum result. Tom Watson is very much of the intellectual elite who think they know better than the average working man.

So the remain march discredited itself with key speakers being a separatist and an opportunist, and thereby blundered by therefore alienating further the British public from their efforts to stay in the EU.

(Their photos are attached together with an aerial photo of the march , trying to promote its size)

Events are now unfolding fast, with Cabinet splits and an unpredictable week ahead.

The best action we can take is to hope and pray that we will leave the EU this Friday 29th March 2019.

Leaving then , without a deal and on WTO terms, will end the period of uncertainty we have endured for nearly three years now. We should have left without a deal shortly after the referendum result. If we had done so, it is likely that we would not only have trading arrangements with countries throughout the world but with the EU too. We need to do this now and not delay any longer, much as the ruling establishment would like us too.

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