Thus spake Johnson … having seemingly lost the plot …


It’s all our fault – this latest rise in case numbers and thus the pub curfew, the ‘Rule of Six’, calling in the Army and more. Thus spake Johnson – and the nation apparently is happy with it. There were some ‘snap polls’ – you know them: run online, anyone can vote, anyone can vote multiple times – not ‘scientific’, but when it suits the Westminster cabal, they’re ‘Teh Truth’. And lo and behold – “we” are happy with these new measures, even unto the 2nd national Lockdown:

“The prime minister warned that he could not rule out a second national lockdown if people failed to follow the tougher restrictions that he had earlier announced in the Commons, and said that there “had been too many breaches” in recent months.” (link, paywalled)

So there we have it: we are not just granny-killers, as Hancock said recently, we are also responsible for these latest measures, killing the economy by forcing these latest restrictions on pubs, the High Street and even supermarkets where mask-wearing is now mandatory for staff and shelf stackers. After all, we callously overlooked the piles of bodies of staff stacked in the aisles of [insert supermarket name of your choice], didn’t we! To make quite certain that “we” get it, Johnson spake the immortal words: “Your mild cough can be someone else’s death knell.” Yep, all of us ‘rule transgressors’ are now potential killers …

Far worse is that all evidence from scientists and clinicians not inside the magic circle of SAGE must be disregarded. We cannot be allowed to make up our own minds and if we persist in not following ‘the rulz’, then the Army will come and get us or we’ll be back to the situation during the first Lockdown.

There are very worrying signs that we’re no longer governed by ‘Rule of Law’ but by a dictatorship of ‘scientists’ who determine what we can and cannot do, leading to ‘directives’ not even scrutinised by Parliament. We’re told, for example, that Mr W, who seems to’ve become one of the string-pullers behind the curtain of government, already believes the measures won’t be sufficient:

“England is likely to have to follow Scotland in imposing a ban on visiting between households, Boris Johnson has been told by his chief medical officer. Chris Whitty is understood to believe that further restrictions are inevitable as winter approaches and that measures including a 10pm curfew will not bring the epidemic under control.” (link, paywalled)

I’m astonished that Mr W seems to be unaware of the flu season now upon us. Does he think it’s fine for people to queue outside shops (‘social distancing’, remember) in rain, fog, sleet and gales because those muzzles will surely also stop all other viral infections? He surely knows the data from the ONS – here – sadly only up to Sept 11th, which show that just 1% were Covid deaths up to then. However, Mr W obviously knows that the fudge, the deception, is already on. The ONS states:

“A death can be registered with both COVID-19 and Influenza and Pneumonia mentioned on the death certificate. Because pneumonia may be a consequence of COVID-19, deaths where both were mentioned have been counted only in the COVID-19 category.” (link)

And even so – these documented ‘casualties’ weren’t sufficiently frightening, sad as they are for the families concerned. Check out the truly scary graph in this morning’s LockdownSceptics Newsletters here – scary because this demonstrates the statistical scam Messrs V & W have been using on us and on the government. And still the Lockdown fanatics believe them!

Worse – the government scientists involved have actually come out and told the Times that yes, they did manipulate the data – how else can you describe this:

“The government’s estimate that infections were doubling every seven days was based largely on smaller-scale studies involving only a few hundred cases rather than test and trace, amid fears that failings in national community testing meant it was critically underestimating the spread. […] Official figures show that it has taken a fortnight for the epidemic to grow from around 2,000 confirmed cases a day to 4,000.” (link, paywalled)

That wasn’t sufficiently scary, and so this is what they did next – use a data set which ‘confirms’ their suspicions and which they used to frighten us into compliance:

“Graham Medley, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, […] said that they had realised their best estimates of doubling times were out of date, and they became worried that the epidemic had gathered pace. […] “The concern was that the more recent doubling time is shorter. There was also concern that the problems with testing meant that the data were not particularly reliable.” (link, paywalled)

They didn’t trust their own fabulous test&trace apps? Oh dear! And so they use a different data set which is more suitable – but why should we believe they’ve been scrupulously using ONS data only when we next read:

“A spokeswoman for Sir Patrick said that the seven-day estimate had instead been based heavily on the findings of the weekly survey of the Office for National Statistics, and a similar less-frequent survey called React-1, run by Imperial College London.” (link, paywalled)

Aaaand: now we know how that ridiculous scare graph came about – thank you, Prof Pantsdown, your fingerprints are all over this! I hope Sir John Redwood is aware of this manipulation. In his Diary entry this morning (here) he is discreetly critical of the government numbers and is hoping to ‘explore’ them in a proper parliamentary debate.

Good luck with that when the opinion makers in the Westminster Cabal are already indicating how they are going to play this. For example some writers of editorials – I’m looking at you, RemainCentral – are taking the knee, metaphorically, to Messrs Doom and Gloom – and even ask for more, like Mr Finkelstein does in The Times.

Firstly, note the preposterous reason given for brushing off of those scientists providing ‘better computation’ because they’re only ‘on Twitter’:

“In the end you are left with this: using the best statistical techniques and all the survey and national and international clinical data, the government has made an estimate of the position. Its range of outcomes and central estimate may turn out to be wrong. But in either direction. And while it’s possible that someone on Twitter or hosting a phone-in show has done a better computation, I advise treating such calculations with caution. That’s why I accept the government’s contention that we are in trouble. And that we need to act.” (link, paywalled)

‘Believe’ the government, ahem, the SAGE string-pullers, uncritically? Oh dear! Having written that, Mr F comes up with his critique of Johnson – naturally, because RemainCentral has been waging war against the PM ever since he won the GE nearly a year ago. That is permitted, the PM is not a SAGE:

“Where I’m less convinced the government has got it right is its belief that yesterday’s announcement was enough. […] More important still is that we’ve learnt that if you want to control something that rises exponentially, you’ve got to start early. I expected the prime minister to impose more restrictions on socialising and suspect we will end up getting those before too long. Six months more of the sort of restrictions announced yesterday is a very depressing prospect. But I think we are more likely to end up feeling that yesterday the prime minister undercooked the policy rather than overcooked it.” (link, paywalled)

It seems that Mr F. and all for whom he speaks would’ve been more happy if the March Lockdown had continued unabated until the virus has been ‘eradicated’ or until there’s that fabulous vaccine. I wonder if the Westminster Bubble dwellers will be first in line to get their shot of untried vaccination, side effects and especially long-term effects unknown – or if they will be content to make us peasants line up, as human guinea pigs.

In contrast the DT has published another of their occasional covid-critical articles – paywalled, of course. This one is by Gen Richard Dannatt. He writes:

“The police have very good mutual aid arrangements, whereby when one police force comes under huge pressure they borrow manpower from another police force. If even that situation becomes overwhelming, it is perfectly reasonable for the home secretary to ask the defence secretary, under a process known as military aid to the civil authorities, to request the military to assist. But the sort of tasks they are usually asked, and would wish, to do are those unarmed activities that are well away from direct public interface – marshalling traffic, for example – which releases trained police manpower to deal face-to-face with the public.” (paywalled link)

Criticising this PM’s announcement, criticising also the latest semi- or pre-total Lockdown decisions in a polite and understated way, Gen Dannatt mentions the run-down state of the Armed Forces. He concludes his article stating that the government needs to put in place:

“[…] sensible measures that are well understood and that people can voluntarily comply with. The principles the police have been operating on – to explain, encourage and engage – are much better than enforcement, and this approach should continue. As public servants, the British military will do whatever the government of the day requires us to do. But we are the nation’s trained manpower of last resource. The fact that we are the ultimate – last – resource, is in this instance crucial.” (paywalled link)

That’s a veiled, careful hint that government and especially those ‘scientific’ tinpot dictators better be extremely careful when using this threat, not least, as Gen Dannatt states in his headline, “Deploying the military to police civilians is not how our liberal democracy works”. (paywalled link)

Just so! I wonder if the Westminster Cabal and the SAGE string-pullers are aware of this or if they just don’t care, drunk on their own power to force us, the silenced majority, comply.

Perhaps someone ought to remind them of who the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces is … the one to which all serving therein have sworn their Oath of Allegiance.




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