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They’re mad, totally mad: the Professors of Doom & Gloom, Hancock and Johnson, and the ‘global health & science’ writers in ‘Our MSM’. To recapitulate: yesterday morning we had the privilege to watch the duo of Professors V and W produce scare graphs, hedged about with measured, soft voices.

Later yesterday afternoon Hancock ‘performed’ in the HoC. I did not watch him – life is too short, and surely those of us who are ‘vulnerable’ and are ‘shielding’ cannot be expected to endanger ourselves by exposing ourselves to moar doom and fear: that would affect our mental health, fersure! 

This morning we’re told to wait with bated breath and keen anticipation the address by the PM later today (paywalled links e.g. here and here) who will tell us that pubs will have to close at 10pm, starting – Thursday! The papers know this already because the PM’s PR machine has provided editors with the text of that speech.

It doesn’t seem to occur to the headline writers who’ve blared this pub curfew across their front pages that this looks as if the only industry in the UK is selling and drinking alcohol, that we’re all irresponsible drunkards in need to be nannied. That’ll ‘eradicate’ the virus, fersure!

The ‘pub curfew’ announcement is yet another example for the fact that all this has now become simply a PR campaign, based on slogans and hot air. However, there’s another, political aspect to this – more on that below.

Firstly, let’s look at this whole, mad mess of 2nd waves and 2nd Lockdowns. When even the pro-Lockdown papers are starting to question the graphs used by Messrs Vallance and Whitty, albeit cautiously and only in passing, you might think that the fear and hysteria mongers are slowly getting cold feet.

Still, they use numerical expressions indiscriminately, switching from ‘case numbers per day’ to case numbers accumulated over the week to projections e.g. ‘could reach 50,000 a day by mid-October’ in the same report, following Messrs V & W. For a great take-down of this “Game of Numbers”,  go to this morning’s newsletter by LockdownSceptics (here).

While the nation has surely seen ‘that’ graph’ by now, the soft words by Prof V ought not to be forgotten – this is important because a visual image stays in the memory longer than the spoken word:

“At a press conference from Downing Street on Monday, Sir Patrick Vallance warned that coronavirus cases could reach 50,000 a day by mid-October if the numbers double every seven days, with deaths growing past 200 a day. “It is not a prediction,” the Government’s chief scientific adviser insisted twice. Instead, he said, it was an illustration that “simply showed you how quickly this can move”. (paywalled link)

‘Could, perhaps’ – but ‘not a prediction’! And that’s the ‘scientific reason’ for more fear and hysteria? Blimey! The aim was to scare the Nation, it was propaganda plain and simple, to frighten us into compliance. I suggest it was also meant to make the Covidians clamour for’ moar measures’ by the government.

How ‘urgent’ the need for action safeguarding us against imminent death really is – that can be seen by the urgency with which government is addressing that ‘2nd Wave- Lockdown’: Johnson will tell the nation this evening that pubs will have to close by 10pm – from Thursday onwards! If this deadly virus were really that deadly, why wasn’t this curfew already imposed yesterday evening?

It’s amazing: this fabulous virus will apparently pause in its nefarious aim to kill us all until ‘government’ has installed that pub-lockdown! It’ll rampage around in those areas already under local restrictions, be they in England, be they in Wales, but will spare the rest of the country until pubs are told to close. Ah – I forgot: there’s going to be another app, to be used from – Thursday, what a coincidence:

“In England, hospitality venues must ask for the name and contact details of at least one member of every party. They must keep these records for 21 days, and refuse entry to those who refuse to participate. Failing to do so can result in fines of up to £4,000. From Thursday they will need to display an official NHS “QR code” poster to allow people to check in using the NHS Covid-19 app.” (link, paywalled)

Moar fines – but don’t ask why the NHS needs to track your movements regardless of your not having Covid, regardless of your having had ‘the test’ or not. Privacy, so diligently ‘defended’ by government a couple of years ago with their GDPS legislation, is no longer important in their fight to ‘eradicate’ the virus. 

Of course, both government and ‘our MSM’ are totally innocent of Lockdown consequences which they of course didn’t intend to happen. One is the “snitches’ charter” of which Johnson himself said he didn’t really mean it. See this:

“Some members of the government, including Matt Hancock, the health secretary, have urged the public to report anyone gathering in groups larger than six to police. Boris Johnson has said that neighbours should not call the police unless they were concerned about large parties. However, senior sources said that many members of the public were reporting even small transgressions and sometimes reporting because of a grudge against neighbours. The 101 number is used to report non-emergency offences to Police Scotland and forces in England and Wales.” (link, paywalled)

Surely that was totally unpredictable! Given how many muzzle-fanatics have been inundating the comment parts of ‘Our MSM’ and various blogs with their insistence that wearing face nappies is a civic duty, especially since Hancock and the professors of doom and gloom said so, nobody could possibly expect that snitches would snitch!

I won’t even mention the totally unexpected panic-buying of food and household items, again fuelled by ‘Our MSM’ who could of course not predict that their ‘reporting’ of instances of panic buying would also encourage others to rush out to the supermarkets and grab what they can. How could they possibly know, after the experience from March and April! 

There’s another piece of ‘news’ which shows how ridiculous this whole 2nd Wave-Lockdown really is. The fabulous tests on which government and SAGE rely are now definitely going to be rationed: ‘Our Sacred Cow’-workers first, then teachers, according to ‘a list’ now published by government:

“Ministers have warned that others with symptoms will have to wait longer to be tested as key workers are given priority. Matt Hancock, the health secretary, said that “the testing system we have is valuable and we must prioritise it for those who need it the most” as he finally published the list yesterday.” (link, paywalled)

Interesting, isn’t it: you can’t even get tested if you have symptoms, not if you’re not ‘a key worker’. Furthermore – the fear-inducing slogan of ‘asymptomatic superspreaders’ has suddenly vanished, sunk below the Covid- waves. But won’t fewer tests reduce the number of cases, thus making that 2nd Lockdown unnecessary? Hm …

And so to the political implications of this latest Covid-Government shambles. There are now indications that some Tories are working en coulisse on positioning their latest darling, Dishi Rishi, to take over as PM. They’re still ever so careful, but the trend is discernible.

The Times reports on meetings over the weekend, pointing the finger not just at Hancock but at Gove (yeah, he’s one of their black beats because: “Brexit!”) for ‘pushing for decisive measures’ – measures have clamoured for. Dishi Rishi however, primed by his Treasury mandarins, was asking the PM to limit those measures:

“He was not asking the prime minister to do nothing, but to try to limit new restrictions to those that were least economically damaging. “The essential argument was: can you keep going on the things which financially you need to keep going, while being tough on large groups of people hanging out in parks, which has no economic consequence?” a Whitehall source said.” (link, paywalled)

Note that this comes from ‘a Whitehall source’, not from Sunak himself – but it’s good material for contrasting Shiny Sunak with horrid Gove: a good little missile to keep for later, when – no longer ‘if’ – Johnson goes. LockdownSceptics are also putting a toe into these murky waters:

“Why have they [V and W]  embarrassed themselves in the way? If they’re just stooges for Caesar, Pompey and Crassus (Boris, Dom and Gove), what’s their agenda? Why does a Tory Government want to completely destroy the British economy – predicted to lose £250 million a day while the 10pm curfew remains in place? Won’t that just propel Mr Woodentop into Downing Street? Even senior politicians are perplexed. (link)

Interesting, isn’t it, how Gove crops up here as well. I do wonder though why even LockdownSceptics don’t ask the equally valid question: are perhaps Johnson, Hancock, Gove and, if you insist, Cummings, the stooges of the entrenched government scientists, spearheaded by Messrs V & W?

LockdownSceptics knows – we all know that these three ministers are scientifically illiterate. Explanations of why those three don’t seem to get it, that the numbers are propaganda, unscientific propaganda at that, are however just plain speculation with a political aim – nought wrong with that! 

Read the whole thing, but let me wonder to whom this appeal is addressed: “Brutus, it’s time to start sharpening your knife.” (link) Hm. We do know that Brutus didn’t take over from Caesar – so who is the prospective Octavius, the winner from that backstabbing for which some Tories are obviously sharpening their knives? Your guess is a s good as mine!

I leave you with an extraordinary piece of news, reported in the Times: 

“Infection with flu and coronavirus at the same time doubles a person’s risk of dying, according to research released by Public Health England as part of a push to improve uptake of the flu vaccine.” (link, paywalled)

Words fail me! But do note: ‘tis about vaccination, so for fear of death venture out into the Covid-laden atmosphere and get yer flu jab, regardless of perhaps being asymptomatically Covid-infected. It’s to protect ‘Our NCS’, you understand, and we all have to die anyway … Until then, let’s




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