Will the High Courts now decide our politics?


At the end of this extraordinary week which started with the Prorogation on Monday when the Remain MPs and the Speaker collectively lost their countenance, the Brexit Madness hasn’t abated one bit. It’s no longer only about Brexit though. There’s the visceral hatred for Johnson by the Remain Harlots being displayed in the MSM and there’s the shifting of goalposts: actual and prospective, depending on whatever Johnson’s government does next.  

Firstly, take the ‘Operation Yellowhammer’ paper, released by the government. Suddenly it’s no longer so important. Instead of outcry after outcry by journalists and MPs, there’s mostly silence. Iain Duncan Smith’s comments here – not paywalled – are worth reading.

The inimitable Sir John Redwood pours scorn over this nothing-burger in his Diary today, titled ‘Yellowhammer – is that it?’. That entry is a must-read! Similarly Ross Clark in the (paywalled) DT has only scorn, writing that this is not a prediction nor a forecast, making an excellent comparison:

“What is most striking about these documents is how unfrightening it all is. How ironic that whenever the BBC runs a story about a no-deal Brexit it uses a photograph of lorries backed up along the M20 taken during the Calais port strikes in 2015. On that occasion, strikers dumped tyres on the road leading to Calais docks and set them alight, closing the port altogether and leading to long tailbacks of lorries in Britain and France. Yet did the supermarkets run out of food? Did the British public riot because they were unable to get one type of lettuce?” (paywalled link)

He continues with these acerbic observations:

“Industrial disputes affecting vital infrastructure are just one of the many crises for which governments have to plan. I presume – and hope – there are people in Whitehall already engaged in detailed contingency planning in the event of a general strike in Britain: something which many on the left keep demanding for various reasons and which a Corbyn government would help enable by repealing much trade union law.” (paywalled link)

A storm in a teacup, wasn’t it, Mr Grieve? Mr Starmer? Mr Bercow? For this you wasted precious time which you could have spent on talking about Brexit …

Next, another High Court Judgement which barely raised a wave in our MSM but which The Times reported more extensively:

“A legal challenge to Brexit that argued the Government’s strategy will damage the Northern Ireland peace process has been dismissed as “inherently and unmistakably political”. […] Lord Justice Bernard McCloskey said the action was “doomed to failure”. His ruling said: “I consider the characterisation of the subject matter of these proceedings as inherently and unmistakably political to be beyond plausible dispute. Virtually all of the assembled evidence belongs to the world of politics, both national and supra-national.” (link, paywalled)

Another waste of time and money then – but If you think that the Brexit Madness will stop next week when the appeal to the previous judgments will be heard in England, rest assured – the court drama will continue. Here is the latest:

“Boris Johnson faces a fresh legal challenge to his Brexit plans in the same Scottish court that ruled he had acted unlawfully by proroguing Parliament. A group of 78 opposition MPs and peers which successfully challenged the Government earlier this week now wants the court to rule that it [the Court] will ask Brussels for a Brexit extension if Mr Johnson refuses to do so. The anti-no deal campaigners believe judges in Scotland have the power to send a letter to Brussels asking for an extension if Mr Johnson refuses to.” (paywalled link)

Someone ask these Arch Remainers why they don’t simply hand over the governance of Scotland and the UK to the courts: unelected judges are so much better at ruling that MPs!

Should we Remain, we don’t need Parliament at all anyway because our Whitehall Mandarins can just sign off on the various EU Directives while the Judges can take up controversies with the ECJ. Think of the money we’d save! It could go towards our additional payments to the EU.

So – to the Boris hatred. That ludicrous question from one reporter, namely “Did you lie to the Queen?” got splashed across the pages. John Bercow meanwhile compared Johnson to a bank robber. Reports are here, here, and paywalled here and here. The actual threat by Bercow comes in this remark:

“John Bercow warned Boris Johnson last night that he would help MPs determined to stop a no-deal Brexit with “procedural creativity” if the prime minister ignores a law telling him to extend Article 50. […] Mr Bercow told Mr Johnson that parliament would step in if he tried to bypass the law, saying: “Neither the limitations of the rulebook nor the ticking of the clock will stop it.” He added that the only “legitimate” form of Brexit would be one that “the House of Commons has explicitly endorsed”. (link, paywalled)

Bercow seems to think he’s now sacrosanct and, as lame-duck speaker, can give his Remain bias free rein while overturning centuries of parliamentary procedures and conventions. He might reflect that the government could also use the High Courts to attack his ‘creative’ forays outside those rules and conventions since Court rulings appear to be the preferred way of doing politics nowadays.

Meanwhile the Tory Remain MPs show again that they have lost the plot. The ‘rebels’ who had the whip withdrawn and who said they wouldn’t stand in a GE are now trying to promote one of them to stand against Johnson in his constituency. The candidate they think is suitable is – Rory Stewart, as reported in The Express according to which the Momentum crowd are also wading in. Trying to beat Johnson in a GE seems to be another strategy in their fight to wreck Brexit. 

But will there even be a GE? Tory ‘rebels’ are on the case and are plotting to stop a GE until summer (here) while at the same time wanting to force Johnson to get a Brexit deal – a deal which we all know is that May Vassalage Treaty. 

A ‘Brexit minister’ is also imploring Johnson to delay not just Brexit but a GE (here), for fear of ‘letting Corbyn into No 10’. The question of how Johnson is meant to achieve this when he has no majority in the HoC is mercifully left unanswered. That minister seems to believe those pollsters who declare that TBP will split the Leave vote, thus letting Labour in.

Well, here’s a piece of news: Labour Leave voters won’t vote Labour in a prospective GE when it’s about Leave or Remain. They’ll switch to Nigel Farage. That ‘Brexit Minister’ (was that you, Mr Stephen Barclay?) quoted in the report hasn’t grasped yet that political tribal loyalties will count for nothing if Brexit is betrayed. 

There are other electoral ‘Project Fear’ scenarios being developed by Remain harlots. One is that upon a Johnson resignation Corbyn would become PM automatically. Thus the scene would be set for the 2nd referendum they so desire. Labour meanwhile would gleefully implement the socialist policies they so lovingly unveiled at that TUC Conference earlier this week. You might like to read for yourselves  what that would mean for the economy. How this is more acceptable than a WTO Brexit is a secret the Tory ‘rebels’ won’t tell us.

In contrast to what the Remain harlots would like us to believe, Johnson is negotiating, and there are signs that a Backstop compromise might be found – see here, here and here, and paywalled here:

“The Times understands that, for the first time, the party has said it would accept Northern Ireland abiding by some European Union rules after Brexit in a deal to replace the Irish backstop. The DUP has also said privately that it would drop its objection to regulatory checks in the Irish Sea, which it had called unacceptable as this would separate Northern Ireland “politically and economically” from the mainland.”

My crystal ball tells me that even if M Barnier accepts this – highly unlikely, I would think! – it won’t be sufficient for the Remainers. They’ll shift the goalposts: only BRINO will do for them, and the next battlefield will be to force Johnson to hold a 2nd Referendum. 

But don’t despair! The outlook might be grim after all that has happened this week, but the darkest hour always comes before dawn. No matter the Remain plots – a GE will be coming. The mood in the country outside the M25 is changing. Socialism of the 1970s kind won’t be a vote winner when Brexit is in peril.

Unlike in 2017, voters won’t trust shiny new Manifestos again. They won’t forget how they have been betrayed and by whom. It’s about Brexit or Remain. It’s as simple as that. And while the establishment parties are glorying in their old-fashioned AGM displays and their tribal certainties, it’s for us to prepare the ground to boot them out in the next GE. So – courage and 




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