Have you watched an old black and white film where the peasants revolt and march on the liege Lord’s castle with pitch-forks, lit torches, hoes and shovels?

Well, is it not time for the peasants in modern Britain to do the same in a metaphorical manner? The current state of politics in this country, the situation in Parliament, the seat of our governance, is certainly worse that I can ever remember.

I do not wish to take an anti-political party stance as I believe all the current parties sitting in there are a shower of hypocritical no necks. They are the most conceited, condescending and arrogant bunch of no marks. They take centre stage in demonstrating to the hardworking peoples of this great nation just how bad things have got in the cess pit that is Parliament. I doubt there is a spine to be found among them; such is the funding and chaos of the NHS we would be lucky to find a working MRI scanner to be able to find one.

The Scots have no other record.  Other than their independence, they offer nothing to the country they serve. In Scotland the good people do not want independence; they just seek and demand good governance.  It is surely time for the Prime Minister to tell them to go and have their independence referendum, if nothing else but to shut them up and stop their bleating.

The Liberal Democrats have, to be fair, held their nerve and failed to blink. The second referendum they demand with every breath, of course, would be a betrayal of the British people and their democracy that would set us back many years, if indeed the system of governance we currently have could ever recover from such an act. They are in all truth irrelevant.

The Labour party are in trouble.  Make no mistake their silence and failure to act as an effective opposition is not borne out of any plan to play hide and seek. They do not toil under the impression that they are waiting to see what happens each day.

No, the Labour party is lost.  They do not have a credible plan to pull this country back from the brink. The EU are no more likely to strike a new deal with the socialist doctrine of Comrade Corbyn than they would be with the cast of any pantomime currently running. It is pure folly, but of course in opposition you can say anything from the comfort of knowing you will not have to follow through with your falsehoods.

I suspect in private that many Labour MPs go home and kick the proverbial cat in anger and frustration at the inability of their leader to proffer any kind of opposition that is not risible. At the weekly PMQs, Corbyn has missed so many open goals he should play centre forward for Bradford City (my home team that are not doing well).

They all collectively forget, when they denigrate and put down this country with their projects of fear and gloom, that the institution they would in the majority keep us in, the EU, is also broken. Italy, Greece, Spain and France have enormous troubles, socio economically and culturally. Germany is not far behind. The only member state of the EU that seems to have got it right is Poland, they have closed all borders to Muslim infiltration. They have taken no refugees and still avail themselves of everything financially that they can lay their hands on. They have not had a single terrorist attack. Their economy is booming.

The EU has plans, bearing in mind it makes nothing, it manufactures nothing. The EU has positioned itself whereby it simply orders the 28 member states what to do, when to do it and how to do it. The EU charges those member states for the privilege of doing so and they pay!

The EU is the most successful Cosa Nostra in history. From the Mafia they have learned well. Of course, if you challenge them and have the temerity to say no, their punishment is swift and very severe.

Their plans are for complete integration and the surrender of most powers from member states to its supremacy. They have plans to set taxation levels and impose spending controls throughout. They are planning and implementing their own army. As demonstrated in Paris recently they will spare no quarter to those peasants daring to stand up to them with or without pitchforks. The gillet jeunes were metered out beatings and assaults on a scale very rarely recorded and distributed on mainstream media. A full and complete army at the disposal of these unelected despots should be very worrying indeed.

The order of governance must change completely for any meaningful change to the lives of those peasants who are ignored, called thick, subjugated and robbed, yet courted every five years for a vote. It will take though a strong leader and a great will of the peasants derived out of anger and frustration to bring about such a change. Is there such a person? Is there the will?

Time will tell.

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