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The British Government is to establish a “free speech champion” to prevent de-platforming of speakers, cancel culture and other censorship by the far left at our Universities. It is a typically weak response to far left extremism and intellectual violence against our society –  and its effect will be somewhat diminished by Boris Johnson’s claim that “there is nothing wrong with woke”.

And indeed the measures are merely to give academics and students the right in law to sue Universities if their free speech is impaired. The Government will not fine or imprison the totalitarian bigots who crush democratic dissent, nor ban them from offering a (don’t laugh) “liberal education”!


One of the harbingers of this censorship and cancel culture in Britain was the “MacPherson Enquiry” into the Steven Lawrence murder in 1993. The death has occurred of Sir William MacPherson the founder of the notion of “institutional racism” whose ludicrous definition of a racist incident was one which was “so described by the victim or any other person” and who thereby launched what has become the woke movement of highly politicised law, the silencing of dissent and the notion that whites are “racist” not by what they say or do but by the very fact that they are white! In other words the legitimising of black racism.

MacPherson was an early instigator of the process which has produced “critical race theory” and the rise of racist politics as the prime mover of far left revolutions.

Peter Mullen writes in a just-published article on MacPherson’s obnoxious legacy.

Meaningless jargon, politically-correct or not, is not merely spurious: when a nonsensical expression is made the basis of our criminal jurisdiction, it is a prescription for confusion and chaos

In fact it is a prescription for arbitrary judgment – when the whim or personal politics of a judge are given scope to dictate what the law should be depending on who is in the dock. (MacPherson also introduced the dangerously undefinable concept of “unconscious racism”) This has always been the critical outcome of “people’s courts” in fascist and communist regimes.

This has its ultimate irony in the self declared black (he is of mixed race) Lewis Hamilton, the multimillionaire racing driver, embracing the black supremacist, communist BLM after white, capitalist democratic Britain had made him one of the richest blacks in the world. One of the mantras of BLM is “destroy white capitalism”.

When one of the many spineless big corporates in the USA (Wells Fargo Bank) joined in the support for BLM those very rioters sacked one of their branches! And having supported and encouraged BLM rioting the US Democrat party itself became a target of destruction.


Once the far left gave up mobilising the (“exploited” and “revolutionary”) working class – because capitalism had made them too rich and they lost their revolutionary potential – they chose racist politics as far more fruitful. Enough Blacks were poor but by choosing racism they could also recruit rich Blacks like British racing drivers and American plutocrats like Oprah Winfrey and Football players – and they developed “critical race theory” to “prove” that all whites were racists, regardless of what they did or do or say!

The far left have a continuous need for revolution and violence and race – unlike poverty – cannot change!

This all became today’s woke movement. Strange that the Johnson Government is to act against it – when the Covid affected Prime Minister has said “there is nothing wrong with woke”.

Sir William MacPherson proved to be one of the most dangerous founders of modern race politics in Britain. But I am pleased to say that some of the best fighters against this modern (white far left inspired) black racism are black British and black American activists – not that you will see them represented in the corporatist leftist mainstream media.

The Steven Lawrence murder in 1993 gave the media and especially the BBC an opportunity to promote the lie that Britain and the British were “institutionally racist’ because one black boy was allegedly murdered by whites (no one was convicted). The deliberate denial of the many reverse cases – whites murdered by blacks – was worthy of the Goebbels award for journalism! As it happens another Lawrence was murdered in 1995 – headmaster Philip Lawrence – who was stabbed to death by a member of a Filipino gang outside his own school as he sought to protect one of his pupils. That murder did not lead to decades of anti Filipino propaganda, Lawrence’s widow was not raised to the House of Lords (as the black Steven Lawrence’s mother was) and no great media war was waged against Filipino gangs and their association with Chinese Triad gangs in London which is a grave threat to public order.

The Marxist left in Britain cannot allow any potential conflict to pass by if it can undermine British society, the rule of law and conservative values (even when those values are shared by immigrants of every colour!)

After the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby on 22nd May 2013 by two black Muslim extremists Michael Adebolajo (a self declared “soldier of Allah”) and Michael Adebowale who boasted of the murder which Adebolajo’s own lawyer said was “a religiously aggravated crime”, there were no honours for Lee Rigby’s parents. No decades long propaganda about racist blacks and “institutionally murderous” Islam – although the words in the Koran are clear enough!


The British media treatment of these different cases shows the institutionalised anti white racism of sections of the British press, and especially the BBC. Indeed since the Lee Rigby murder black racism has flourished in Britain with black academics and journalists seemingly immune from prosecution for their blatant racism.

In response to the Black Lives matter movement one Cambridge Asian academic said that “white lives don’t matter per se”. Rather different from the typical white reaction – “all lives matter”. Another Asian welcomes the rise in the black population in London and the fall of the white; while a black Church of England Minister attacks “ignorant white Christian men” and attacked the late charity hero Captain Tom Moore as a “cult of white nationalism”. One footballer praised the term “choc ice” applied to another black footballer Ashley Cole (for defending a white footballer against racism accusations). It is a black racist term for “black on the outside white on the inside”.

Both in the UK and USA black racism has long been festering in academic institutions. Boston University Professor Saida Grundy was full of hatred for whites (condemning New York’s St Patricks Day parade) and claiming that

“no race except europeans …kidnapped and transported human beings in order to enslave them and their offspring for life….. deal with your white shit white people”

when of course Moors, Arabs and Black Africans traded slaves, including whites captured from Europe by Barbary pirates and sold into slavery. Even in America there were indentured white workers who had to work to pay off debts.

Bahar Mustafa “welfare and diversity officer” for the Goldsmiths University students union in London barred men and all whites from  a rally against racism.

“If you’ve been invited and you are a man or white please don’t come”

University of London students demanded that thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle, Voltaire, and Immanuel Kant be banned from the philosophy syllabus… because they were white. “If they think there is a colonial context from which Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason arose, I would like to hear it,” remarked the late Roger Scruton.

This is from the principal of state funded East Side Community School in New York which sent white parents this “tool for action,” which tells them they must become “white traitors” and then advocate for full “white abolition.” Substitute “black” or “Jew” in this obscene racist document and you will see the war that has been declared.


As totalitarianism of both the fascist and communist varieties are dragging us back to the 1930s (again exploiting racial politics), decent democrats and nationists, hard working families and businesses, parliamentarians and voters of all races must resist this new enemy which seeks and practises hatred and division – while accusing others of their own vices!

Just as there are left and right in the fascist movement – and left and right in the anti fascist movement so there are both blacks and whites fighting to stop the combination of black racism and white communism. There are signs of a fightback on both sides of the Atlantic. We must not give up.

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