Vaccination cannot prevent anyone from exposure to or contracting an infection. Pathogens enter the body through openings such as the mouth, nose, eyes, ears, etc and everyone will contract an infectious agent sooner or later. The impact of that depends upon what happens next.

Traditional vaccines and the new mRNA injections have as their intention to instigate a process that forces the body to create antibodies in the same way as it would if a person were to be naturally infected by the wild virus. The belief, which is partly right, is that antibodies will be created to combat the virus. Immune memory will persist and were the individual to become exposed to the wild virus at a later date, then the defence mechanisms would have been forewarned of the nature of the attack and already have the necessary armoury in place to defeat the invader. So far so good.

At this point, it’s worth mentioning that the human immune system is massively complicated, and nobody truly understands how it all works. White coats with hobnail boots might be a way of describing the efforts of researchers in attempting to improve upon something they don’t understand, even if some of their efforts might seem to work.

Traditional vaccines use bits (attenuated virus) of the real virus to do this, but they aren’t sufficiently stimulating to produce the antibodies so other substances (adjuvants) are included in the syringe to deliberately cause inflammation. These adjuvants quite commonly include Aluminium, and in some vaccines, Mercury. Both of these are neurotoxins and the cause of multiple cases of vaccine injury.

mRNA vaccines, on the other hand, do not need such adjuvants because they directly insert into the cells a synthetic version of mRNA produced by reverse-engineering the spike protein of the Corona Virus that would normally exist as a result of a wild virus infection and a failed initial macrophage assault. This foreign mRNA then produces the Corona Virus antigens (spike proteins), fooling the immune system into thinking it is being infected by Corona Virus when it isn’t. As a result of that, the immune system produces the necessary antibodies. From then on, the strategy of both kinds of vaccines is much the same. It isn’t clear what is supposed to happen if the vaccine recipient also happens to have an asymptomatic infection or even a symptomatic one. Which would you prefer, the natural complete response created by God or the synthetic lab one created by a clumping white coat?

Three problems exist with the mRNA vaccine. Firstly, how to get the synthetic mRNA into the cells before the body attacks it as not being self. Secondly, the problem that not all of the synthetic mRNA will go into the cells and some will be left outside and its effects are unknown. Thirdly, that the effect of foreign mRNA on other naturally occurring RNA is unknown.

Problem one is solved by coating the mRNA in a lipid coating for protection and the constituent parts of that coating is what causes the, sometimes severe, allergic response of recipients and problems 2 and three, as well as the pathogenic priming problem (see below), will eventually be answered when this massive experiment that so many people are an unwitting part of reveals the true effect of this, quite radical, interference in 10 or 20 years, not that you will be informed if it is negative.

Theoretically, this is a wonderful idea. No need for bits of dead virus or toxic metals.

There is a well-known and well-researched problem with vaccines that you are never told about. It has a number of names. Pathogenic Priming; Antibody Independent Enhancement, Original Antigenic Sin and Linked Epitome Suppression.

They all mean that the antibodies produced by the vaccine are not quite right and rather than give the immune system a heads up for when the wild virus is encountered it is wrong-footed into an inappropriate or delayed response which has the effect of making the infection much worse than it would have been had the individual not been vaccinated at all.

The mRNA idea has been around for quite a long time and is clearly affected by this issue. There have been a number of animal trials that highlighted the problem. In one notable experiment on cats, all the animals injected with the vaccine died after being injected with the wild virus and the control group survived.

A note was added to one study saying that trials on humans should be considered with great caution.

However, the problem doesn’t end there.


Editor’s Note: This is the first part of a two-part series. You can read the concluding part on Independence Daily tomorrow.

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