Revealed: the secret Hancock string-puller …


God help us – he’s back. ‘He’ being that former PM, a certain Mr T.Blair. If that’s not sufficient to make one want to run screaming for the hills – not that one can, given that we’re still lockdowned – then there’s the ongoing presence of tinpot dictators being given a ‘platform’ in our covid MSM. All one needs is a medical degree, a position as ‘chief’ or ‘chair’ in some health organisation. Being a professor of some specialist subject which can be linked to covid also helps. However, this only shows that the covid politburo and the covid MSM are puzzled, dazzled and blinded by ‘data’ which don’t provide them with arguments to keep us imprisoned any longer. If you get the impression that they’re floundering: yes – they are.

For starters and as antidote I refer you to this morning’s Newsletter of Lockdown Sceptics (link). From the effect of that ‘all parents must test their schoolchildren’ proposal by BJ to numbers relating to infections hospital admissions and discharges, to ICU admissions and the age of those so admitted and to mass-testing, you’ll find there the most useful graphs and explanations the covid MSM always seem to overlook. Given Blair’s initiative (more on that in two shakes of a lamb’s tail) I suggest you also fortify yourself with the letter written to the DT by Robin Tilbrook as quoted in Lockdown Sceptics (link).

Thus fortified, let’s look at what the Blair person has to say – or rather, what his Think Tank has come up with:

“Coronavirus cases need to fall tenfold before pubs open and Boris Johnson’s goal of “irreversible” easing is likely to be unachievable, Tony Blair’s think tank has concluded. Johnson’s road map out of lockdown next week should set out a clear, numerical link between the state of the epidemic and the lifting or imposing of restrictions, according to the report published today by the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.” (link, paywalled)

Ah – those numbers again! Haven’t we learned by now that those ‘numbers’ are used for goalpost-shifting exercises only, that explanations and definitions are being changed to keep the ‘fear’ going? There’s more:

“A complete lifting of restrictions may not be safe until there are no known cases of coronavirus in Britain, and rapid reimposing of local restrictions, mass testing and app-based vaccine passports will be needed to avoid another national lockdown, the research group said.” (link, paywalled)

Yes, this is it: Blair, who wanted ID cards for everyone when he was PM is now trying to achieve his aim through the backdoor. The really scary bit though is this:

“Blair […] has become an influential voice during the pandemic, offering informal advice to Matt Hancock, the health secretary, and advocating a vaccination strategy of prioritising first doses, subsequently adopted by the government.” (link, paywalled)

Dearie me – who’da thunk that it’s not the SAGEs pulling BJ’s strings but that it’s Blair who has been doing this for ‘Yon Matt H.’? Remind me – has TB been elected to anything by us since he left No 10? Why is a Tory minister listening to him? Above all – do we have TB to thank for BJ’s jab strategy and not the SAGEs and all that lot? There’s one more quote which shows that it’s about politics, TB’s politics at that, and not about his concern for the health of us all:

“However, the report criticises the government for not having a clear strategy, pointing to complaints from backbenchers about scientific advisers “shifting the goalposts” as a sign that Johnson has not been clear about whether his key aim is to stop the NHS being overwhelmed or to drive cases down to a particular level.” (link, paywalled)

The truly dangerous point of this TB ‘initiative’ is that he’s clearly pursuing twin aims: more control of the population, through apps and mass testing, even as we know by now that mass testing results in one thing only: mass ‘case’ numbers’. His hidden aim is to achieve ‘zero covid’ – something which has become fashionable amongst international scientists and science activists. For example, the BMA “is calling for a “near-elimination” of Covid from the UK before any significant easing of lockdown restrictions” (paywalled link) to save that ‘Sacred Cow’ from being overwhelmed.

Why, after a year of having received even more of our money, of having gone through two ‘waves’ and covid ‘experiences’ would the NHS still be ‘overwhelmed’? The BMA doesn’t explain that. Nor does the BMA seem to be at all concerned with the ongoing scandal of what is so coyly labelled ‘collateral damage’ – the huge backlog of cancer treatments, the avoidable cancer deaths, the waiting lists, the deaths from heart attacks. Not that our covid MSM are especially intersted in writing about this scandal either.

To be fair, Whitty does have ‘reservations’ about this latest ploy, to achieve ‘No Covid’: “Chris Whitty, the Chief Medical Officer, points out in meetings that no virus has been extinguished apart from smallpox.” (paywalled link). Shouldn’t the lockdown maniacs listen to him – or do they only listen when it suits their agenda? Fraser Nelson in the DT has another point:

“The other advisers’ group, Sage, is more pessimistic – and vocal. Its members can often be found on the airwaves lobbying for harder restrictions. None of this ought to sway Boris Johnson but he feels shell shocked after 120,000 Covid deaths, wary of trusting his own liberal instincts. The Prime Minister has started to blame himself for delaying the first lockdown by a week: a decision that Imperial College London has claimed cost 21,000 lives. Its assumptions are (to put it mildly) open to question but its basic thrust is believed in No10.” (paywalled link)

The reference to BJ’s ‘mood’ is scary, especially when figures such as TB are pulling strings in the background. It clearly means that BJ and his covid politburo cannot be trusted to lift restrictions because there will always be ‘scare numbers’ which scare BJ more than anyone else.

There’s one other piece of covid news which makes me wonder if the government noises about mass home testing and the testing of school kids was meant to reassure the gullible lockdownians in the population because ‘tests’ prevent covid, don’t they … see this:

“On Thursday, Baroness Dido Harding, the head of NHS Test and Trace, announced job cuts for its call handlers as a result of declining levels of infection. In an email, she wrote:  “As a result of the decreasing levels of prevalence, NHS Test and Trace are reducing the size of the contact tracing workforce. As prevalence levels decrease, the profile of the tracing workforce will change from volume contact tracing towards supporting enhanced contact tracing and outbreaks.” (paywalled link)

Crikey. “We” don’t need more ‘test handlers’ because the numbers are going down? But mustn’t we keep testing until there’s no covid? Or does the covid government machine now trust us plebs to do ‘the right thing’ ourselves, staying in self-imposed quarantine without being told? The ways of this covid lot are strange indeed!

Finally there’s a study, another lot of ‘numbers’ which shows that the pub closures imposed in September had no effect whatsoever on reducing the scary ‘contacts’ with covid lepers (link). A whole industry was sacrificed needlessly on the altar of ‘no covid’!

We’ve always said that this decision was political rather than due to health considerations. It was to prohibit the meeting of people who might criticise the covid politburo and their covid diktats. At least now we have ‘scientific proof’ for this. The lockdownians better accept that they cannot use one set of ‘data’ to support their ongoing, destructive lockdowns while discarding those showing these restrictions were useless. 

I give the last word to the doctor writing in LockdownSceptics:

“In the cohort of patients in English ICUs from September 1st, 36.7% had BMIs between 30 and 40 and 11.5% had a BMI over 40 – so almost half of critically ill patients with COVID were either overweight or grossly obese. […] I’m making the point that Government and the NHS should avoid ‘spinning’ selected statistics to achieve political ends and strive to present a comprehensive and balanced picture. Doing otherwise leads to poor decision making and a damaging loss of trust in our civic institutions.” (link)

Indeed so – but don’t expect the covid fanatics to take that on board. What is scary about this finding is the fact that this looks like the blueprint for another step towards a health dictatorship according to which our foremost goal must be to ‘Save the Sacred Cow’. So – lose weight or else, innit!

Well, Lent has started on the Wednesday just gone, so perhaps fasting during Lent can now be done without the religious overtones our Westminster ‘elite’ so dislikes. Surely, ‘Fast to Save the NHS’ is an acceptable slogan?





Photo by chexov

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