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They don’t even notice the contradictions in what they ‘report’. They – the editors, reporters and authors in ‘Our MSM’, the present and former mandarins, the politicians anxious to make themselves look good, the SAGEs and quangocrats who try to keep their reputation intact, the bureaucrats who know one solution only: ‘more money’. The two top items today demonstrate this in exemplary fashion: the CV-19 pandemic and the mess of the ‘school exams. 

Moreover, it never fails to astonish me how the Westminster “elite”, represented by “our MSM” laps up the utterances of a coalition of anonymous ‘ senior sources’, anonymous ‘senior ministers’, and anonymous ‘senior experts’. Why they are all ‘senior’ is an enigma. Why they are always anonymous is equally puzzling. After all, we plebs are told to give our full names because otherwise we’re just trolls of dubious political provenience. 

So let’s take a look at that latest post-covid madness. European countries, that is France, Germany, Spain and Italy, have seen a huge increase in ‘case numbers’:

“France has recorded its highest daily new cases since May, with almost 3,800 infections in 24 hours. Germany has reported more than 1,700 new cases, the highest daily toll since the peak of the pandemic in April. Spain and Italy reported highs not seen for months.” (link, paywalled)

How is that possible? Don’t ‘Our MSM’ keep promoting these countries, Germany and France especially, as examples “we” must follow because of their successful CV-19 strategies? Aren’t these countries, France especially, the ones where muzzle-wearing was made a condition of Lockdown-easing, becoming mandatory and enforced with fines?

Or is this ‘surge’ due to more tests? Don’t ask, especially not since ‘culprits’ have already been made out: ‘the young’ who are insouciant and believe they can’t become infected – and all those who’ve taken summer holidays and are returning back home. 

Meanwhile the Scandinavian countries are tightening their borders – wonderful, isn’t it, how they can do this while it’s nefarious to do so when it’s about keeping out illegal immigrants:

“Finland removed most EU countries from its “green travel list”, with restrictions coming in on Monday. Norway also tightened up from Saturday, adding Greece, Britain, Ireland, Austria and parts of Sweden and Denmark to its list of nations where non-essential travel is discouraged.” (link, paywalled)

Does ‘The Virus’ wait patiently at their borders until the restrictions are in place? The Times meanwhile has dug deep for their report, quoting doctors from Navarre, Burgos and even a nurse from Granada so that we can suitably cower behind our doors. These Spanish experts blame the easing of Spanish Lockdown rules and the irresponsible youth – oh dear! – who go ‘partying’. (link, paywalled)

Oh dear oh dear! ‘Experts’ here in the UK are also deeply worried and the first cries – veiled right now – are being made for ‘better test & trace’, because:

“it is vital to have a fully effective test-and-trace system in place before winter, when it will be harder to distinguish between Covid-19 and other respiratory infections. However, yesterday’s figures show longer waits for results, with 60.5 per cent of tests done in person returned within 24 hours, compared with 70.3 per cent the week before.” (link, paywalled)

So do these tests not distinguish between CV-19 and ‘other respiratory infections’ which are, after all, mostly caused by other corona viruses? If so – perhaps this rise in cases is not due just to CV-19? I do think this is a point the various science editors ought to pursue – not that I’m holding my breath! Nor do I expect ‘our MSM’ to follow up this extraordinary admission:

“Hospital admissions for Covid-19 were over-reported at the peak of the pandemic, with patients who were taken in for other illnesses being included in outbreak statistics, it has emerged. An investigation for the Government’s Science Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) found that people were being counted as Covid hospital admissions if they had ever had the virus, and were added to those being  admitted directly due to it.” (paywalled link)

It’s unbelievable: not only were the CV-19 deaths ‘over-reported’, as has been pointed out for months, but hospital admission figures are also incorrect! Who knew! And this is the basis for Lockdown, for the misery of all those ill with non-Covid illnesses! Have they suffered in vain? It’s worse:

“Government figures show that, at the peak of the pandemic in early April, nearly 20,000 people a week were being admitted to hospital with coronavirus, but the true figure is unknown because of the problem with over-counting.” (paywalled link)

It’s official: we’ll never know the true CV-19 numbers. I am beyond angry, especially since all who’ve pointed this out for months were disregarded, labelled as simply some horrible ‘covid-deniers’, trolls who mustn’t be allowed to speak out. It’s a clear admission that all those case numbers are totally unreliable. We told them so, not least Professor Carl Henegan who is quoted in that report saying:

“The  admissions data is a crucial point. I’d say it is more important than the death data because it is the best marker of the impact of the disease.” (paywalled link)

More importantly, why should we believe those ‘experts’, those Lockdown enthusiasts, when we read on the one hand that:

“On Thursday night, experts warned that the miscalculation was particularly concerning because the number had been used to reflect the current state of the epidemic.” (paywalled link)

and on the other hand, a few lines further down, that:

“The issue came to light on June 18, when Sage minutes record that Government scientists registered concern that non-Covid patients were being included in the outbreak data.” (paywalled link)

The SAGEs noticed this – on June 18th? What did they do during these two months? Disregard the issue, sweep it under the carpet? And these are the numbers on which government now bases its policy of handing power to local tinpot dictators to impose ‘local lockdowns’?

The whole Lockdown, from the start, is a total mess. I doubt if the aim of the medical profession, to research the virus and proper treatments, will ever be achieved. Meanwhile, ‘government’ channels their inner Pontius Pilate, washing their hands:

“Throughout the pandemic, we have worked with Sage and follow their advice to ensure data is collected in a manner that supports their important work, including through mutually agreed changes to existing guidance.” (paywalled link)

I do pity the poor things governing us who’ve relied on SAGE – now shown, once and for all, as tinpot emperors without clothes. Strangely enough, the phenomenon Professor Henegan has addressed repeatedly, that of rising case numbers without accompanying death rates, also happens in EU countries:

“But deaths and hospitalisations from the virus are not rising by comparable levels, leading to speculation and debate over the cause.” (paywalled link)

Well, that debate has taken place elsewhere, outside ‘Our MSM’, and has been duly suppressed by the tech giants. And now Macron, quelle surprise, is advocating ‘local lockdowns’, as if he’s copying ‘our’ strategy. We in return are bound to copy his, with more mandatory muzzle-wearing because these muzzles have so successfully prevented that outbreak on the continent, no?

And what about the exam fiasco, or rather: scandal? Not only are the heads of sixth-form colleges demanding more money because all those with ‘great’ GCSE result will want to continue their education (link, paywalled), just as university vice chancellors have done, we’re now being ‘blessed’ with statements from some of those involved who have ‘warned’ about this all along. Not that ‘Our MSM’ are trying to get to the bottom of this, not that they actually notice the contradictions. See this statement on the one hand:

“Even Ofqual’s own expert advisers warned that it was doomed to fail as long as ministers insisted on a system that would prevent grade inflation and ensure results were consistent with previous years. […] Mr Gibb […] said he had called a meeting with Ofqual to discuss those “very concerns” but said was “reassured” the algorithm would not have that effect.” (paywalled link)

And compare and contrast with this one, quoting that same Sir Jon Coles:

“Yesterday Sir Jon highlighted that some GCSE students had been awarded marks above the maximum possible for their exams. After the grading fiasco students received whichever was higher, their predicted grade or the result produced by the algorithm.Sir Jon wrote on Twitter: “The decision to raise GCSE grades above cags [teachers’ predictions] on the basis of the model seems irrational.” (link, paywalled)

So what is it: ‘unfair and irrational’ use of teachers’ predictions leading to grade inflation, or an ‘unfair system that would prevent grade inflation’? Perhaps it’s really about restructuring our whole educational system in order to give all pupils prizes, regardless of their efforts, and, more sinister, to punish ‘middle class children’ whose parents invest in their education?

A report in the Times has the answer: the ‘universities minister ‘ has written to university vice chancellors telling them, given the grade inflation and scrum for admissions:

“Where possible, try to prioritise those from disadvantaged backgrounds for admission this year.” (link, paywalled)

It’s now official: grade inflation is ok because it helps the ‘disadvantaged’ pupils. Being labelled ‘disadvantaged’ apparently means you don’t have to strive and learn, you can go to Uni anyway:

”The instruction comes after the government was accused of failing deprived children with its algorithm for assessing A-level grades. The model favoured youngsters from more affluent backgrounds and the grades were scrapped, with teacher-assessed marks given instead.” (link, paywalled)

Why not make life even easier and follow the custom of the defunct Soviet Union and their vassal states by prohibiting any child from an ‘advantaged’ family to attend Uni? We wouldn’t need Ofqual for that!

I wonder why nobody in government and in the educational establishment is the tiniest bit worried about the huge progress made by Chinese scientists in e.g. AI. Who needs to learn when we can copy them, when our scientific and medical establishment are happy to copy their methods. Why would we need proper engineers, IT specialists and scientists? Why should our kids have to learn the ‘hard stuff’? Let them have fun …!




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