Nature is unconcerned by covid and lockdowns


We’re only four days away from the meteorological start of Spring and only a bit over three weeks away from the Equinox. Nature, unconcerned by covid, lockdowns and all that jazz, is moving on. As I started to wade into the swamp that is the daily MSM, I noticed the full moon shining through my West-facing window. The sky was clear, the air was cold and that full moon was gloriously, fully visible. At the same time, the early risers in the bird population – ’tis the robins, since you ask – were beginning their morning songs, sounding a bit sleepy, as if warming up their voices.

Forgive my excursion into the section ‘Nature Notes’. I’ve always taken note of how the seasons develop, the plants starting to grow, the birds and the dawn chorus. Yes, one can do this in town as well as in the country, and one can do this despite lockdown. However, the full moon shining into my window from the West was quite remarkable and rare, especially in combination with the beginning of the dawn chorus. And now the sun, risen in glory, is painting the houses in the street with golden colour. There’s nothing like a beautiful early morning to cheer one up!

And so to ‘teh news’. Oh dear. There’s The Queen telling the nation that not getting the jab is selfish. Alright then – but what should we call those who still laze about, WFH, on the back of the taxpaying peasants? Unselfish? Oh – and where are the outcries of the permanently offended brigade who surely must see this as an attack on the BAME whose vaccine uptake has lagged well behind, according to MSM reports?

Speaking of which – the DM has an article on the report by No 10’s “Race Disparity Unit” – I had no idea that such unit existed. Clearly, the covid politburo has too much time on their hands. Perhaps though BJ and his cronies don’t trust their own Equality Minister, Kemi Badenoch to drive her civil serpents properly? The finding from that report should please the overt and covert Guardinistas no end. The DM writes:

“The report published today found inequalities were driven by risk of infection, ‘as opposed to ethnicity itself being a risk factor for severe illness or death’. It said that a range of social, financial and geographical factors were to blame for more BAME Brits getting infected per population than whites. Ethnic minority communities are statistically more likely to be poorer, to live in inner cities and to have health problems than white people, research has found.” (link)

So ‘tis not genetic then, provided one doesn’t decide that their health problems might be due to genetics. There’s more:

“Living in densely populated areas, staying in overcrowded and multi-generational homes and working public-facing jobs were cited as risk factors for getting infected with coronavirus. Most of the increased risk factors can be linked back to high levels of deprivation in BAME communities, the report found.” (link)

This is grist to the mill of the loud Left who are bound to screech for ‘moar money’ – as if those living in multi-generational homes do so for reasons of poverty rather than cultural reasons. I’m also astonished that apparently non-BAME people who work in ‘public-facing jobs’ don’t face that risk factor of catching covid. How can that be? Also, are no ‘whites’ living in ‘deprived communities’ at all? Extraordinary. 

Taking up the prospective clamour for ‘moar money’ leads us quickly into the beginning MSM groundswell on taxes, the rising of same, and what Sunak will do in his budget, to be presented next week. BJ has already threatened his backbenchers with dire consequences should they dare to vote against Rishi’s budget (link). Meanwhile, everybody and their dogs (and cats, sorry: mustn’t leave out the feliphiles!) who write opinion pieces in the broadsheets are crying “No more taxes’, Rishi”. Here’s a very funny thing though, something I’d never expected to see:

“Sir Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, has said that taxes should not rise until Britain has emerged from the pandemic.” (link, paywalled)

Yes – Labour doesn’t want to soak ‘Teh Rich’ until the pandemic is over! Given that the leaked proposals are for a rise in Capital Gains Tax and/or a tax rise on the pension pots of those who can afford to have a million or more stashed in them (link), that certainly is strange. Is The Kneeler afeared of having to shell out some of his money?

Obviously, he and others want the Rishi-handouts to go on and on. Fine – but someone will have to pay for them, eventually. Generally, that’ll be us peasants at the lower end of the income scale. Never mind though – surely “we” will have forgotten, come the next election! Meanwhile “we” will be good, obedient little plebs and pay up. 

I find it extraordinary that there don’t seem to be any plans for savings in that budget. Perhaps the Treasury mandarins haven’t leaked those at the moment because Sunak and BJ will be too scared of hearing the Lefty cry of ‘Toreeee cuts’ and ‘Toreee austeriteee’ because they cannot now shout about ‘Our NHS’ being killed off by the ‘orrible Toreees. Making savings in the state budget is clearly not to be contemplated. It’s alright though: we peasants, the ‘working stiffs’, will have to tighten our belts again, no problem!

It’s futile to speculate about what Sunak will do. We surely have learned by now that all those mighty economists writing in the broadsheets are relying on ‘Whitehall sources’ who carefully orchestrate their leaks to gauge the reaction of the public. 

Permit me a brief diversion into matters military. There’s another Labour ‘statement’ which is quite jaw-dropping. In a short report in The Times on the future for the Royal Marines who might apparently be deployed in small groups “on covert missions overseas to operate in the “grey zone” between peace and war where they can disrupt enemy activity.” (link, paywalled) we read this extraordinary statement:

“John Healey, the shadow defence secretary, will today attempt a reset in the Labour Party’s position on defence and say its commitment to Nato is “unshakeable” and support for the nuclear deterrent “non-negotiable”.” (link, paywalled)

Crikey. Labour is now going to support Trident and NATO? Added to Starmer’s demand for no tax rises, are we seeing the start of a Torification of Labour? I’m stunned! This looks like the latest Labour effort to make a Labour government palatable. I can’t help but wonder if yon T.Blair has his fingers in that particular pie …

It’s a short step from pie to ‘fish pie’, and so to Scotland where one fish, the Salmon(d) is expected to lay into the other fish, the Sturgeon, there’s an extraordinary quote which has made it into the MSM. It’s about ‘sex in high office’, with Salmond having been accused of inappropriate behaviour but cleared in Court. Here’s Sturgeon, expressing her wish that the women not be forgotten:

“She said: “Alex Salmond is innocent of criminality but that doesn’t mean the behaviour they claimed of didn’t happen. I think it is important that we don’t lose sight of that.” (link, paywalled)

Good grief! In other words, there’s no ‘innocence of criminality’, even after a court verdict, but it still means he did it because: “wimmin!”? Words fail me!

The strange thing is that none of the opinion writers are remotely concerned with the question of why we are in this situation – not the ‘sex cases’, but the political one, the one why we now need  a ‘Union Unit’ at No 10. BJ has now put himself at the helm of that ‘Union Unit’, the unit where last week certain people were removed or left on the say-so of that Princess. One participant is Frosty who will take up his cabinet post on Monday:

“Asked why Frost had membership, Johnson’s spokesman said that his role was to ensure “all four parts of the UK” benefited from Brexit.” (link, paywalled)

Ah. I bet dear Nicola will be delighted! It will be too much to hope though that this Unit will question the wisdom of devolution – not when the perpetrator of this, a certain former PM, is cosying up to this government, allegedly even dreaming of a new role as Starmer replacement. Yes, that’s gossip and I can’t now find the link for it, sorry! That both Scotland and Wales have become ‘one-party states’ after devolution is clearly an unimportant petitesse

I leave you with some lovely stats reported in the Lockdown Sceptics Newsletter this morning (link). There you can find various segments with stats and graphs, showing that death rates are plummeting and that there’s almost no ‘community transmission’. So why are we still told to ‘stay at home’, the more gentle slogan for ‘stay locked down or else’? Why are we not forcefully demanding our release?

It’s time to celebrate the coming Spring outdoors, in the crisp, covid-clear air, unmuzzled, isn’t it!




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