Border in NI – the latest Remain Battleground


Remainers have still not given up. Yet again we can see that they don’t give a fig for proper democratic decisions which go against them – yes, I do mean the Brexit vote. Now, thanks to the ‘refurb’ scandal, their subterranean plodding has surfaced yet again. Their aim now is ‘Rejoin’.

We all know this is the wish of La Sturgeon who believes ‘Scottish Independence’ means ‘Independence under the Brussels boots’. Now it’s the turn of Northern Ireland where Arlene Foster has resigned and where the DUP is now hardening its stance, ready for the Stormont elections next year. It looks as if our opinion makers in the MSM are happy to surreptitiously support Sinn Fein, just as they’ve been happy to support La Sturgeon. 

If this looks as if Remain is happy to destroy the Union provided the single parts rejoin the EU, then I think that impression is correct. Just as during the Brexit referendum, the Remain MSM, their Remain writers and the various NGOs seem to believe that this time, surely, they will succeed. However, the latest polls regarding another Scotland IndyRef show that at least for Scotland this isn’t a foregone conclusion (link). 

As for NI  … Thanks to the EU’s intransigence over the NI Protocol, thanks to the shenanigans of Remain on both sides of that border, thanks to the incessant cries about the Good Friday Agreement needing to be preserved – not least by the current US President – this now looks to be the latest front in the Remain/Rejoin war and never mind that this may lead to the break-up of the Union. Leo McKinstry writes for the DM:

“Arlene Foster’s sudden departure as Northern Ireland’s First Minister – and the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party – is a gift to those who hanker for a united Ireland and the dissolution of the UK. Her ignominious exit – ousted by her own side over her perceived softness on issues including gay rights and co-operation with Sinn Fein – has dramatically intensified the unionists’ sense of crisis, and may prove the moment where the cries for Irish unity rise to a crescendo.” (link)

Remember that there will be elections to the Stormont next year. Also remember that at the moment there’s a power-sharing agreement in place. If, as so many Remaienrs hope, Sinn Fein will be the winner then the doors are open to unify Ireland and thus take NI back into the EU fold. The first shots are already fired in the MSM by denigrating the possible candidates standing to replace Ms Foster – see the ‘list’ here. The writer, indeed the combined MSM ‘opinion’ is trying again to bring religion into this political decision. Thus “we” are told that ‘protestant bigotry’ is bad but nobody needs to worry about catholic bigotry – just as long as it’s tempered by the EU.

Interestingly, Whitehall seems to’ve woken up to the danger with ‘sources’ have been telling the Times that:

“Ministers are to warn the European Union that failure to compromise on the Northern Ireland protocol risks further damage to the peace process after Arlene Foster’s forced resignation. The government is concerned that the departure of Northern Ireland’s first minister is likely to result in the Democratic Unionist Party hardening its stance against the protocol before assembly elections next year.” (link, paywalled)

There’s more, and this is something Remain, Rejoin and all those who would destroy the Union seem to have overlooked:

“A Whitehall source […] pointed out that under the withdrawal agreement the Northern Ireland assembly has to consent to the protocol in 2024 and that without concessions the DUP could go into next year’s assembly elections vowing to oppose it. The new leader could also move to boycott permanently the North South Ministerial Council, the main body for cross-border co-operation between the governments of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.” (link, paywalled)

Ms Foster resigned not least thanks to the violent demos which recently took place in NI. I wonder if the instigators of those demos realised what much wider effect their violence would have. I wouldn’t go so far as describing this as an example of unintended consequences, but I do wonder if the string-pullers, not least in our MSM, are happy to recreate the troubles just in order to damage Brexit and destroy the Union in the process. See this next statement from that Whitehall ‘source’:

“Foster’s departure underlines the need for the EU to engage with us to find a constructive solution to the issues we are discussing,” they said. “It is vital the protocol operates with the consent of both communities in Northern Ireland.” (link, paywalled)

This consent is now in danger thanks to the political arsonists, not least because a Sinn Fein majority might lead to an end of power sharing in Stormont and thus to the collapse of the NI agreement. I confess that the byzantine arrangements of political decision-making in both NI and Eire are like a closed book to me, but we all must certainly be aware of the role played by Brussels in this set-up.

We must also be aware of the role played by all those who’ve been howling that the Good Friday Agreement must not be abandoned. They’ve utilised this point in order to scupper Brexit before and are now set to do so by trying to break up the Union thanks to their surreptitious support for Sinn Fein. As far as these inveterate Remainers are concerned, anything can and must be used, even unto the break-up of the Union, if it serves to get rid of Brexit.

A Time editorial seems to give tacit support for this argument when we read this interpretation of the current situation:

“The whole point of the Brexit arrangement in Northern Ireland is to protect the Good Friday agreement and the peace process. The EU doesn’t have to give any ground. But unless it does, unionist opinion will harden and the protocol will end up endangering the very thing that it was designed to protect.” (link, paywalled)

Does Mr Forsyth – for it is he who wrote this – really think the EU ‘will give ground’? Perhaps Ms Foster’s resignation is another item useful to attack Brexit by attacking BJ? It’s like hearing the old song, of always blaming Brexit and BJ but never, ever the fabulous EU. M Barnier’s stonewalling is already forgotten. It never happened.

However, there’s the latest from Brussels where the EU Parliament nodded through the agreement to the Treaty signed off by us on December 31st 2020. Have a look at this report by our friends at facts4eu who analysed the speech by Ms vdLeyen on that occasion. In regard to the NI Protocol they write especially that:

“Frau von der Leyen once again attempts to credit the EU with achieving peace in Northern Ireland. The simple truth is that the EU had nothing to do with it. Indeed, the truth is the exact opposite. By its insistence on the malign ‘Northern Ireland Protocol’ as a condition of the repugnant ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ last year, the EU has done more damage to peace in Northern Ireland than anyone.” (link)

This is something our Remainers, now belly-aching about possible ‘protestant bigot’  DUP candidates, want us to forget. They want us to forget the role played by the EU in this potential break-up of the Union. They are happy to sell out this country for the poisoned pottage of ‘Rejoin’.

I leave you with a significant observation, slipped into a long comment piece in the DT, about Cummings and how he is aiming to ‘topple’ BJ. More and more the whole “Cummings war” looks like a production of Remain-Rejoin who want to get rid of BJ without dirtying their hands while preparing the way for somehow getting rid of Brexit. See this:

“[Johnson] was told, at the time, that Cummings and his Vote Leave team were a cancer which, if cut out, would allow the government to repair.” (paywalled link)

We are of course left in the dark as to who told BJ this, using a quite disgusting comparison with a cancer that needed to be cut out. We’re also left to puzzle about why ‘government’ needed to be repaired – repaired from what? The covid and SAGE damage? Or indeed Brexit? 

What is it about those nefarious anti-brexiteers that they would not just happily trash our votes, our expressed will, but even the existence of the Union? Has the EU made secret promises to reward them for their diligence should they succeed? 

Meanwhile, take care, don’t get duped and




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