A new smartphone app will cure us of covid – really!


I knew it! It’s not just government hiding ‘bad news’ when a national news story is bound to dominate the news – the Covid MSM are doing it now as well. There are two Covid-news hidden in today’s Broadsheets which really take the proverbial.

As you know – and how could you not – the former leader of the Labour Party has been suspended because of anti-semitism. Yes, that’s the man we might have seen in No 10 last year. That’s the man who was supported by fence-sitter-in-chief, Sir Keir Starmer who must of course have been oblivious to that charge. Perhaps he was too forensic. Anyway, I won’t descend into that particular mire – life’s too short.

Today I’ll concentrate on those truly astounding ‘covid news’. I planned to show that and how covid and above all the fear of covid damages even the best of minds but shall leave that for the weekend. First, there’s one other covid-related news item which must not be forgotten:

“It will take two years for NHS cancer services to deal with a backlog of more than 50,000 cases left undiagnosed during the pandemic, a leading charity warned. Macmillan Cancer Support has estimated that tens of thousands of people are yet to be diagnosed with cancer. As many as 50,000 people in the UK have cancer that has not yet been diagnosed due to disruption caused by Covid-19” (link, paywalled)

This is the stark reality to which the obsession with covid has led. This is ‘only’ about cancer, not about all the other illnesses which afflict people and lead to their premature deaths. At least the behavioural scientists of SAGE, the slogan-producers in No 10, ‘science editors’ in the Covid MSM must be very proud of the effect their campaign, ‘Protect the NHS’, has had!

Yes, we’ve heard this already, but given that the various Covid dictators, be they in the devolved nations, be they in ‘local hotspots’ or indeed in No 10 are still utilising that slogan to defend their proxy-lockdowns,  it’s the stark reminder that they are all happy to sacrifice seriously ill people on the altar of SAGE covid models. 

SAGE, the government, the ‘Sacred Cow’ and the fear-mongers in the Covid MSM have been and are promoting “Teh Cure” that is Test & Trace (T&T). It’s those ‘case’ numbers produced by T&T which support the various lockdown schemes. The efficiency of that test is being disregarded. The other leg on which the whole ‘covid strategy’ rests is of course vaccination. More on that below.

So – first see this … yes, it comes under ‘you couldn’t make it up’, it comes under ‘where is the science?’, and it comes under ‘who actually governs this country?’. It seems we’re now also in the hands of app developers who have tweaked that famous Test app, thus allowing the NHS ‘to force more people into self-isolation’ (paywalled link). Yes, they really said that. Worse: it’s not even that test which determines if must self-isolate – it’s the app on your smartphone. Here are the details:

“The technical changes to the NHS app – now downloaded by more than 19 million people, approximately 40 per cent of those with eligible phones – could send significantly enhanced numbers into de facto lockdown with no ministerial announcement. Designers have also taken advantage of an upgrade to the Google/Apple technology that underpins the app to improve its ability to determine proximity between phones. On top of improvements to the app’s ability to judge proximity, officials have lowered the risk threshold which determines whether an alert is sent from a score of 900 to one of 120.” (paywalled link)

That’s not a typo. It’s such a massive move of the covid goalposts that I’m speechless. Lower the ‘risk threshold’ – whatever that is –  from 900 to 120? Why? And there’s more: they’ve increased the ‘ability to detect proximity’ and what do we get? Well? See this next:

“A Department of Health spokesman said: “This is expected to increase the number of people asked to self-isolate by the app having been in close contact with someone who has tested positive.” (paywalled link)

Who needs a lockdown, local, national, across the whole UK when people are told to self-isolate because of an app, tweaked to ‘increase the numbers’! Here’s the Alice-in-Wonderland explanation:

“In the context of rising infection rates across the country, this change is necessary to break the chain of transmission, helping curb the spread of the virus and therefore ensuring fewer people are infected in the long term. […] It came as health officials told The Telegraph they are concerned that not enough people are coming forward for testing, meaning that the spread of transmission is not being tracked. (paywalled link)

The logic is brilliant: there are more ‘cases’, therefore more ‘cases’ must be produced! Tweak the app and then howl about being swamped by ‘case numbers’ and that we’re all gonna die! ‘Tis a modern form of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Where the fluff is the ‘science’ in this? Nowhere to be seen, unless we accept that changed algorithms by developers who may be very clever are now replacing proper medical investigations! Is that how we now do ‘medicine’ in this country?

But don’t worry – there’s a new kid on the block: saliva tests. By heck, SAGE and their government will get all of us tested, one way or another. It’s a case of ‘increase tractor production by 500%’. It’s another of the SAGE-directed covid government where one lot wants that universal lockdown while BJ wants to get ‘lockdown by proxy’. A fast saliva test is just the ticket:

“Ministers are believed to be on target to meet a promise to deliver capacity of 500,000 tests a day by Sunday, but that could be increased to twice as many within two months. That increase would put the UK on course to the two million capacity needed to pick up asymptomatic cases.” […] Several versions appear to have passed government standards, though experts warned yesterday that they were likely to fall short of the sensitivity of the standard PCR tests that have formed the backbone of the test-and-trace system.“ (link, paywalled)

Look at that shiny bauble: moar test capacity! We’re world leaders, yee-hah! And why do “we” need more tests? Because every single one of us could be a covid leper! The ‘Sacred Cow’ gives the game away:

“According to NHS Test and Trace, the aim would be to “protect those at higher risk, find the virus, break transmission and enable wider social and economic activity”.(link, paywalled)

Ah – it’s about ‘protection’ again! Armed with that new T&T app which will ‘harvest’ more suspects, more tests can be done and more people can be labelled ‘ill’, told to isolate or, in rare cases, go back to work but not go to pubs because they might get infected again. Or something like that. 

There’s one huge fly in the ointment though which will not just affect T&T but vaccine development as well. This is the other covid news item which is reported but hasn’t gained attention, not when Corbyn is producing that Labour Theatre. Well, obviously the nation needs other than covid news, for once. So now see this:

“A genetic variant of the coronavirus first seen in farm workers in Spain has spread across Europe and now accounts for more than 80 per cent of infections in Britain, a study suggests. Its origins have raised questions about whether holidaymakers brought it to the UK and whether tighter border controls and quarantine measures might have contained it. The spread of the variant, which is known as 20A.EU1 and has six distinctive genetic mutations, has been described in a study released online but not yet peer reviewed. Scientists are now looking for evidence of whether its genetic features make it more transmissible or have any impact on the severity of illness.” (link, paywalled)

Obviously, the ‘party line’ needed to be followed, namely that the spread of that variant of the virus is only due to us ‘irresponsible plebs’ daring to go on holidays or indeed anywhere else. Macron, Merkel and the rest have also used this argument as reason for punishing us. No fun permitted, just work and sleep and watch the Covid government ‘news’. Oh – and get lots of T&T! Here are the important details, first ‘the science’:

“The study, led by Emma Hodcroft, of the University of Basel in Switzerland, found that the 20A.EU1 variant was detected in Spain, among agricultural workers, in June. By September it was present in 40-70 per cent of cases in Switzerland, Ireland and the United Kingdom. It was also prevalent in Norway, Latvia, the Netherlands, and France.” (link, paywalled)

As we all know, there was nary a hint of ‘cases’ between June and September, not in Spain, not here, nor in the rest of the EU. So is it really this new strain which is now slaying the whole continent? Do we actually know if this variant is a baddie? Do we actually know if and how many other variants are floating around and what they do? This finding though must throw doubts on the vaccine development:

“The tiny differences that give it away include an alteration to the spike protein which the coronavirus uses to latch on to and infect cells. Changes to this region are of interest to teams working on vaccines. Their efforts are largely focused on developing jabs that prompt the body to produce neutralising antibodies that clump onto the spike, preventing the virus from infiltrating new cells. Changes to the spike could affect the efficacy of vaccines.” (link, paywalled)

Indeed so! We know that the flu virus evolves rapidly, demanding the development of new vaccines every year. Can it really be surprising that this novel corona virus should behave in a novel manner and not like other corona viruses? Is it permitted to ask if the vaccines now being tested on people have taken account of this development? Is this why one of them apparently needs two jabs to ‘protect’ us?

We don’t know how infectious this ‘Spanish Covid’ strain actually is. It doesn’t really matter though: such changes are just wonderful for SAGE and the ‘Sacred Cow’, bent on tracing us all, testing us all, and keeping us in self-isolation (not a proper lockdown!) in perpetuity.

Why are we letting them get away with it? Why are we allowing an app to decide what we’re allowed to do? An app tweaked by developers to produce the numbers desired by the usual suspect?

Isn’t it time to ditch smartphones, to cancel the covid-data collectors who fuel the covid madness?




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