Lord Nelson: no longer a hero because: “Slavery!”, say the Wokerati


You are probably as heartily sick of the continuing Covid hysteria as I am. The latest instance, the lockdown of the North, is now going ahead. While ‘Our MSM’ indulge in witty headlines (“Locktober”), their criticism is only addressed at BJ. They are obviously not looking tha the role they themselves have played in producing the fear and hysteria on which government is basing their measures. 

Our local politicians are only too happy to accept these restrictions provided they’re getting more money from Sunak. It doesn’t matter one bit that ‘Our NHS’ isn’t overwhelmed, it doesn’t matter one bit that ‘case numbers’ are already declining – even ‘Our MSM’ mention this. It’s about controlling us, that’s all.

Meanwhile, ‘Our Peacocks’ seem to have been kicked into action by their constituents. How else to explain that now, as yet another stable door is locked after the horse has bolted, we find this report:

“Ministers have been urged to make public the advice given by the Joint Biosecurity Centre, a new body set up in May to lead the response to Covid-19. Led by a senior spy, the JBC has never published details of its deliberations or any list of its key personnel.” (paywalled link)

Forgive me if I regard this as a cynical exercise by the MPs “and scientists” – we’re not told who they are but surely when scientists ask, government must jump, no? – to get into the limelight. After all, this secret body was set up in May – not than anyone was much bothered then – but in July the DT had this report:

“[SAGE] appears to have been sidelined as ministers take more direct control of the response to coronavirus. Instead, an expanded Joint Biosecurity Centre will take a more prominent role in co-ordinating the Covid-19 response.  Last month, Downing Street appointed a senior spy to lead the unit to monitor the spread of coronavirus, advise ministers on the alert level for the virus and recommend actions to suppress new outbreaks. […] Scientists expressed concern about the shift, saying the work of the new unit was “shrouded in mystery”.” (paywalled link)

The ‘secrecy’ was unremarkable at that time, it seems, but SAGE, as we all know, hasn’t been sidelined much. Now we read that:

“Greg Clark, the chairman of the science and technology committee, said the public “deserve answers” on the JBC if the Government is to maintain trust in its decision-making. “The transparency of the JBC is simply not good enough at the moment. Its role in the response to the pandemic is far too opaque, and that needs to change,” he told The Telegraph. “These are important questions to which the public deserve answers.” (paywalled link)

Yeah, well – ‘the public’ deserves much more than ‘answers’ about a body run by spies if we’re to keep trusting’ the government! Perhaps it’s this ‘secret body’ which tells BJ and Hancock to go ahead with moar lockdowns because we frightened muppets out in the sticks will accept anything? Yes, it is indeed – see this:

“The JBC was formed to handle the surveillance of Covid-19 at a local level and consolidate the advice given to ministers. It reports to Baroness Dido Harding, the chief of NHS Test and Trace, and holds responsibility for setting the national alert level as well as recommending action to contain outbreaks, including the closure of workplaces, pubs and restaurants.” (paywalled link)

That’s where the dumbed-down, contemptuous ‘traffic light scheme’ is coming from! Obviously, when it’s about ‘security’ even MPs can be treated like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed bovine excrement:

“A Government spokesman said there was “a clear decision-making structure for local, regional and national restrictions, which is led by ministers and takes into account analysis and evidence from a range of organisations, including the JBC, NHS Test and Trace, Sage and Public Health England”. (paywalled link)

Yes, all those secret and semi-secret bodies, all those quangos which have shone throughout this Lockdown misery, feeding the fear & hysteria industry, have only our best at heart! So muzzle up and shut up!

Meanwhile, as we all look aghast at the latest Covid shenanigans performed by government and ‘Our MSM’, there is one issue which is far more threatening to our Nation. That is the outbreak of ‘Woke’ in our national institutions.

During the summer we’ve read in passing about the National Trust which was going to try and ‘decolonise’ the stately homes under their control. We’ve read about the attempts of museums to virtually – not actually – topple statutes in their possession, of benefactors and fund-givers from the 18th century onwards because: “Slavery!”.

At that time, it looked like an attempt of cultural Me-Tooism, of jumping on the BLM bandwagon. Now however this has surely gone too far! The DT reported yesterday morning about plans afoot by the Naval Maritime Museum – put your coffee or tea down before reading:

“Lord Nelson’s “heroic status” will be reviewed by the National Maritime Museum as part of efforts to challenge Britain’s “barbaric history of race and colonialism” […] Internal documents seen by The Telegraph reveal that the museum will capitalise on the “momentum built up by the Black Lives Matter movement” to make changes at the repository of naval treasures and address “aspects of slavery relating to the Royal Navy”. Nelson displays could be subject to “wholesale changes” in future, and the “more complex” nature of his heroism will be tackled by curators re-evaluating historical events and people as part of a new strategy. The publicly-funded museum is seeking to communicate the “often barbaric history of race, colonialism and representation in British maritime history”. (paywalled link)

Ah – ‘our barbaric history’! Was it ‘barbaric’ to suppress the slave trade as the Royal Navy did throughout the 19th century? And what does this even mean, the ‘more complex nature of his [Lord Nelson’s] heroism’? That he had, gasp, a mistress? In case you wonder why those National Maritime Museum bosses are doing this, here’s their answer:

“The collections team said: “We are in the process of rolling out our new strategy and part of this is looking specifically at the issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement. All museum collections are partial, and history is often told from a particular perspective.” Nelson has been critiqued for voicing support for slaveholders and the colonies, which the Royal Navy protected, and opposition to the “damnable” William Wilberforce.” (paywalled link)

That ‘Wilberforce remark’ was found in a private letter. We know that such opinions, even over 200 years later, are sufficient to condemn a whole life of exemplary heroism. There’s more:

“The museum will also work with groups who have been “affected by the legacies of the Transatlantic Slave”. Past external partners have included groups from trasngender charities and refugee networks.” (paywalled link)

‘Critiqued’? What the fluff is that? What’s wrong with ‘criticised’? More importantly – why must our history, our truly heroic national figures be besmirched by the views of tiny minorities of ‘woke’ groups? Has some transgender person been mentally afflicted by whatever Lord Nelson did? Blimey!

Only The Express picked up this news item a few hours later (link) – and only Dominic Sandbrook in the DM wrote a comment published yesterday evening. He asks:

“What on earth are the Greenwich bosses thinking? How can they possibly believe that when youngsters inspect Nelson’s Trafalgar coat, they need to think about his position on slavery? The truth, I fear, is that they have fallen victim to the lazy historical illiteracy that has infected other institutions such as the National Trust. In its own words, the museum is seeking to capitalise on the ‘momentum built up by the Black Lives Matter movement’ and to lecture its visitors about the ‘barbaric history of race, colonialism and representation in British maritime history’. (link)

Indeed so – but it doesn’t really matter to ‘Our Wokerati’. I believe, Mr Sandbrook is on the right track in his concluding paragraph, even though he doesn’t go far enough. He points out that:

“The National Maritime Museum’s plan isn’t just a betrayal of a great national character. By forcing our past into a modish, monomaniacal straitjacket, it’s an assault on the integrity of history itself. And Nelson, who gave his life for his country, deserves better.” (link)

So Lord Nelson does – but this little outcry in ‘Our MSM’ – two reports, two comments – won’t matter one little bit. As Lockdowns and Covid Madness is dominating our discourse, news about the attempts to reinterpret our National History by Woke ’curators’ and ‘bosses’ who, sitting comfortably, are happily utilising this Covid Madness to increase their activities to dismantle our National History. They know nobody is paying much attention while the nation is in the grip of Covid Madness!

I’ve spent many pixels on this piece of ‘news’ because it must be obvious that the Wokerati won’t stop with Nelson. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if under the shelter of Covid there are already more attempts in train to betray, as Mr Sandbrook says, our History and our Nation. It doesn’t just have to be slavery – ‘colonial activism’ is the other button to press.

Why not go next for the 1st Duke of Wellington? Didn’t he and his brother make war in India against ‘Teh Natives’, laying the foundation for Queen Victoria’s Empire? After all, Wellington fought the Mahrattas – and never mind that they didn’t  use bows and arrows but cannons provided by the French. No, let’s not mention the French or indeed Napoleon – even though he profited from slavery because his first wife was the daughter of a sugar plantation owner …

And why stop with Lord Nelson – what about Queen Victoria herself? Nay – what about Elizabeth I? What about Drake? This is a betrayal of our Nation by the woke  ‘culture rulers’ who, hiding behind lofty words and now behind the Covid madness, have been undermining our National History for some time – first in academe, then in schools, now in our museums.

Why us, you may well ask! Is it because our Empire has been too successful in its brief history? After all, where the ‘slavery’ button cannot be pressed, the ‘colonial activities ’button surely can – just look at this horrible quote by General Napier, regarding suttee demonstrates! I’m sure local museum bosses are doing precisely the same – so please investigate this where you live.

The Wokerati want us to cower in ‘guilt and shame’ in perpetuity and Covid Madness is the huge smokescreen behind which their betrayal of our Nation is gathering pace. We cannot, must not allow this to happen.




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