Social media help with Lockdown … forget data protection legislation!


It is now abundantly clear: there’s no ‘Silly Season’ as far as ‘Our MSM’ are concerned – the ‘Silly Season’ is present all year round. The wonderful thing is though that the readers of the various articles, provided they are permitted to comment, are more and more scathing when expressing their opinion.

Moreover, the themes occupying the eminent minds of our broadsheet writers show that they have lost their faculty of critical thought. Given that they are freely mixing plain reporting with their own opinion there’s only one critical attitude we can discern, and that is “government bad”. Pertinent questions are not being asked.

Take for example the ‘news’ that Ms Patel ‘will set out’ that Immigration Points system’ today. We’re told that EU criminals with jail sentences of more than one year will be banned from coming here (link). That article heaves with phrases such as ‘Border Force will …’ and ‘Immigration officers will …’. Given the recent reports on rubber-dinghy-immigrants, one cannot help but remark ‘oh really?’.

On the more specific subject of Channel-crossing illegals, The Times has a lofty report about Ms Patel meeting her French counterpart. We’re told that:

“Yesterday the authorities in France prevented about 200 migrants from crossing the Dover Strait and the Home Office said that Britain intercepted almost as many. A search and rescue operation was launched as Border Force and agencies including the Coastguard and Kent police responded to several incidents off the British coast.”  (link, paywalled)

Oh really? We’re not told if those ‘rescued’ by the British Border Force were generously taken to centres here in the UK and given a hearty and expensive welcome but read:

“It is not clear if the agreement includes measures to return migrants picked up in UK waters to France.” (link, paywalled)

Yes, well, sending them back would be racist, wouldn’t it, dear MSM writers! So better not ask! Just as reporting on those sweatshops in Leicester was deemed to be racist and thus questions weren’t asked. That this latest ‘initiative’ is actually farcical becomes obvious when next we read what that French minister said;

“Mr Darmanin said that “for the first time six British police officers and six French officers will be able to work . . . on the traffickers who prey on human misery and who are doubtless not punished enough at the moment”. (link, paywalled)

“Twelve police officers”? Oh my giddy aunt! Hasn’t people trafficking been a crime for a long time, without ‘authorities’ having done anything about it? Isn’t this just like the drug gangs where the authorities are apparently incapable of tracing the ‘masterminds’? A short while ago there were reports on how a ‘top-secret criminal chat network’ was ‘busted’ across Europe (link). These were ‘only’ drug & gun running criminals, you understand – nothing about people trafficking.

One wonders how seriously all those authorities here and in France are going to take people trafficking, never mind those 12 police officers. After all, just because ‘Our MSM’ were focused on CV-19 didn’t mean the usual taxi service across the Mediterranean had been disrupted!

Instead, there’s a new turn to the Lockdown screw being implemented: ‘local lockdown’, praised by Hancock. Apparently,  local authorities, after ‘testing and tracking’, can implement a local Lockdown, of districts or even streets, for example Leicester, or that farm in Herefordshire:

“The Health Secretary said many outbreaks are being dealt with “swiftly and silently”, through small lockdowns and new testing regimes such as portable walk-in centres. A farm in Herefordshire became the first such business in the country to go into lockdown on Sunday, after 73 workers tested positive for Covid-19, leading to concerns over further outbreaks happening as seasonal workers gather for harvest time.” (link)

Wait a minute – aren’t furriners checked when landing at Heathrow, or is it only Brits returning from holidays? The truly worrying point is that these Lockdowns are being imposed ‘silently’: have local authorities been given that power? By whom? Will the residents in a district, in a street, now being treated officially as lepers whom even their GPs won’t see for routine illnesses? It’s not as if even people who’re not in ’silent and swift’ local lockdowns are getting the medical treatment they need! There’s a report in the Times about cancer patients dying at home in Scotland:

“The Covid-19 lockdown has been linked to an increase of almost 900 cancer patients dying at home. National Records of Scotland data shows an additional 873 fatalities at home between mid-March and the end of June compared with the five-year average over the same period. There were 575 fewer cancer deaths than normal in hospitals over the same period. Politicians and campaigners have questioned whether terminally ill patients received sufficient care and are demanding that cancer services are restored.” (link, paywalled)

This is in Scotland where Ms Sturgeon wants to impose a closure of the border to England, where Ms Sturgeon has made the wearing of masks obligatory. With Johnson apparently going to do the same here, we may ask how our wearing masks in shops is going to prevent those avoidable deaths!

Do read the letter from an anonymous doctor in the latest edition of Lockdown Sceptics. Not only won’t you find it in ‘Our MSM’ because, as we wrote last week, Ofcom’s ‘guidance’ means that such things are not allowed to see the light of day in ‘Our MSM’, there’s worse: ‘Our NHS’ has forbidden doctors and presumably nurses to speak out in public:

“all NHS staff have been warned that if they talk to the media they’ll be suspended without pay.” (link)

If it’s not reported by the BCB or The Times it simply didn’t happen! Observations, information from ‘anonymous sources’, are only published when those ‘sources’ are “Whitehall insiders” or “government sources” briefing with intent.

But that’s not all, not by a long chalk! While professionals are prohibited from speaking out, there was this jaw-dropping report in yesterday’s Times, with this headline: “Coronavirus contact tracers sharing patients’ data on WhatsApp and Facebook”. It is horrifying:

“Details of Covid-19 patients are being shared on Facebook and WhatsApp in breach of data protection laws as staff turn to colleagues for help to do their jobs. Screenshots have contained the names, NHS numbers, contact details and case IDs of people who have tested positive for the virus. They were posted in unregulated social media groups.” (link, paywalled)

This is unbelievably bad – a fine example of how those ‘tracers’ are apparently oblivious of the data protection legislation which bloggers must comply with:

“Thousands of workers have joined social media groups that act as informal support networks attracting dozens of posts each day requesting help with IT problems and advice on how to handle cases. In one post, a clinical contact tracer shared in a WhatsApp group a screenshot of an internal system listing the phone number and name of a patient who had tested positive. Next to it, she asked for help after being assigned a case and said she had “no idea what to do next”. In June, a team leader posted a screenshot with a patient’s ID number in a Facebook group with more than 800 members.” (link, paywalled)

Why were they not trained properly? Never mind that this horse has bolted – apparently, this has been going on since May! Rather, let’s kindly sweep under the carpet that it was ‘Our MSM’ who screamed for ‘Test and Trace’ to be implemented. Let’s’ also sweep under the carpet the numerous reports from insiders that this NHS ‘test and trace’ would have serious implications regarding privacy legislation – after all, these observations were only made in blogs, not in the BBC and The Times, so they didn’t happen. 

This ‘system’ is the basis on which local authorities or whoever it is are ‘swiftly and silently’ implementing ‘local Lockdowns’. This is how our Laws and indeed our civil liberties are ‘swiftly and silently’ being eroded and taken away. “GDPR” – that blunt instrument which every blogger, every internet outlet, every internet trader had to comply with is blatantly being eroded. So don’t mind that, if you’re ‘good’ and get yourself tested, your medical history might now be published on social media, for all to see, because Lockdown overrides everything else. 

This is what ‘government’ created, driven by ‘Our MSM’ who prefer to scream and screech rather than ask pertinent questions, not even when their own freedom has been taken away by Ofcom guidance. It’s no wonder ‘Our MSM’ are fine with making everyone wear a mask in public because, after all, they’ve been fine with wearing a metaphoric muzzle ever since March 23rd.




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