You remember that flight to Rwanda, don’t you? The one which got cancelled? No, not because of a strike by pilots! No – the one stopped by the ECHR! That one! Oh – you have already forgotten? It’s not in the papers so nothing can have happened, you say? But oh – you’re right! It’s not in the papers, so it can’t have been important in the first place. We have to worry and gossip about other things, such as the PM’s 2nd ‘ethics adviser’ having quit, that the Fed raised interest rates to 1.25% to curb inflation and that heatwave … (link). There’s also that rail strike – and wouldn’t you know: the Sacred Cow will have to cancel operations because of that strike (paywalled link)!

So why on earth would anybody wish to come to Broken Britain? Because they still do! The flappings of the Justice Minister, Mr Raab, about really doing something on getting out of the ECHR (link) or Ms Patel’s ‘fury’ about the secretiveness of the ECHR judges are just some sort of obligatory performance for us plebs.

Why are the Raabs and Patels and the hacks suddenly crying out and asking ‘who runs Britain – them over there or us?’. Don’t they see that they are only displaying their own, disgraceful ignorance of the way the ECHR operates? Surely the’ve known for decades how this court works. We’ve been members since the beginning, haven’t we!

So why the surprise? Why this dishonourable display of ignorance by our government and the MSM? Is it to cover the consistent sabotage of Brexit by the Whitehall mandarins? We surely cannot believe that those ‘Rolls Royce’ civil serpents are as ignorant as they are suddenly made out to be!

I am sickened by the columnists and writers of opinion pieces who instantly seem to have discovered their heart for ‘getting out of the ECHR’, e.g. here. Now it’s an ‘assault on British democracy’! During the campaigns for Brexit anyone who dared to mention the ECHR was painted as horrible racist and fascist by those same columnists who are now worried about who rules Britain. 

Their hypocrisy is nauseating. They are what is called the ‘controlled opposition’, controlled by the Westminster cabal. Right now these columnists have been given permission to dabble in this murky issue, perhaps because some mandarins are ponderously ‘working’ on that strange animal which is alleged to become a ‘new Bill of Rights’. It’ll keep them occupied and will make them stop asking inconvenient questions.

Personally, I’ve become deeply uninterested in what the likes of Allister Heath or Patrick O’FLynn have to say on this issue (paywalled, here and here): nice words, shame about the timing. The Times’ editorial (link, paywalled), as so very predictable, blames the Tories for ineptness and for not having been able to prevent this legal fiasco. Of course they don’t mention that all ministers are relying on the advice of their mandarins. That would mean the The Times would have to criticise their Whitehall ‘sources,’ those who feed them the gossipy stuff which fills their pages.

While the Westminster commentariat is suddenly dusting down the old slogan of Mrs Thatcher, asking about who runs Britain, the amalgamated Left is conspicuous by their silence. Ever since Gordon Brown let slip his disdain for the working class we know that Labour is not interested in this issue. They now represent  the woke and the ‘anti-racists’ rather than the ‘hard-working families’ which the mention at every occasion. That’s why they’re incapable or unwilling to demand an end to the support all those illegal immigrants receive, to the detriment of their own client class, the workers.

Of course, being ‘of the Left’ means that one doesn’t need to have even the tiniest clue about budgetary issues. It’s sufficient that there’s the Money Tree in the Treasury, that there’s all that money coming in from taxation which is of course’ only fair’ when Labour collects them. How we, how all those ‘hard working working class families’ will pay for ‘Moar NHS’, ‘Moar Immigrants’, ‘Moar Green Cr*p’ and ‘Moar salaries for striking rail workers’: that’s irrelevant. Relevant is only the waving of one’s virtue banners. 

And what about us, the great British public? Six years ago we spoke, but ever since we’ve sunk back into apathy. We’ve let the politicians play their theatre. We ‘went private’. We worried about holidays and smartphones. And during the covid years, we became even more separated from others, many of us willingly. We did moan here and there about WFH, but in those years and even now, our sacred holidays are more important. Above all, who of us hasn’t been scared into silence because of hate speech prosecutions, because of fear of being labelled ‘racist’? 

“We” have instead taken to expressing ourselves by adding this or that ‘permitted’ icon to our social media profiles. I don’t need to mention ‘that war’ in the Ukraine which we must support because ‘Putin bad’. Even now some desperate ‘sources’ in Whitehall are trying to insinuate that it must’ve been ‘a Putin Judge’ who scuppered that Rwanda flight (paywalled link). It’s a cute diversion from looking at the ineptness of our own mandarins. 

While we’re being told what to do in “a heatwave” or that we better not travel during this rail strike, the real questions remain unasked, the real problems aren’t addressed because the Westminster denizens are addicted to playing their theatre in which they and their gossip and spin providers pull the strings. They’re manufacturing “public opinion” which our elected representatives subsequently use to justify their own ineptness, their apathy and their unwillingness to address the real, actual problem of illegal immigration.

While the Westminster Village is making noises of outrage about ‘who runs Britain’, no-one asks how we’ll keep the country afloat when we plebs must tighten our belts come winter,  having to sustain ever higher energy prices and inflation while supporting ever more illegal immigrants. Will “we” let ourselves be pacified by some new memes and banners to attach to our social media profiles? Will “we” let ourselves be tranquilised by another health scare, by new slogans of how we’re ‘all in this together’ and thus mustn’t grumble?

When will people realise that we’ve become the modern serfs who have to pay whole keeping our mouths shut? When will people ask why we must‘ stand with’ the latest ‘victims’ while being forbidden to stand up for ourselves? Why not have a clapathon for us peasants – or would that be ‘racist’?

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