Fight CV-19 – operate the obese!


In four days it’ll be ‘our civic duty’ to wear face nappies when going shopping. So ‘Our MSM’ are doubling down with reports aimed at keeping the fear & hysteria project going. Unsurprisingly, their headlines don’t keep what they promise. Surprisingly, there are ‘reports’ on that PHE counting scandal (link). Unsurprisingly, there are ‘reports’ about ‘surges’ (link), of 23 ‘cases’ in Lanarkshire and, shock-horror, of 17 new cases in Northern China. Surprisingly, the hole the EU is digging for itself in regard to their CV-19 handout did get a mention here and there. The photo showing all those EU heads wearing nappies on their faces (e.g. the lead photo here) brightened my morning!

Then there are the moans coming from groups with vested interests. Let’s look at those first because these demands show that ‘Our MSM’ have started to create a new ‘project’: one where only ‘experts’ are given free rein to determine the way we are governed, how we must behave. Thus, ‘scientists’ are now ‘warning the PM’ not to talk about avoiding a second Lockdown because it might still be needed in winter (link, paywalled) while that other broadsheet, the DT, has dug out a report from April (!) which allegedly is the basis for that lifting of Lockdown so bemoaned by the ‘expert’ moaning minnies in ‘Our MSM’ (link). More on that below. 

Let me give you two truly outstanding examples of ‘experts’ trying to ride on the fear & hysteria CV-19 bandwagon. There’s a lovely little outcry by the “Global Head of Research and Animal Welfare for Animals in Farming”, about how China’s intensive farming is a ‘hotbed’ for incubating new and more deadly viruses. The headline is pure fear and hysteria while the report peters out into a more general statement as you can see for yourselves here. It’s not just a prime example for what is known as clickbait – it’s a prime example for the evolving attitude in ‘Our MSM’ of breathlessly, uncritically reporting whatever an ‘expert’ has to say. 

The other example is launched by Remainers. Apparently, businesses are now less prepared for the December deadline than before – all thanks to CV-19. They’ve got less reserves and have run down their stockpiles. It prepares the ground for demanding more dosh from Rishi. A segment, copied from the SUN, had to be shoved into that article: “EU insiders” are blaming Cummings and ‘Vote Leave veterans’ for ‘sabotaging the talks’:

“The EU sources pinpointed deputy negotiator Oliver Lewis, a close ally of Mr Cummings, as a key blockage in the talks, and accused him of repeatedly moving to shut down progress whenever openings have looked possible.” (link)

We must of course believe those fabulous ‘EU insiders’, especially since they are blaming Cummings and ‘Vote Leave veterans’, whoever they are  – we’re not told. Why anyone in the MSM is taking this seriously enough to quote is beyond me. Even the professional Remainers must have been aware of the ongoing EU Summit where those shining examples of ‘European Unity’, the EU member state leaders and those EU commissioners, are fighting about money.

This summit is about the proposed €750bn ‘corona fund’ which is opposed by ‘The Frugals’, i.e. some Northern countries. Macron and Merkel were apparently unsuccessful in driving this through. I found this quote significant:

“The initial plan for €500 billion in grants was trimmed yesterday to about €350 billion in a compromise proposal aimed at persuading the Netherlands, but they still refused to budge. With Britain no longer a member, “the Dutch have taken over the British seat as the awkward bunch”, a French diplomat said.” (link, paywalled)

Oh dear oh dear – that Paris-Berlin Axis doesn’t seem to work any longer! This piece of gossip is delicious:

“Tempers frayed before dawn yesterday as Mrs Merkel and Mr Macron walked out of the chamber lamenting the lack of European solidarity. Mr Rutte said they were being grumpy. “They ran off in a bad mood,” he said.” (link, paywalled)

It’s not all about money and Mr Rutte is not a knight in shining armour. The next observations show clearly that Brussels is intent on dictating conditions, again confirming that the EU is bent on removing sovereignty from member states:

“The haggling deepened when Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orban, refused to countenance a Dutch-led requirement that the handout of relief funds carry the condition that the recipients guarantee democratic norms in their states. This was intended to create leverage over Hungary and Poland as they move towards authoritarian rule under their populist leaders. […] Mr Orban won support from Poland and Slovenia in his rejection of the so-called “rule of law” condition for the rescue funds.” (link, paywalled)

Did we need more proof that the EU is bent on enforcing their ‘one-size-fits-all’ policies regardless of the express wishes of the people of those countries? It’s not just the ‘bad’, ‘extreme right wing populist’ governments which objected, there’s also Italy, objecting for a different reason:

“Giuseppe Conte, the Italian prime minister, accused the Dutch and their allies of “blackmail”. He tweeted from the council chamber on Saturday night: “On the one hand, the overwhelming majority of countries — including the largest Germany, France, Spain, Italy — defending the . . . European project, and on the other, a few so-called ‘frugal’ countries.” (link, paywalled)

Signor Conti is fine with allowing Brussels to ride roughshod over other countries’ sovereignty provided Italy an the rest are given more money. This is the bottomless hole that is the EU – and our Remainers still want to keep us tied to that lot! One way of doing this is lobbying by vested interests. If those lobbyists can’t get their ‘experts’ into the MSM then they write to MPs in the hope of creating a tsunami of red tape from Parliament, in the hope of forcing Johnson to abandon that December 31st deadline. The indefatigable Sir John Redwood addresses this in his Diary entry today which is, as always, worth reading (link). 

And finally: ‘Our MSM’ are still into ‘protecting Our NHS’, as a report nicely illustrates. It’s about being prepared for that ‘Winter Spike’ of CV-19 – never mind that nobody knows if there will be one – and thus more money and resources must be made available – for this:

“Ministers are set to dramatically increase the NHS’s capacity to conduct weight-loss surgery in a radical bid to tackle Britain’s obesity crisis. The plans, which are said to be part of a broader “comprehensive obesity strategy” to be announced later this summer, could see obesity formally defined as a “chronic disease” and NHS trusts and GPs financially incentivised to encourage those most at risk to have bariatric surgery. The initiative has the backing of the Royal College of Physicians, The Obesity Society, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity and other specialist bodies. “It is clear that surgery works but we are not doing enough of it, largely because of the way NHS incentives work”, said a Downing Street source. “We have got to move to payment by results where outcomes – actual weight loss – trigger payments.” (link)

The reason why I find this staggering beyond belief is in the following quote from the report mentioned above, on the collateral Lockdown damage:

“As national restrictions were imposed, experts from the Department of Health, the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the government’s Actuary Department and the Home Office forecast the collateral damage from delays to healthcare and the effects of recession arising from the pandemic response. It estimated that in a reasonable worst case scenario, around 50,000 people would die from coronavirus in the first six months of the pandemic, with mitigation measures in place. But in the report published in April they calculated that up to 25,000 could die from delays to treatment in the same period and a further 185,000 in the medium to long term – amounting to nearly one million years of life lost.” (link)

Read the whole thing – it’s not paywalled. It begs the question why this report was kept a state secret. Were we peasants not to know that Lockdown would have consequences? Did chief editors in’ Our MSM’ sit on it? It wouldn’t surprise me, given the unanimous outcry in those MSM demanding that Lockdown, driving the government with their fear & hysteria campaign.

And now, even while there’s no money or facilities in ‘Our NHS’, these vested Obesity interests are riding on the CV-19 fear & hysteria bandwagon to turn what are the results of lifestyle choices into an illness which must be treated by operations, ‘incentivising’ GPs to get obese patients onto the operating tables, because of CV-19!

The following quote shows that these ‘experts’ are not just trying to deprive us of our liberties, they are doing their best to make us accept a ‘health dictatorship:

“From a political perspective, the crisis is also seen as providing a rare window of opportunity. People have seen not only the impact obesity has had but the power of public health measures to change things for the better”, said a source. “There is a loud but small group of deniers – the anti-vaxxers and those who see a conspiracy in everything – but the vast majority now expect the government to act where public health is concerned.” (link)

That last sentence from that ‘source’ is as clear as can be: accept the verdict of ‘experts’ or be denounced as ‘denier’, someone who is an enemy of the majority that is happy to have government dictate our behaviour according to selected campaign groups, all to ‘protect you-know-what’!

Taking responsibility for your own life and health? Rejecting having your life be made a permanent medical condition which permits ‘Our NHS’ to tell you what to do and where to go? Forget it:  this is the Brave New Post-CV-19 World where unelected experts are taking over.




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