Covidians in London and Brussels will stop us … regardless


And – it’s another Covid Monday bursting with reports of covid idiocy! There’s the EU, now definitely going to stop the export of the Oxford vaccine to the UK. There are reports of ‘some Tory MPs’ being angry about the demand by BJ’s government to prolong the covid laws. There are more scare stories about no summer travelling abroad and, inevitably, of another covid variant. And there’s the proposal that every one of us should self-test, twice a week. Yes, really.

Let’s look at that proposal first. Let’s ask who is going to pay for this. Let’s ask how our covid tsars are planning to implement and police this. After all, do we not know that government, that civil serpents, that GPs and hospital doctors simply do not believe, never mind trust, us plebs do do the ‘right thing’? Even so – we’re again sold the mantra that testing ‘prevents’ covid:

“All adults will be encouraged to test themselves for Covid-19 twice a week to help us ease of out lockdown, […] Getting the public into the habit of regular swabs is viewed as a vital way to stop people breaking the rules if they test negative and an advertising campaign will urge people to “play their part” by regularly checking they are not infectious. Testing chiefs hope that isolating more infectious people without symptoms, alongside vaccination, can drive the virus to low levels this summer.” (link, paywalled)

How is it possible for people who test negative to break ‘The Rules’? Why should healthy people – and that is what being ‘asymptomatic’ implies – isolate themselves? Is it to ‘protect’ the vaccinated? Is it possible that the testing lobby fears losing their lucrative business when more and more people – over half to the British population now, according to the latest reports – shouldn’t get infected because they’ve had the jab? In case this ain’t sufficient, there’s also what comes out of our behinds that will be tested:

“The new drive, revealed by the Times, will be supplemented by national sewage monitoring. It is hoped that areas with rising cases will then be quickly identified and tackled by ‘surge testing’ – potentially eliminating the need for future lockdowns.” (link)

‘We will – we will – … test you!’, no matter what! However – are there still benighted individuals who believe that there won’t be future lockdowns if only all follow ‘Teh Rulz’ and test, self-isolate, wear face nappies and keep away from the horrid people outside, never mind that they’ve mostly been vaccinated? It would seem so! We can’t be too careful, can we – not when another scientist, a former head of the USA’s FDA, warns of yet another variant. Just see how utterly irrational his warning is:

“Dr Scott Gottlieb […] the former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner spoke to CBS’ Margaret Brennan on ‘Face the Nation’ about the variant known as B.1.526 and said it is not yet known where it is causing an increase in cases in parts of New York City. He warned: ‘What we don’t understand with 1.526 is whether or not people are being re-infected with it and whether or not people who might have been vaccinated are now getting infected with it.” (link)

In other words – “we scientists know absolutely  nuthin” about this variant,  but ‘tis better to warn everybody to be afraid and stay afraid, vaccine or not. I keep asking myself if those ‘scientists’ are more interested in getting another 15 minutes in the MSM limelight, bent on driving the fear campaign, rather than trying to get life back to a semblance of pre-covid normalcy. 

And then there’s the EU where ‘pacta sunt servanda’ is the highest principle nowadays, provided these ‘pacta’ are misinterpreted EU ‘pacta’ rather than those negotiated between manufacturers and governments of other countries. If you think this is about Brussels doing their utmost to punish post-Brexit Albion, then you’re correct. I can’t help but think that the EU, crypto-socialists that they are, are happy to continue in their collective covid~ and lockdown misery, and try to prevent by all and any means that another country does better.

It doesn’t matter that EU countries sit on huge stockpiles of the AZ vaccine, it doesn’t matter that huge numbers of French or German citizens deem the AZ vaccine to be unsafe and don’t want it (paywalled link) – no, an example must be made of Britain. Somehow the continuing mass vaccination here in the UK must be stopped or at least slowed down: the whole continent must be reunited in covid misery, it seems, just because the Brussels Commissioners can’t bear to be shown up as the incompetents they are.

Amazingly though none other than a certain Mr Guy Verhofstadt had this to say about those vaccine contracts:

“[Guy Verhofstadt] examined the two contracts and observed: ‘Unlike the EU, the UK contract has an additional article stating that AstraZeneca ‘shall not enter into any agreement with any foreign government . . . that would by its terms conflict with AZ’s obligation hereunder’.’ And Verhofstadt also pointed out: ‘The EU contract is based on an ‘estimated time schedule’, full stop. In the British contract, by contrast, there is a precisely described procedure to guarantee a timely delivery of doses.’ In other words, the British negotiated a much better and more thorough deal. This is quite something from Guy Verhofstadt, who had been more voluble in his denunciations of Brexit than perhaps any other European politician.” (link)

Amen to that! If you have time, read that whole essay by Dominic Lawson. And still Brussels is bent on creating a covid vaccine warfare – as if they had nothing better to do than fight rearguard actions over Brexit:

“The European Commission said it would ensure that Dutch-manufactured AstraZeneca shots would stay in the EU in a bid to ramp up pressure on Boris Johnson to release AstraZeneca from its contract with Britain.” (paywalled link)

Force a government to relinquish a contract with a manufacturer? Why would any bystander not think twice about investing in EU manufacturing when, on a political EU whim, any contract can be binned? More:

“The Prime Minister will ring EU leaders bilaterally this week ahead of an EU summit on Thursday where vaccine export bans to Britain will be discussed. The Government says millions of doses manufactured by the AstraZeneca factory in the Netherlands must come to Britain. “The Brits are insisting that the Halix plant in the Netherlands must deliver the drug substance produced there to them. That doesn’t work,” an EU official told Reuters. (paywalled link)

Why this ‘doesn’t work’, according to the anonymous EU official, we’re not told. Facts ‘on the ground’ never matter to Brussels though, as this next quote demonstrates:

“London says millions of doses provided by an AstraZeneca factory in the Netherlands, which has not made an export request and does not yet have regulatory approval to supply the EU, must come to Britain.” (paywalled link)

In other words, it’s irrelevant that there’s not even an EU approval for this particular manufacturer to supply the EU – it must be prevented from exporting to the UK despite of those ‘pacta’ which ought to be ‘servanda’ provided it benefits Brussels.

Moreover, it really is coming to something when RemainCentral, always supportive of all things EU, writes in their editorial this morning:

“Threats by Ursula von der Leyen, president of the EU Commission, to block exports of vaccines, including to Britain, are reckless and short-sighted. If Brussels wants an explanation for its poor vaccination performance, it need look no further than its own mis-steps. Even if it had withheld every one of the nine million vaccines exported to Britain, it would have raised its overall rate of inoculation only by a few percentage points.” (link, paywalled)

The RemainCentral editors also point out that it’s not just the bungling of vaccine contracts criticised by Guy Verhofstadt but that additionally

“national roll-out campaigns have been hampered by a combination of local red tape and ill-judged comments by political leaders that have undermined public confidence.” (link, paywalled)

Just so – but it’s always easier for politicians, from lowly local ones to the heights of the EU Commissioners, to blame someone else, to create a scapegoat – especially when it means that they can single out Brexit Britain for ‘punishment’.

I can’t help but suspect all this ‘vaccine war’ theatre is orchestrated to keep us and the hapless EU people in prolonged lockdowns, no matter the pious proclamations of BJ over here, not when this vaccine trade blockage by Brussels is being claimed to lead to a two-month delay in our mass vaccination campaign (link). We all know what this means: sadly, the BJ roadmap to easing our lockdown must be binned.

Seen in that light, it makes sense that government, i.e. the covid politburo, will insist on keeping their covid laws and directives going until September, a handful of Tory rebels notwithstanding. Let’s never forget that Labour is fully supportive of those laws which rob us of our civil liberties, of our freedoms. Their MPs will vote with the covid government. 

There’s only one way out: mass civil disobedience, proceeding calmly, without mass gathering which will be infiltrated by antifa, bent on creating violence against the police. We must calmly resist those new covid-rule-idiocies: no ‘twice-weekly swab tests’, no muzzles, no staying indoors – not when over half of us have been vaccinated. 

Isn’t it time to ask the covidians everywhere: do the vaccines work or not? If not, why do we need mass vaccination? If yes – why do we need more lockdowns? We should be told!




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