Your carrots, serfs – be grateful!


Well, that was another dud. Or rather: it was another example for the swampy collusion of mandarins and MSM editors, aiming to keep us plebs uninformed while ‘nudging’ us into accepting their version of events, unquestioned. I’m talking about that “Ms Patel is a bully” report which I was going to read over the weekend – all 87 pages of it. Sadly, the only part published on the official government site (link, if you want) was the ‘Executive Summary’. More on that below – there are a few covid ‘initiatives’ which need to be looked at first. Oh – and there’s the EU and those negotiations … 

Covid first though. The MSM are wallowing in ‘joy’ because “Christmas is saved”! BJ will ‘ease restrictions’. That’s nice of him! He’ll tell us what to expect later today. The tiers will be re-defined, with pubs and restaurants, especially in Tier 3, having to try and survive under major restrictions:

“Pubs and restaurants will bear the brunt of a new Covid tier system so that shops, cinemas and gyms can reopen under plans announced by Boris Johnson on Monday. Hospitality businesses in Tier 3 will only be allowed to offer takeaways, while those in Tier 2 will only be able to serve alcohol with “substantial meals”. The measures – which are significantly tougher than under the previous tier system – were described as “catastrophic” by pub chiefs on Sunday night, with a warning that one million jobs are now on the line.” (paywalled link)

Look you – be grateful! You can hug both ‘sets of grandparents’ (yes, they really said that!) at Christmas, and you can go on a ‘shopping spree’ in the run-up to Christmas – surely you can do without going to pubs:

“[Johnson] is expected to say that non-essential retail sales can resume across England, enabling people to do their Christmas shopping even if they live in high-infection areas.” (link, paywalled)

Stop your rejoicing though – ’tis premature. The controlling covidiots in SAGE have ‘briefed ministers’:

“[…] on how households could form bubbles for festive meals. “One approach might be to say, OK well you declare who’s in your Christmas bubble, but you have to stick to it. What you can’t do is have a Christmas Day bubble and a Boxing Day bubble and a New Year’s Eve bubble,” [one of the SAGEs]  said.” (link, paywalled)

How that SAGE person thinks this can be achieved – do families have to hand in a list of family members, with plod checking out family homes to make sure they adhere to it? – I don’t know. And don’t expect an explanation why ‘shopping sprees’ amongst covid-infested crowds are fine but meeting with friends and colleagues over those festive days is unacceptable.

Never mind all that – the Tory ‘covid rebels’ are set to rebel! Well, I’ll believe that when I see it but apparently this time they mean business. They will demand:

“a full cost-benefit analysis of restrictions that will replace the current lockdown on December 3, so that MPs can assess the non-Covid health costs of them as well as the “undoubted impact on livelihoods”.” (paywalled link)

However, Rishi ain’t going to play ball and BJ will again have to depend on Starmer’s troops:

“Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, indicated on Sunday that the Government will ignore the plea, meaning the rebels are likely to carry out their threat when the new tiers are put to a vote in Parliament next week. It will leave Mr Johnson having to rely on the support of Labour to get his plans approved because the 70 rebels are more than enough to overturn Mr Johnson’s Commons majority.” (paywalled link)

We’ll be told of more covid phantasy schemes, one being that people told to self-isolate at the moment because they’ve been ‘in contact’ with someone who has tested positive for covid will be ‘allowed’ to go about their business provided they get tested every day for seven days (paywalled link). No, don’t ask about the logistics of this latest covidiocy scheme, don’t mention costs. Mass testing is obviously “Teh Cure” for covid:

“Officials said the Liverpool pilot scheme, which has seen more than 200,000 people tested, has contributed to a substantial fall in Covid cases.” (paywalled link)

So why do we need to be vaccinated if tests ‘cure’ covid? It’s because of that ‘Freedom Passport’ which SAGEs seem to like very much even though there are uncertainties about the efficiency of those fabulous vaccines. One SAGE member told The Times:

“The current unknown is how long the immunity conferred by the vaccine lasts and thus whether follow-on boosters are required. This would determine how long the passport would be valid for as an indicator of immunity,” (link, paywalled)

Surely our covid ‘rulers’ could combine proof of vaccination and daily testing on one Freedom passport! But see this next:

“However, other advisers said that the vaccine trials had indicated only that the jabs reduced the likelihood of people developing symptomatic Covid-19, and more work needed to be done on how they affect transmission.” (link, paywalled)

No need for that – we’re all covid lepers needing to be controlled! Anyway, ‘The Army’ will help to administer this revised ‘testing for all’ scheme. It’s the ‘rapid lateral flow test’, designed to deliver results in 10 to 30 minutes, trialled in Liverpool. It’ll ‘only’ cost £100bn extra. Don’t ask how the working masses will have to shoehorn such daily tests into their working lives. Perhaps a couple of soldiers might be stationed on every business premise? 

And so to those still ongoing EU negotiations. Barnier is also self-isolating, face-to-face talks will only start on Thursday – but the mighty BJ is ‘prepared to intervene’:

“Boris Johnson is preparing to make a significant intervention in the Brexit trade talks this week as negotiators begin the “final push” before a deadline in eight days’ time. The Prime Minister is expected to speak to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in an attempt to clear away the final barriers to a deal which both sides now believe is well within reach.” (paywalled link)

The mind boggles somewhat at that prospect! Barnier however has left a nice little poison pill for Frosty and indeed BJ to deal with. The Times has a report accredited to ‘foreing staff’, whoever those are:

“Britain will resist a European Union demand for a review of a future trade, security and fishing deal in 2030 if countries such as France are unhappy with the loss of fish catch quotas. […] The demand posed by Michel Barnier, the EU chief negotiator, would allow the EU to trigger a renegotiation of quotas in 2030 and link any complaints over the impact of a fishing treaty to the whole agreement, ranging from trade tariffs to road haulage or electricity connections.” (link, paywalled)

The interpretation of this poison pill – in RemainCentral, at that! –  surely must have had alarm bells ringing in No 10:

The unconventional mechanism linking fishing to all other aspects of the agreement would be unprecedented. It would potentially usher in a new Brexit crisis, giving the EU leverage over Britain in the years to come.” (link, paywalled)

I wonder, I really do, if hose civil servants beavering away were aware of this poison pill when I read the following:

“Civil servants have begun drawing up legislation for a Brexit deal that will need to pass through the Commons and Lords at “breakneck pace”. The Cabinet Office has a team of officials working on the future relationship bill, which will enshrine any Brexit agreement in domestic law. “There’s increasing expectation of a deal,” one Whitehall source said. “We need to be ready to get it through parliament.” Ministers discussed holding weekend sittings in the Lords to help get the deal passed by the end of the month.” (link, paywalled)

Frightening, isn’t it! It looks as if they’re preparing for a BRINO sell-out. Given the way Whitehall works, given that the place is heaving with Remainers, given that RemainCentral is their favoured go-to place, I wonder if this is another instance of their nudging hapless politicians and indeed us peasants into accepting a ‘deal’ full of poison pills. 

Speaking of Whitehall … why have they shrouded that ‘Bully’ report in secrecy? As I wrote above – only the ‘executive summary’ has been made available. Therefore, the remark dropped in yesterday’s papers, that Ms Patel hadn’t been interviewed by Sir Alex Allan, is unsubstantiated. How did ‘they’ know? We cannot check that out ourselves. “We” must only believe the executive summary.

We can say with confidence however that the “culture” prevailing in Whitehall and the Westminster MSM is precisely the same we’ve come to recognise and despise ever since the EU Referendum. “Our Betters”, all those top mandarins and chief editors in the Westminster MSM, have the monopoly on information and only release it in carefully orchestrated dollops. They provide those dollops when they need to fuel their ‘Fear & Hysteria’ projects, from Brexit to covid. 

So of course “we” cannot be allowed to read for ourselves what is in the report – we must on no account be permitted to form our own opinions. Government and Whitehall are entitled to work in secrecy! This is so pernicious because, unlike in previous ages, government ‘measures’ have a far greater impact on our daily lives than ever before, WWI and WWII exempted. Instead, we’re bombarded day and night with ‘news’, with ‘politics by twitter’, with orchestrated ‘opinions’ but not with hard facts – these we must find by ourselves. The aim is to ‘nudge’ us into accepting whatever government, driven by unelected mandarins, comes up with.

Our pubs are closed – the one place where we could freely exchange our thoughts and opinions, unobserved and uncontrolled. Our activities on social media are observed and registered by our spooks. Our private opinions are no longer private. This is the ‘Brave New World’ in which the mandarins delight and which the Westminster MSM support. ‘Government’, indeed the PM, has to be ‘with them’, by peril of having his authority dismantled before our eyes. 

The secrecy, the non-reporting of hard news, has resulted in the sheepification of large numbers of our compatriots who’d rather collect ‘likes’ on social media than question government. Don’t blame them – they’re not given facts, just opinions preformatted by those ‘Betters’.

I observe with incredulity the creation of a modern, neo-feudal society where we, the ‘serfs’, are permitted to work, to hand over most of our earnings and to spend the rest in a ‘spending spree’ for Christmas while being ‘encouraged’ to be grateful for that tiny carrot, of hugging granny, which is dangled in front of our noses. Dontcha just love it …




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